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All is fair in love and war?

Bruce commented: Here

What is the saying, 'All is fair in love and war"? Once one enters a conflict should not every means be used? Maybe Bin Laden was never killed at all, but the whole thing staged, "body" dumped summarily at sea to hide the fact and to PO the fanatics. The SEAL crash (conveniently) having nothing to do with "that" mission. Et cetera. It's all a cluster f**k.

Besides, I don't care how "evil" the US may seem or even actually be, but give the rest of the world a shot at "empire" and let me know how that goes 'cause I don't want to be here.

All the saying means is "f*ck you God/Life - f*ck you truth, f*ck you family and friends, f*ck everything and everyone excepting I get what I want" (or get to escape what I don't want). Of course it masks that in forms that seem justified or at least appeal for validation. Ie; "I can't help myself", "now see what you make me do", "it just happened", "they started it".
Th does not mean obsessive dissociation actually IS fair - but it does mean the mind will be employed as a justifiction for the identity and acts that are thus chosen so as to make it seem fair at the moment of choice.

"once one enters a conflict"

I would say 'once one is baited or triggered into conflict' because conflict is thus invited into One and identified as true... while truth itself is the first 'casualty' of such identification.

If the end justifies the means, all that is needed to corrupt the will is to induce the BELIEF in a fearful end that must be avoided at all costs - perhaps after 'giving' free sweets of self-specialness, with privileges or status bases on a controlled system in which suckers become dependent and addicted.

Running a scam is a full time business for one becomes hostage to controlling the narratives that are controlling the narratives... ad collapsum. In a localised world there is the slash and burn and move on after asset stripping - and assets are thus discarded after any use is extracted.

Is not the US a puppet state no less hollow than any other? The idea 'wolf in sheep's clothing' is of private agenda pretending to serve public good. The more 'power' it believes it has, the more arrogant and unguarded it becomes.
The 'empire' that operates through the US never was the screen version of the USA. Indeed the A is being dropped as full spectrum global dominance comes online. Notional interests no no bounds. Is it evil... or simply insane?

Global perspective is inherent to globally communicating exchange  - but what is the nature and form of our planetary awareness? Screen or surface realities are all generated by the mind of justifiction for private agenda - which all serves the same 'god' of secret power above and imposed upon 'the unworthy'.

But one can turn the tuning dial. There is another channel and even a way of using the broadcast of fear in lies to illuminate one's own trigger points of baiting and reaction.

As for Caesar and all that is Good, Beautiful and True - well... give each unto their due. One may find the Caesar within is more active and pervasive than the Caesar without.

The idea of taxes includes the layers of lies that have to be told to protect the lie. One doesn't have to 'wait' for a house of cards to come down to walk away from it.
Evil is live backwards. When the mind asserts itself to lead the true heart - all is backwards. Don't listen to lies - especially those that are masquerading as your own thinking. Stillness is not nothing. It's a point of reconnection and realignment. But I don't mean coercively applied 'stasis' - but simply to relax and let the mind fall away to a quality of awareness that operates a different vibrational frequency than chatter-mind. The first objective of the lie-mind is to divert and distract from listening in here - because it has no support here. And so it frames everything in a pain of conflict made to seem attractive and desirable.
Then locks the door with guilt and guards with terror. Once conditioning is applied one needs no actual doors or guards - they are now internalized.

In the world this is a kind of 'mindcontrol' but I hold that in Soul it is a device of self-forgetting so as to focus in and explore and experience within an arena of limitation - and this embraces both the individual and collective aspects of Soul as one.
The purpose that is running or active, aligns everything else. The idea of self-specialness or separation from Life is of trusting no one and nothing but oneself
Who is tempted to gain a world neglects their Soul awareness - but what is distorted out of true is charged up with the reintegrative or healing potential. Its a matter of perspective. Of accepted purpose. Without a true foundation nothing else can line up BUT a scam. I cant wait for 'leaders' or governments or others to true up as the basis of my own living.
While I am here - in this human experience - I can discern what I truly want and be in it - regardless of where I seem to be in time and place. To the justifiction mind this rightly seems impossible, but to the willingness to get quiet and reconnect it comes naturally. Because un-natural has been normalised, it requires consistent persistence to reclaim what is our original nature - and only our original nature communicates a true sense of worth that supports such direction. It has no support in the mind of justifiction - because only a shit-sense of self needs to seek to justify itself to itself. One has to extend a true sense of worth to know one has it. And that frees the mind of the personality structure from attempting to generate and control reality - which is not its function or capacity - and the pain and burden of which, set it into a negative polarity.
Live this day well.

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