Saturday, 15 August 2015

Worlds in collision

Our early solar system may have been home to a fifth giant planet

(My comment is general to the conversation of major changes in our Solar System within collective human memory).

Velikovsky studied the mythic record of the cultures of antiquity with a scientific discipline. He may have misinterpreted some of his findings - but the data held so many correspondences that witness a very different past than the one that this perception of an age constructs for itself presently.
Catastrophe is inherently associated with trauma, denial and dissociation or split mind. Even without the mythic record, the assertive and coercive nature of denial in humankind witnesses to catastrophic or overwhelming trauma.
Reintegrating from a split or conflicted sense of being is a matter of timing. Understandings cannot be forced upon an unreadiness to receive them. War and woe will keep them out.
The principle of becoming aware of bias as a result of emotional charge is one of honest self awareness, but the true clearing of such charge is through the acceptance and safe expression by which it transmutes and moves as a fresh understanding. The attempt to righteously deny the emotional body is the split off mind that effectively works destruction within ever more insane rationalisations.

The above comment mysteriously disappeared from the site. Nothing to do with worlds in collision then - but perhaps more a result of mankind in amnesia.
There's nothing wrong with wishing something true and asserting it as one's own - but when it distorts the record as an officially imposed 'reality' it smacks of that coercive control mentality that scientists thought to have locked the door upon - yet which turned the key for them.

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