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State, Status and Statute

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An editorial By Paul Craig Roberts
Washington Protects Its Lies With More Lies

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(on the theme of according the notions of evil to the State)


Is not the 'self' likewise? The default state of the 'self' is LIE. One of the devices to maintain a lie is to hide it as the basis from which to look out from and this  'see' what is 'wrong' with everyone and everything else.
I don't say this to contradict you but to expand the conversation to such willingness as questions the 'self'.
What will a 'self' not do or say in order to 'survive' within the definition of its own existence?
The idea of power is corruptible, but chasing an illusion of power seeks to redistribute powerlessness - as if the pain and loss of others can actually praise and glorify a 'self' set apart and 'lording it' over.
I feel there are wheat and tares in all things of the world - so the state has some idea of limiting fearful chaos or loss so as to generate a stability in which to live. But whatever agreements are made law, by whatever system, the private agenda works to undermine, subvert to its own purpose. That is its 'job description', private = secret = loveless = deceit = personal power at expense of the whole and of others = 'psycho-pathic = sick-minded.


I feel what you are saying and would focus on the negatively or fearfully defined sense of self as the determining criteria. For it gives rise to a sort of negative cooperation in which sacrifice of true participation in life is exchanged for a personal sense of power or protection relative to feared or believed negative outcomes.
A positively oriented sense of self may well create structures through the act of living, but the focus is living and not the structure in and of itself.
The cost of identifying within the forms and rituals of second-hand or derivative meanings is of not actually living the live one has and is - but becoming a slave to the construct of one's identity or image.

Cooperation is easy when it is recognized to be both desirable and necessary in shared purpose of a common good. Competition or conflict can be held within shared agreements or laws - and these become an embryonic aspect of the state. If the cooperative culture is weak, the competitive becomes dominant and a coercive dynamic comes into play. The dominant powers can then become oppressive, destructive and hateful in their results and so a collective strategy against the consolidation of power in any person or group or institution, has been attempted and yet subverted by the undermining of a cooperative culture for a worship of a false individualism - of an egocentricity of self-specialness in which subversion, corruption and undue influence of the organs of the state - shift society to a fragmented and divided identity of a managed perception that is easy to manipulate and exploit.

I tend to see what is as the expression of our personal and collective consciousness - allowing that most of what is structuring and driving our world are un-conscious beliefs and accepted currency of self definition from which our world inevitably arises to our experience.

The coercive will is not anchored or grounded in what is - but in what was and is imagined will be. And so is seeking to change what is, without actually being connected within it. This grows the 'monster' of polarising over-control and chaos in which all the kings horses and and all the king's men work at odds with each other; a state of war, whatever arena it is played out in.

An integrative willingness, is receptive to what is, and alive within the current situation in a more open consciousness, and along the lines of a flow of creative thought, word and deed that communicates life through whatever medium or relationships - working through and with the willingness at hand in clear purpose rather than being framed or set in conflict or problem.

Perhaps put simplest is not to give anything the power to deny one's life - as if it has to be dealt with in order to get one's life back. The fears that lock-step into patterns of rigidity and coercion are undone in true living - not in application of further layers of coercive attempt to fix outcomes that inevitably backfire and mire down in conflict.

The state is an idea that acquired and is given currency. Idea and definition can be clarified. Currency can be reconnected to living value and new currency of value embodied that expands and purifies the idea of state.

Networking of needs, provisions and communication does not HAVE to involve a coercive middleman, institutional cartel or consolidation of power, but uncovering this has to be in step with that same quality of an uncoercive consciousness; a transparency to communication. One doesn't apply idea to make change happen. One embodies the change to align with a resonance that can now meet you because you are more truly presencing in who you are.

One can only meet the vibrational state one is acting from. Even within the given forms of any moment there are many creative perspectives in which one can experience and grow - or else one gets 'stuck' in definitions that do not serve and suffer them as if they are 'reality'. Clinging onto pain and grievance or fear and its promise of power, are what operate as a corrupting 'assault' on our state of being. But no one else really tells us what to think. We are the decider of what we accept as true for ourself and for whatever reason or variety of reasons that is what we are each doing - whilst playing out the stories that our choices cast us in.

The intent to remain within such un-conscious framing abnegates responsibility that is then taken up by un-owned and unrecognized correspondences of circumstance that operate the choices we do not know that we make.

Materialism accords Cause to a believed external world, and such a victim consciousness can only be at war to temporarily prevail or persist until crushed or annihilated by circumstance of inevitable defeat. The rally within such a terror to generate order of a bearable existence calls forth a state of rules that become the unspoken or tacitly accepted reality of self, sanity and power. But all within un-owned and hidden terror that the state of identity was designed to protect against.

Now that the terror is pervasively surfacing despite the efforts of control and as the method of control, the currency of human definition and identity is being raised to question as the allegiances to the false god of secrecy and deceit fade.

The restoring of the spontaneity of living is not going to be 'done' because one doesn't 'do' spontaneity, (though mimicry can present a show). One creates the conditions in which it rises naturally. The fact of communication is not in the words, signatures or handshakes, but in a process of embodying communication through which a transcendent quality of acceptance is uncovered that embraces all parties in a unified purpose.

It takes one to know one. But if withholding from communication in secret agenda of private war upon others, not only will conflicted purpose be 'found', but that thieves will presume all others to likewise be thieves.

Fear operates a self-fulfilling prophecy, until it is fully owned, and then it is a choosing to conflict oneself even though such event is a self-deceit because oneself is and remains one self - regardless its conflicted definition and fragmented expression.

I write this as thought for food. Not as assertions of a personal nature. It resonates and makes sense because it frees me from mental substitutions for living and restores me to me senses - to my pre-sense. The presence that is pristine and indeed innocent of the mind that comes after. As one is opened in such moment one at once knows it is true of everyone - beneath the identity confusion and defences raised thereby.

The void or unknowing of being is 'productive'. For life of a wholeness of being rises spontaneously of Itself thereby.
That the power of Creation is utilized to embody a re-enactment of powerlessness is a direct result of the idea of lording it over Life. Pride comes before a Fall. It is easy to point at others and hate them for their seeming power - so as to get self-righteous from what seems justifiable grievance - but beneath all that is there envy and resentment that you should not be getting YOUR demands met? Who is without ego - let them cast the first stone.

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