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Original Nature and original sin

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The IDEA of original sin has been almost universally interpreted and applied within the idea itself. Or it would not be original - but derivative.
The idea; 'sin' has become devalued as a useful term by being used as a WEAPON and shield for invalidating self and other and world by some idea of a rationality or power that is presumed 'without sin' - as the 'Judge' of self, other and world.
That IS the original error.
The 'error' by which one obscures and depreciates one's awareness of self, other and world, but the error cannot be observed with the mechanism of mind that the error gives rise to.
The mind that we presume to operate FROM is part and parcel of the world-construct as we define and experience it. But IT presumes itself apart from - so as to divide and define in terms of its own presumed 'power'.
Everything that proceeds from the father of the lie can only be the lie. In this sense the root is not in the effects but at the cause.
Original Nature is that which is believed to be lost, obscured, distorted, corrupted and usurped by (original) sin.
Original Nature is expressed as innate and inherent worth - that is not affected or edited or changed by anything one thinks or does - ever. And sin became the idea of uncorrectable error backed by an unyielding or fixed and merciless judgement.
But to sin is to miss the mark - not least because of aiming at a mistaken reflection of the target.
The paradox of nature and nurture reveals both AND more are actively one experience of cause and effect operating in TIME.
The 'more' is the embracing and pervading Consciousness of which a polarized mind in struggle and reaction is oblivious of and distracted from.
Greater perspective is not gained within the framework of the conflicted mentality - nor by a coercive attempt to enforce all but what the dominant power asserts 'rational or true' to be invalid, unworthy and heretical. So therefore to be denied.
The way the deception operates is from a level above or upstream to the apparent events and outcomes. The redistribution of blame does not ever address the cause - but perpetuates and propagates it in the guise of answer.
To address the cause, one must awaken as the responsibility at the level of cause. In simple terms one cannot change that which one has refused to own.
Original sin is not way way back in time - because the error persists and propagates moment by moment by moment... AS an experience of time in which cause and effect are NOT one but delayed, and in which delay it can seem meaningful that a loveless and coercive means could yet give rise to a love-worthy goal or effect.
Such is the person-prismed prison of the mind 'apart from' that identifies and operates 'over and against'.
"See what YOU made me" it screams, asserting its injustice as justification for hate and attack.
Power seeks only freedom to operate in - and then to progressively free itself of any adversity or obstruction that would hold it in check - which it 'sees' everywhere and in everything as an ever shifting delusional nightmare from which it refuses to awaken.
But is it power? or is it the grasp for power, the wish for power, the fear of losing power, the fear of powerlessness?
The power to heal is in us - as is the power to destroy awareness of the power to heal. But the effects cannot unmake their Cause.
Rationality is simply a subtle disguise for un-owned attempts to escape conflict of fear by denial, through personification of 'objectivity' that is then used as a puppet by unconscious and destructive drives to vindicate or validate that which has no basis of existence at all.
Rationality adopts the guise of Reason - which is Sanity of un-conflicted congruency.

Note that not only is the justification for coercion in the name of freedom blind to its own deception - it is actively defended against such exposure.
It is inevitable that the one who would reveal the falsity of an anti-terror terrorism be associated with the terrorist.
Is it not clear by now that the apparently opposing polarities share a single agenda!

Here is another reason to 'love thine enemy' - for it is the one who seems enemy to you, who brings to you the recognition of that in yourself which you judge against, and feel fully justified in hating and attacking.
"to arrive where we started. And know the place for the first time" is to recognize the entrance-ment to a mind/world of false division given to fear and hate - and see it meaningless.
When the false is undone, no truth need be asserted - but is simply evident as the obvious.
Freedom is known as truly aligned wholeness of being. Heart and mind as one.
Loss of freedom is believed and experienced in asserting misalignment as if to get to or become free.
The experience of a polarised and conflicted world will continue to intensify itself until the difference in each CHOICE is recognized. But true choice is only available at the level of Cause. All behaviours are conditioned by the Ideas that they embody. There is no freedom at the level of behaviour itself.
Trying to make it so is to deny one's cause.
Denying one's cause is the 'original sin'. Its progeny all persist the same patricide. This is evident as the patterning of the history of the 'independent power'.
Surface mentality is a mask by definition. It can serve as a lens of experience but can hardly be used to define the depth - much less control them. Yet such is the conditioned arrogance of human ignorance that believes it knows - yet has no peace of Knowledge.
Tyranny can and does express itself in and as any kind of form. If the imposed collectivism operates in denying expression of thought, the imposed market based 'individualism' operates in framing all permissible thought in an illusion of freedom in which token resistance, token freedom, token enemies, are allowed and supported and encouraged.
The sucker is the one who WANTS to believe they can get something for nothing, or indeed make something worthy out of an ongoing unconscious delusion by which he/she is cultivated.
The other sucker believes they can exploit suckers and retain their own integrity. But they prey to self-specialness and arrogantly assume 'power', elite status and except themselves from law until they can remake it in their own image.
It takes two to tango...
"Leave them alone and they'll come home, dragging their tales behind them"

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