Friday, 17 May 2013

Propaganda, all is phony

The west's hidden propaganda machine

An article in the Guardian touched on the issue of propaganda in western developed societies. The comments were largely focssing on various personified 'evils' - according to the point of view.

I felt to write on the propaganda within our own thinking - which goes all the way the top (or is that the bottom?).

 - - -

One can set up what one wants to be true and assert it as the expense of truth and thereby become identified with a lie or an illusion that has to continue in bending or distorting or hiding truth so as to persist in the version of reality that is being played out in mutual agreement to the right to a private authoritative mind - which is the wish to be a power over life rather than a channel of life's expression.

The bubble will always pop - though with ingenuity this can be rebranded, re framed and re seeded or re enacted in so many levels and ways as to make modern financial systems seem simple. Mind is, after all, intelligence.

But the basis of an imaginative delusion expresses a sort of reverse intelligence for it works to undermine or exploit all that its truly is by first rendering unconscious and then 'rediscovering' and defining or judging in order to prevail over and exploit so as to establish its self and its thinking as truth.

Insanity, recognized, is no longer total - and the capacity to challenge and observe and dissociate from that which dissociates from and undermines sanity  remains available no matter how conditioned by thoughts, associations and beliefs one has become. One simply has to value truth above one's own personal will - which is not what it purports and if honestly observed is robbing fulfilment rather than delivering it.

This calls for an extension of trust. It is only in the stepping out from the fog that one sees clearly. But the fog of thinking as a propaganda of control, is an old machine for dead ideas that have no currency in any future that leads out from the  convergence of our times.

- - -

To a commentator who said they no longer believe in the conspiracy of so many other views expressed:

The conspiracy is tacit - as in a conspiracy of self interest where everyone turns a blind eye or avoids conflict or gets hysterical about pseudo conflicts.
The personification of 'enemy' with its suggestion of threat and justifications for blame and attack or invalidation, is part of the divide and rule sleight of mind by which the 'personal reality' plays out as a virtual layer over a life that almost everyone looks away from.

The thing we hate in ourself is what we excommunicate and deny - and yet it pops up everywhere in the world and where we need to see it 'out there on the other rather than be broken from an unconsciousness of which we perhaps cannot imagine we have called upon ourself.

There is a conspiracy of unconsciousness that limits MIND in order to persist in a 'dream of a life'. Not so different from the Matrix metaphor - only the machine is not other than a proxy for our own wishes.
If we want to sleepwalk through a life managed to avoid discomfort, we will be proggrammed by it and thus make a machine mind to serve the active desire. Awaken to the active desire and if it is for the fullness of life, the machine will no longer be what you employ or subscribe to. Talking here at the level of a templated reactive consciousness.
Technology can be brought into the service of wisdom - but wisdom is the recognition that one can not control a system that one is inherently part of without it all coming back on oneself in myriad effects that only increase the call for control. Yet honest connection with what actually is, allows clear perspective and effective acts. Collectively that will only be possible when individuals have established a groundswell - not of mere protest - but of honest witness and honouring communication - despite the baiting and ridicule of the mob or the Scribes of the day.

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