Saturday, 11 May 2013

Health 'carry on'

NHS 'cover-up culture' to be tackled with fines
Hospitals that give misleading data on mortality rates face punishment in bid to prevent repeat of Mid-Staffordshire scandal
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Plans to add yet another layer of 'disincentive' to those who are falsifying accounts to avoid penalties of applied disincentives!

What is needed is the restoration of trust. A punishment culture might seem to be a way to control and manage life into shape - but in and of itself it can only further undermine trust.
People are not machines and the people who run institutions on purely mechanical lines are also not machines.

We have as yet no language in which to articulate the heart, but have leant ever more into the dependency and tyranny of the machine-thinking - for loveless thinking is not actually connecting with reality.

Loveless thinking is deceptive, and the more who subscribe to it, the more its seems normal or nature, but it is a mental illness and calls for correction.

While the heart can be used as a term for emotional overlay or reaction, it is more properly a term for the wholeness of all the parts sharing one purpose.

If we run our world as if it were a business - in this corporate era of parasitical relations upon its 'consumers and support system', it will run as a program of private self interest.

No amount of incentives and disincentives applied externally, can substitute for the calling and value expressed in real relationships in shared purpose.

The thinking that we build on is sick and the world about us reflects this.
Perhaps things have to get a lt worse before they can be turned upon a new foundation - but individually, we do not have to wait for others before we ourselves align in a more conscious heartfelt communication of all that is "not allowed" to be spoken for fear of penalty or rejection.

'Ordinary people' (that's most of us) come across numerous examples of bad practice or lack of care and ways in which the system itself is set up that works against people with care and conviction doing their job - but once darkness has been declared the new standard, there is no one willing to change the (dead) light bulb.

Real presence and real communication means treating each other with honour and respect or 'actually relating'.

The presence of joy in conscious purpose is more than therapeutic - it is a symptom of true health!
The focus on the body and the mechanical is feeding an endless appetite that no amount of bio or hi-technology can do more than grow!

Yet the corporate interests of bio-hi-tech are a humungous power lobby that have replaced a culture that had a vocational caring with puppets to systems that use the word care without actually caring - because caring occurs within a relationship and is not a mechanically contrived 'delivery'.

Shift happens!
But the investment in what does not and cannot work has to be recognized.
Everything comes from our ideas of what we are and what life is for - all of it.
Change the foundation and all that comes from it will change with it.

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