Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The folly of solutionism

Commenting to the ideas raised in the folly of solutionism, with  a perspective that is not merely looking at political or techno-political solutions - but addressing the roots of problematic identity at the level of consciousness:

The design-intent of the human consciousness, is to 'solve' its problem 'outside itself' or externally.
It's problem is single - being its identity with conflicted opposition to itself and within itself - and yet the denial and obfuscation of this problem is the first 'solution', which brings with it a multiplicity of problems.
To attempt to articulate on this root level here might be fruitless as our human aculturation is conditioned to already 'agree' to all 'look the other way' rather than undermine our perceived separate self interests.

But the gist is that there is a heavy investment of such self interest - passing as protective advantage to a mode of identity that is itself held un-negotiable - which demands that attention from an inner conflictedness be displaced to external causes and solution.

So there is an aspect of problem solving that works as a smokescreen and diversionary tactic - and indeed an insistence that the problem be kicked out into long grass where it can NOT be solved because the problem is actually within our consciousness.
Consciousness might be a misnomer for something that is attempting to make a mechanism of control amidst what ultimately and only is a function of awareness and attention.

The identification with 'being in control' is a sense of 'power over' life and indeed that power, seen in others or externally is experienced as problematic! But it is also addictive as self reinforcing loops of experience and act.

'Thinking outside the box' is a phrase that can indicate THERE IS A BOX, in terms of an active running self-limiting and mechanical consciousness or conditioning. The default aim of the human mind in ignorance, is to survive and prevail WITHIN the BOX, and to thus keep unconscious, the awareness of the actual nature of the box by externalising its thought and identifying exclusively with those aspects that seem to be
most associated with a personal sense of control.

This is a Dalek's eye view of a Living Universe that cannot feel nor recognize its connectedness, but seeks to imposes its mind - of definition and function - upon life itself.
Yet this spark of life IS its life and yet applies this love-connection only to its own thought-constructs and their logical extensions.

Wanting solutions that keep the dream of a life from waking up (as if that were death or worse than death), is WANTING UNCONSCIOUSNESS to be maintained in the forms of a consciousness that actually does NOT join or truly share Life.

But this MUST disintegrate, because it is all based upon untruth, which requires ever more sacrifice of what IS true to feed its 'habit'. And even the ingenuity of imaginative reframing and redistribution of problems cannot substitute for joy, true rested peace, tangibly grateful loving - or any other quality of Life.

Now problems that are mechanical can be solved - such as how best to peel a potato. But these are blind (in that they presume the potatoes need to be peeled).

Asking real questions is part of getting real answers and the first part of that is a real desire to connect with a SHARED answer. Because the search for the solution in private self-terms is the first error or a mind that thought itself separate from all else that lives or has its being in the awareness of Life.

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