Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The foundation of science and Unified Consciousness

The masks change but a manipulative intent runs them all.
It smiles that a man thinks he is free as it gives him what to think.
Everything is no more and no less than the purpose to which you use it for.
In this YOU are free to choose - even if you choose to believe what denies your freedom - whether in mechanical meaninglessness or magic powers.
The truth is alive and well - be it of religion or science - but who wants anything do do with that who love's their own thinking more? And who invests in their thinking but feeds a confusion that reacts and grows by reaction so as to usurp a true awareness that both feels and thinks as one?

- - -

science is an activity that disregards unified consciousness excepting in Eureka moments when answers and breakthroughs come 'in'. How could it seem to do that but by investing in beliefs in a separation of observer and observed - and the mutual definitions of a separate 'selfs'? It then focuses only on the cruder aspects of measurable experience that can be brought into its framework.

I am not saying it hasn't value but that at its very roots it has an 'as if' foundation.

Focusing on the external aspect of our conscious experience is not wrong - but it is not whole.

But there is no experience that is outside awareness of it.

The mind is creative and identifies with its creations. The self-concept being 'the first born son'.

Well where is it? - this 'self'


Ah! circular reasoning there.

Something arises as thought, as perception. Even now I have defined thought and perception. What IS thought?

I don't ask you to 'think about it' but pause and consider.

You might say one has to start somewhere. Thoughts can be apparently invoked or manipulated so as to feel a sense of acting upon this undefinable in ways that assert definition.

That something is, yes.

What it is, no.

About it - well endlessly yes one can generate descriptions and relations.

All of which clearly have practical use as we live by them and within them in many respects.

Awareness is in no way separate from the totality of the observed. There is not a 'you' somewhere that 'has' awareness and 'does' observation. Yet clearly there is a focusing and movement of attention relative to objects of awareness and that this has an interactive component in that a thought of control can lead to an experience of controlling.

"I think therefore I am" is the famous dictum.

But what is this 'I Am'? and what is this 'I think'? Because they are here equated as if an idea of coercion or control IS the I AM of Being - of Existence Itself!

This is a usurpation in consciousness in which a presumed or inferred entity has taken unto itself an autonomy that it does not in truth have nor does it have existence outside the I Am - though it can identify with all that it feels some sense of direct control over as 'me' and put all that it has no control over as other or world.

As a theoretical consideration this can be pondered on calmly. But as an experiential reality it is participance in the most fundamental forces of being - as a transformative event in consciousness.

When you use your computer you know somewhere that it is all a virtual representation. You don't actually go' to a website or move a file but have the control of a front end interface that converts your interactions to processes that can output the appropriate results.

I am suggesting that beneath the surfaces we take as reality is an infinite aspect that includes the underpinnings of idea by which all appearances manifest from the most subtle to the most dense and that the door to this awareness is closed by the belief-investment in the separate self idea in control as an autonomous exclusive entity.

The common place retort is to equate the body with the self and say - that's me! But it is a communication device through which I Am.

(I don't use that 'I Am' to denote my personal sense).

Now even supposing you or anyone were still reading... what practical point is there in questioning our very mind and self like this? A true foundation. All proceeds from its foundation in like kind.
 - - -

I had a response from cotman:

I have no answer to what you say because I do not understand you.

This an honourable answer and I appreciate that you took the time to share it. If we can maintain an honouring communication then at least there is a foundation in which value is shared - even if the info doesn't find a shared understanding as yet.

Everything I venture to try and express is to the purpose of evaluating and establishing foundation - because all that follows must follow as it follows. Logic is not particular as to whether our starting point is true - which is saying the mind will unify on whatever basis it is predicated.

Putting the earth as the still centre of the Universe expressed logical absurdities once we looked more closely at events.

Putting Consciousness/Awareness out of the Universe IS putting an energetic-materiality as the Cause to which all else is defined effect.

This also expresses as logical absurdities at the very nature of our function. It denies our function. That's why we are human being as well as using science - but if we become redefined by our tools, we lose our human being-ness.

Indeed we may come to see it as a virus upon the Earth while also worshipping its seeming power to define, analyse, predict and control. The machine-mind deals only with data. Your honouring of me despite the apparently incomputable data demonstrates your humanity. This is not a check box ticked. This is gratitude expressed.

I have no answer to what you say because I do not understand you.

Oh if there were a request for a specific I could be concise.

Existence itself is not thought derived or interpreted - you can verify it, now and always now.

But addictive identification with interpreted reality/self REFUSES to allow any exposure or perceived threat to its (lack of) foundation.

But Reality doesn't and cant threaten YOU because it Is you!

'God' (I dont have to use that term) is being all that you are - all of it.
There's no escape nor any need or sense in escaping what is.
The Prodigal Son took a living inheritance - that is, the Source remains Wholly and Holy alive but ignored in an process of imaginary personal independence.

"Leave them alone and they'll come home, dragging their tales behind them".

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