Sunday, 29 September 2013

Is big pharma really a racket?

New drugs 'can cure skin cancer', scientists claim
Skin cancer suffers could be cured of the disease with new breakthrough drugs, experts claimed, as they hailed the "beginning of a new era".

The above from Telegraph 'news' feed.

Is big pharma really a racket?
While anything that actually works has obvious value - the treatments that are allowed, supported, funded and reported fairly on are very heavily biased in terms of proprietary profit making 'solutions'. Have a look at 'medical racket' on
In so very many ways, our virtual reality costs us the Earth. I call it our virtual reality because it is not our actual life - but the one we think we are living in which we think we are free. But it always leads to a dead end.
So much of our social and economic conditioning, is farming and managing life for power and profit of the very very few over the very very many.
We are free to re-evaluate our thinking from the most fundamental ground of our being.
So many are conditioned against even the possibility of this and cannot believe that they are more than their thinking allows, and so they don't even look - but follow their thinking - which they think is their truth that gives life and takes it away.
The thinking that we have based our self and society on is a dead end, so it has to shift!

We don't WANT to understand what life is and how it works while we WANT to control it for self-isolating agendas. Natural being is NOT allowed in 'modern' living. What is natural? Do you look to your head to answer? That's what is unnatural. If you do it to yourself, don't be surprised that society does it to itself!

We are free to limit freedom while believing it makes us free, but at some point the beliefs cannot be maintained - even with a dreadful stick or a juicy carrot! (Not many juicy carrots these days, because the dread is of such a pitch that has to be maintained, or the spell will break).

Don't let fear rob you.

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