Thursday, 22 August 2013

Grow a culture?

Perhaps our 'leaders' are really but slaves to the thinking of the world?

They cannot take us where we are unwilling to go and if we are forced against our willingness there is always backlash along the line.

To grow a culture of valuing sharing and sharing what I truly value starts with me  (for me) - and I have the benefit of that as a context of my life because I live it. It could take off - because isolated thinking is not an answer and something has to break siege to live forth in a demonstration that makes no claims for itself but shares a sense of worth with others. Is this not often a matter of simply pausing from reaction and listening in willingness and trust of a better way? It works! - But is hard because we often have to move through humiliation or powerlessness and the temptation to cover that in self-righteous anger.

That is the essence of the practice of 'spirituality' or love rather than dressing up in sets of beliefs and identifications. 'By our fruits are we known'. Not targets and check boxes but a living discernment of health and joy and integrity!

Feeling for what we hold in common rather than using everything to differentiate.

 If we think we have nothing in common with the 'stupid or hateful other' - perhaps we are too quick to judge or deny something in others that is unhealed in our own mind.

Perhaps we don't WANT healing! - but to be able to indulge a self righteousness.
Perhaps we have not suffered enough...

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