Thursday, 29 October 2015

Cancer is a serious business

Survey reveals diagnosis postcode lottery for UK cancer patients

Survival of some of the most common cancers could be more than three times higher with an early diagnosis
Guardian article:

"Cancer is a serious business". (Utube). A trillion dollar regulatory cartel. IF one used the internet to look at what the mainstream don't tell you and wont tell you, then you can educate yourself.

The corruption involved is heart-breaking and indeed mind-breaking. But perhaps that is necessary territory in regaining discernment from a blind trust in Corporate 'science' and regulatory capture. So I don't say dismiss anything in advance - but unless it actually is about to end your life in a few days, take a few days to gain some perspective, if you are presented with this sort of situation. Then embrace your choice with both feet while monitoring your situation as you proceed.

Giving power away is asking for a processed life. It isn't meat that contributes to cancerous conditions, it is processing of its raising and treatment. You are being processed - your mind is being pharmed - what can you expect - security and protection? True safety is in awareness of dangers. False safety is a lure proffered after setting off conditions of fear. War on drugs/cancer/terror? have you seen through this yet?

There are many ways to live and many ways we each develop get symptoms of living out of true - and many ways of addressing and resolving them. The Dark Age of Quackery says "All else is quackery" - and only its "One True Way™" is allowed by law. 

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