Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Cancer Act

Following news articles and comments on 'new cancer cures'
'Cure for terminal cancer' found in game-changing drugs (In which I made several comments as 'binra').
I learned of the Cancer Act from a commenter - and then searched out information on it and wrote the following into the comments of a page suggesting its repeal be a campaign issue: Repeal the Cancer Act 1939

- - -

I note the particular pattern of 'cancer' as being one that hides in sheep's clothing - that is - it is cloaked by a device that calls upon protection instead of correction and elimination.
Like the thief who steals a kingdom, and receives revenue and commands institutional loyalties of force majeure and legislative powers to protect and hide the imposture within the systems of thought, identity and governance.

This can be seen in the biological mechanism, and the social mechanism, and no less in the consciousness itself.

The usurpation of consciousness works to maintain the conditions in which such 'consciousness'  can persist as substitute for true consciousness appreciation and participation, at the cost of the sacrifice of a true communion, communication and community, to feed the compulsive appetites of a private, segregative 'identity'.

Everything that embodies or communicates the qualities of Life has a substitutional corruption in the identifiction of sacrificing Life to feed a personal private agenda. Any form of intent, appearance or achievement can be used to deceive - and inevitably will be - by the mentality of seeking private fulfilment, validation or power - at cost of all else.

To seek to open perspective on our own mind is to meet the same devices of obfuscation, coercion and deceit that operate to keep us in such a crab barrel 'mind' and world.

The very structure of our thought and language tends to operate as a reinforcement of the hidden predicate. It is difficult to communicate about because it is already in place as a corruption of communication. That is - it is taken to be reality, oneself, the way things are, the human condition.

Awakening of Consciousness is a living contrast with what passed off as conscious and is now seen to be conditioned reaction - and indeed a conditioning that can be observed, and discerned such that what is true of you is purified and magnified, and what is without belonging in you or untrue of you falls off as meaninglessness that does not have a basis to be chosen, reacted from or identified within.

I felt to offer this consideration here because I believe it is foundational to a more direct intimacy with the Life that truly Lives us as it does All Things.

Not merely hopeful belief in a good that triumphs over evil, but the releasing of the patterning of belief and conditioning that has identified us in who we are NOT - at expense of awareness of integrity and wholeness.

"Thankyou for showing me who I am NOT. You can leave now I have the message, and attend wholly within who I feel and know and love myself to be, as integrally part of and one with Life - and not as its killer or corrupter, victim or avenger".

Whenever I think I can 'go it alone' as a private independent power unto myself, I invoke the feedback of dissonance that NOW re-Minds me to pause and check in and let the Movement of Life be my re-Membering. A movement of unfolding experience of communication and relationship in which I am never alone, isolated, inadequate, and lacking guidance, support and direction. For such a belief is the pain and burden of the attempt to live within the idea of separation from - and competition with - our very Being.
Fear and hatred only feeds the belief-identity within evil that reverses the natural order  of what it is to live - even in the name of atonement, protection and overcoming of illegitimacy does it hide.

The yielding of what we think we are or what we think is going on, to what is then revealed beyond thought at a greater perspective, is a recognizing and releasing of blocks to love's awareness - in their moment of noticing.
The capacity to notice what is out of true is innate to us in our joy. Instead of devotion to sacrifice as the limiter of loss, an aligning in joy - a true intimacy of self that naturally extends to our relationships.

I have nothing to sell here. Ideas may resonate with that which is your own knowing. Use what truly works for you and grow willingness within a mind that has forgotten who it truly is and be's.

Absence of coercion opens to unconflicted being. A true foundation. All follows automatically from its foundation, and the fruits reveal the nature of our choosing. I cannot make another's choice - nor would I. But I can be wholly in my own and let it communicate itself as the presence of Life which 'communicates itself' in ways that  occur freely and naturally, without coercion or persuasion or deceits of presentation seeking to secure a fixed agenda.
I might say this is an invitation to repeal the beliefs that underlie the decision to hide fear while hiding in fear - as if to gain a personal salvation from a totality you could not feel or rest as.
All in good timing.

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