Saturday, 5 April 2014

Re-directed History?

The story of the missing plane continues. Mainstream mostly focussing on the searching  'out there' and avoiding significant aspects that at least should be ruled out in any investigation worthy of the name. This leaves other angles in the fringe where they of course may be hoaxes, disinformation or simply imagination. But there are significant other angles relative to a possible motive of hi-tech weaponry patent, that may be relevant for this particular plane and angles on the technological means to 'disappear' it - as well as to limit reportage of its full facts by all authorities concerned.
But even if the plane has simply crashed and the weird radar anomalies found other explanations, the world we live in HAS such issues in any case. The world of fear is a world of secrets and lies that distort and deny a world arising in shared purpose.

This morning I read this - Flight 370 Was Remote-Hijacked – High Level Malaysian Source

It may not be true. It does deserve some consideration as a possibility - if only to be sure it is not true.

With the capacities of modern technology, a remote controlled takeover of a jet's functions is built into their system. (Some EU countries rejected this technology).
Since 9/11 this has been the case with very many jets built. This option already exists and might be operated according to its apparently original intent - of reclaiming control of a hijacked or out of control plane. Such a system could also be hacked or hijacked by enemies of the state or enemies within the state.

Much of history is directed. There are power struggles that are not reported. There are power relationships that it is felt too dangerous to expose or be exposed in.

While we have no direct evidence of the fate of the plane, we may conjecture, in a good heart, using all the evidence that is available - including the manner of such evidence becoming available and the biases of what is and is not being reported via any mainstream media outlet.
At another level, this event reflects back a current state of consciousness in the range of reactions.
The theme of being denied access to information - and of being fed disinformation, is a growing perception.
Fear works in secret and also can be propagated and nurtured in secret. It is inevitable that withholding, causes people to project their own fears onto "what have they got to hide?". Fear is contagious and can be destructive to sanity, but to the mind engaged in coercive force, fear seems to be both shield and weapon, while actually holding the mind hostage from peace.

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