Monday, 31 March 2014

Bogus prophesies of doom...

Bogus prophesies of doom will not fix the climate - Financial Times article by Richard Tol.

 Looking within as I look out is a practice I have invited and grown through the course of my life - for "I have looked within" and been opened to perspectives that the mind in the world cannot grasp - and yet is transformed by. Thus I write not about the external surface reality as if it was exclusively Reality - but of the Consciousness that our experience of our reality is within - whether we are ware of that or not.

As always the prophesied 'doom' is not of the world - but of a particular interpretation of change that either inflates or terrorizes a sense of self-specialness. I look forward to the 'doom' of a seemingly innocuous self-specialness that will thus release us from the un-owned fears that always accompany its seduction.

The archetype of human guilt and consequent fear of consequence is much deeper than the surface personality that thinks beliefs are identity expressions rather than the structural definitions that dictate the personality and its perceptions.

The projection of guilt outwards seeks scapegoats and enemies, for without such objects of affliction, the relative innocence and justified righteousness would cease to prop up the compulsion to disown or hide guilt in the unconscious of disregard - whilst engaging attention in diversionary distractions in which one's own denied guilt and fear are actively reflected but unrecognized.

The Environmental movement began with both a love of the natural world - a love of Life! - and a fear and hatred of its pollution and exploitation by what seems an evil mind bent on greed and conquest.

Any movement that shows up on the radar of the defence of the status quo is invariably subverted to the purposes of the dominant factions and beliefs. This then becomes a potential leverage to shift and destabilize so as to reassert a more sophisticated control over what it sees as a chaos to be brought into (corporate financial) order. This consolidation of power occurs under our noses while we still believe in sovereign will - of mind, persons, nations or peoples.

The use of guilt and fear as coercive devices is an infallible guide to the lack of actual substance. All meaning being derived from what one is AGAINST. This is the 'deceiver' mentality that seeks its own will at the expense of all others - though it will ally with and use anything that temporarily serves its agenda.

The environmental movement might have been a movement for wholeness of being, for a true sanity in our relations - for re-cognizing and reintegrating within the natural Consciousness that is reflected in All That Is. Instead it foster a sense of humanity as a disease or virus - as a scientific version of the evil sinner. This sort of self-negative reflection cannot serve as a true foundation for sanity.

Who looks out without love has yet to look within and find their fear and guilt unfounded. Until we pass through our own fear and guilt and  - in a sense repent of it or release it as a basis from which to act - it dictates or programs us to struggle and isolation within our mutually reinforcing delusions.

I often use the term Primate Change in this conversation - because the nature of this change is much more fundamental than 'externalized aspects of reality' - it is the Shift of Consciousness in which what once worked simply doesnt, what seemed real, simply isn't and the power we thought we had to control reveals itself as out of control. I also use the term 'Consciousness Responsibility'.

To truly connect with the current situation requires one be present and attentive - to what? To the self-commentary of the mind in its own spin? I feel the Need is to take the time to connect with our being - with the movement and presence that is felt most intimately when we desist from distractions and diversions from such connectedness. This is to say we feel the triggers of dissonance but do not act until we have a connected sense of action - and move with and from our presence in stead of asserting a presentation seeking reinforcement.
How much time is required to connect with one's Source Nature? One moment of full willingness. So it may take a while sometimes to calm enough to shift out of the identification with mentality and operate as a unified consciousness.

The meek shall inherit the Earth - the Living Creation through which we share the presence and qualities of Life - because the coercive will will never yield to its true Nature. The dis-ease or virus is not the Humanity, but the effect of the use to which our consciousness is put. If we saw a coercive will from our heart's knowing it would have no attraction - being a meaningless robbing of our own Living Inheritance for the fascinations of of form given fantasy associations.

We have no idea how powerful Consciousness is to make all things new - to heal and reintegrate what seems forever broken. Indeed we deny such power in fear that it was the cause of our sense of split of and disconnected consciousness, seemingly born to suffer and die alone.

At the edges of science the non local aspect of Infinite Consciousness may be peeping through the crack of our persistent curiosity. We might fear to be NOTHING in such that is vaster than any perceivable and conceivable imagination - but the very act of conception and perception itself indicates we are INTEGRAL local extensions of an Infinity that is not 'other' to any of its  Expression.

Materialism is a perspective or lens of definition and belief within consciousness. Its disconnecting effect places immeasurable burdens on the physical personality that seeks to manage what is forever beyond its scope or design - and so like a cancerous cell, it becomes negative or segregative from its unified function and propagates a local disconnected 'self' that seeks to survive and multiply - WITHOUT the guidance and support of the Universal Will.

"Show me the evidence?" - you may say...

Your living Presence is the proof and its reflection in your experience is the evidence. If you wait for a frowning reflection to smile, you wait in vain. But decide to be the smile that you are - because it is true of you and not in order to conduct an experiment - THEN you will have your proof.

We are not here to coerce others nor live their lives for them. If we want freedom to uncover our own creative expression in our lives, relations, families - then we have to learn to give the trust the we ourselves need to find. The re-integrative consciousness is of a different nature than fear, power and coercion. It seeds an entirely different kind of expression that is unified and congruent with itself.

There is much hatred within our hearts, let not rationalisations substitute for Reason - which is fidelity to Source is it not. Look therefore to your foundation and know what it is you do - that is be on purpose!

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