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The enslavement of the Athenians?

The enslavement of the Athenians?

I meditated with this issue today and wrote the following to Laura’s Blog - but received “This message could not be accepted”. So I put it here and will add it to my own blog.
I write to the prior awareness - not to the thinking of the world - and so this will make no sense to those who still identify exclusively within what they take as their own thinking. Therefore it is offered freely to be considered or not according to whatever is held to resonate true for the reader. Such resonance is more valuable than words, for one’s own stirring is not really the gift of an ‘other’ but one’s own synchronicity of Self.

Who has ears to hear - let them hear... For a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.
(Jesus … and Simon and Garfunkel)

- - -

Crisis can be deliberately or artificially generated as a means to direct the reaction by framing it in terms of fear and guilt. Such is the war of deceit that would bait the mind to abandon it's true function and be usurped by an imposed or interjected 'protector' who is one with the coercive intent that generates the situation of lack or scarcity. Once one reacts from the baited or suggested temptation to fear, then that fear becomes actualised within the consciousness as a core belief or conditioning that then unconsciously frames all that then follows. Ultimately, what we call the human condition is a human conditioning.
Baiting the mind into division and conflict is the operation and agenda of power in the world - or power as is worshipped in the world, for it cannot be true power if it calls upon coercion and deceit to support it.

In following the suggestion to get 'more' by seeking to add to oneself at the expense of others - and in the denial of wilful 'forgetting' of Wholeness or Source, one engages in a journey of 'descent' and fragmentation in an experience of loss until amidst a Prodigal wasteland, one's allegiance to the voice of a fearful separate-self protection, falls away to a true reMembering; to a true Foundation from which to live.
The integrative movement of being rises within the ruins of the segregative 'end-game as a completely different perspective - but one which initially requires conscious desire and willingness to yield through fear-thinking in order to rise AS a Self-Awareness by which to be moved in wholeness of being.

The 'Resource' of our true divinity may SEEM limited and weak or to have abandoned us, when we attempt to fit it to our own 'power' agenda - regardless of our heartfelt identifications with whatever facet of the divine we most identify in as symbol or representation of truth and life and reason.

'Crisis'  - I have been told - is represented in Far Eastern character that contains the meaning of danger AND opportunity. Now the opportunistic mentality of the segregative self-sense is simply seeking a separate self interest in disregard of others or life excepting it is seen to impinge on one's own. But the opportunity of uncovering the bait or trigger point of a falsely framing set of self-definitions or beliefs is the opportunity for healing in place of war and division.

The moneylenders in the template are to be swept out of our OWN consciousness, FIRST. For the template level of mind is what has been allowed to come between us and our true Worth-ship. And without giving or extending true With-ness, and thus sharing Creation in whatever we think and feel and say and do, we are sucked into false currency that is made real by mutual reinforcement of a sense of fear, guilt and lack, that is covered over in ourself by projecting onto OTHER.

The willingness to NOT choose to let the mind of fear and guilt make or set our choices or reactions is the truly receptive space into which the divine moves through us and to us in shared Creation. For the unwillingness to see the light or worth in another is the unforgiveness of self that operates to deny communication in seeking justice in vengeance according to personal and cultural narratives of grievance that are never wholly justified. The force of the anger that would prevail upon its world is the desire and belief that hate is justified. The mind of such justifiction is in wilful blindness to true Presence.

I am not saying that our experience and our feelings are wrong or invalid - but that we are in relation to our feelings and experience according to the thought and perspective we attune to, We are not truly victim to our experience excepting we insist that our focus of attention in thought has NO effect and that ALL cause is outside and apart from us in the act of OTHERNESS upon our body and its hostage mind.

This is merely a description of how the idea of separation interjects itself within a unified Consciousness. Fixating attention within the separation-self IS the loss of conscious awareness of grace, fluidity and innocence of being.

I write in with-ness to the call to Joy. Because joy Speaks my true being in a way I cannot of myself replicate, I am freely willing to question the joy-less sacrifice of Life to the false gods of fear and guilt-thinking. Opening and growing a natural desire for a truly honouring life through a capacity for embrace that is not in and of myself alone but is given me in true willingness to join with another in shared purpose. Fear can SEEM to unite in purpose but always AGAINST and without any true intimacy of undefendedness to the Spirit within.

For every form of Life is an image or symbol through which a deception can operate. Integrity is the groundedness in which discernment comes naturally. The conditions of such 'end-times' as we are meeting are those that call upon a deeper self-honesty than we may have imagined or conceived of. And this is the willingness to challenge and question our fears rather than to seek 'protector powers' to 'take them away' or keep them hidden while we persist in an out-of-true conflicted and dissonant 'life', while leaving others or indeed tomorrow, to pay the cost as a sort of 'delaying the inevitable'.

True currency is revealed through the breakdown of the false - As one is willing to receive and act from what is shared or opened true.

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