Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Coercive morality perpetuates a disconnected life.

Shock headline:
If you're horrified by a flame-roasted dog, you should be shocked at a hog roast
It is prejudice that allows us to protect certain species, while treating others as mere commodities.

Preaching morality is selective and therefore reeks of self-righteousness.
A coercive intent will and a-tempt to frame you in its options and be led to the conclusions it wants you to adopt as if your own.
Human beings have cultivated a consciousness over many millennia that cuts them off from a felt relationship with All That Is - with Life and the Spirit of Life. They literally know not what they do because they know not who they are while in disconnection from the Living Universe.
And so they/we treat Life as our dominion, to 'lord it over' rather than participate in the Ongoing Creation that is Life. Materialism cannot approach Life - cannot see it and can only use it to feed its fear.

What matters to you is your choice. Real choice expresses and extends its source. A false choice maintains a disconnection from source by perpetuating a source of disconnection. Joy in food induces gratitude. I have no science for this but propose that a diet of gratitude is very healthy and may offset many 'risk factors'.
The real opportunity of identifying risk is to consciously navigate an optimal path amidst a multitude of risks. But a dalek's eye view thinks it can eradicate risk and this mentality is very very dangerous.
Fear never lets you go for what you really want in life or be who you really are. So don't use risk information to feed a fear mentality but feel into where you are with it and go for what you want as who you are - without fear. Self destructive habits are also choices hidden under layers of defence. Hang in with a sense of self-value - through - the difficult.
You're worth it - and your presence is a gift to the world - and not a statistic.

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