Sunday, 15 September 2013

NSA: One Ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them?

The mythos or story beneath the Lord of the Rings postulated a very similar abuse of power and technology - albeit in symbolic terms. One Ring to rule all the others.
On the discovery that the guidance, skill and support of Sauron had been all along but a feigned kindness over an intent to control, open war broke out. Most 'power ring' wielders were absorbed to become simply agencies of control and domination while a few hid them.

While not presuming to swallow a 'fairy story', such stories nevertheless serve as vehicles of transmitting insights or cultural wisdom. For there is nothing new under the sun in it's principle, if not its form of expression.

My own contribution is to call attention not to the worldly expressions (regarding secrecy, privacy and control) in themselves - but to see that they are embodiment of a mindset of deception IN WHICH WE ALL HAVE A SHARE. It is inevitable that a pervasive mentality of control seeks to extend itself via new technology - using the veil of helpfulness, free goodies and promises of a better world for all. But we CAN recognize the agenda beneath the mask because it is our own REFLECTION. And we CAN change our mind - or rather the active purpose of our desire and intent.

In the Tolkien story, it transpires that one of the little folk of no apparent consequence - with no great store of a 'will to power' becomes the active symbol of the relinquishment of that 'will to power'.

While there are 'battles' of competing and conflicting interests in the world, there is also the dimension of our own personal will; that is, our thinking, our masks of secrecy and deception and a hidden intent which both calls these into existence and maintains their justification for employment.

Put simply it is the intent or wish to prevail over another, and over life, at the other's expense. This mindset has received a sort of sanctification in modern thought as 'genetic' programming at the heart (sic) of Life. But a moment's pause reveals that we embody it as a parasite upon our own Life - in terms of person, relations, and planet.

The issues of control and trust are as ever at the very root of human consciousness. To uncover the root to reveal a different foundation is not unlike the 'journey to Mordor'. Not where one would otherwise choose to bring focus to. But one might say that the darkness is coming after us whether we yield, hide or flee - ANYWAY. So to reconsider everything in the light of the thinking (beliefs and definitions) that embody it - as a direct observation in one's own daily living is in some sense to wake up from the compulsive or mesmeric fascinations of the Big Screen of the World.

Whatever the World Is - can not be known about but through the filters of our mutual definitions and beliefs. I am saying that Consciousness - in its truly active nature sets up the experience we are having and yet is inseparable from the World that is in a sense, dreamed real.
The technology of our day is reflecting the releasing of the apparent separations of our personal or human consciousness from its true Nature and Source.

Not everything about this Global Convergence of technologies is evil or dangerous, but the crisis that it opens in our midst is that of having to accept responsibility (not blame) for our thoughts - for our consciousness and for those aspects of what we called or rendered unconscious, to be accepted and integrated.

It is a fairy story indeed to think that one could hide from truly Living Communications within Concepts kept secret from All That Is. Truth will out!
But a mentality of manipulation and control will subvert this in any-which-way it can - so as to persist as your own.

Secrets are ultimately that which we are trying to keep from ourselves. Control at home is served by setting up a 'foreign agenda'. That's why we don't look within and simply see the deception de-cloaked.

But the recent events reflect that in fact this de-cloaking IS occurring in our conscious awareness.
"Just say No" to being part of the 'botnet' of intent to wield fear and division in an attempt to control in our Name.
As the ad says "Because you're worth it!".

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