Sunday, 31 May 2015

Crying foul while falling for a penalty

England should boycott 2018 World Cup, says Andy Burnham

Labour leadership favourite says England should take a stand against Fifa corruption and Russia’s military aggression 

Perhaps the timing and framing of football corruption charges indicates more going on beneath the scenes? Geopolitical shenanigans are actively played out - as if corruption and aggression is nothing to to with petrodollar cartels and globalist destructo-capitalism? (What else can one call a scam that despoils our Planet?). Anyway I commented into the above article thus:

Is the vote on Israel's being allowed participation in world football as a result of treatment of Palestinian football, still on? - or has it been successfully quashed and diverted? Where to go to get news these days? Corruption? Yes, it is pervasive - and in financial terms just follow the money to see the consolidations of power and influence that principally work to increase and maintain power and influence via any and ever kind of mask of deceit and coercion.
Nothing can be taken at face value and timing is itself a cue to look at what a 'news' event is working to divert from or leverage.
Where one gives one's attention is free will. If enough people can be induced to invest it in a device of entrancement and entertainment, they can be 'milked or farmed' thereby.
Exactly who and how the farm is run may be contested. But also limited wars can be a public front for private agreements or indeed the work of a hidden third party of which most are blind by ignorance and triggered into arrogance so as to remain so.

Note: A quick search reveals the Palestinian Soccer chief dropped his bid to ban Israel from FIFA on 28 May. He 'changed his mind' at the last minute.

The call to keep politics out of sport has merit - but Big Money is already politics and operates as a corrupting distortion in football as in anything else. Big Money also dominates media and education and sets the narrative and agenda within which most people 'think'.

 The corruption of our mind is the accepting of and trading in false currency. I do not feel to point the finger and through a self-righteous stone in hatred. Nor do I feel to be complicit in deceit by withholding my voice.

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