Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The attempt to make the unknown known

I watched a very short TED on 'why x is the unknown?' and then read or skimmed most of 262 comments. Because I felt prompted to do so in a way I have learned to trust.

You may not want to watch the talk or read the comments but the gist relates to Arabic culture and its translation to European culture. The comments bring in a wide swathe of corrections, rebuttals, counter claims and a plethora of tangents that - in itself - offers a thumbnail example of human communication - of the human mentality or mind.

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A short video talk, he believes he knows what he shares and is enjoying himself in humorous and relaxed ways. This seems to mean something and then I read 262 comments...
Where to find a ground in the flux of asserted facts and personal assertiveness?
Intelligence has agencies of expression, but these have their own agenda. Somewhere in the static is a signal?
How does the mind access intelligence? So many levels; so many branches and tangents. Is the purpose of the static, the intent to enjoy the personal sense? Pride. As if a competition to have the glory or to have the glory of being the one who knows or tells.

Intelligence itself is the glory! And the personal sense is a sport that can never come to rest because asserted action implicitly brings reaction. Yet despite or perhaps because of this dance of polarities in apparent conflict - intelligence grows channels of revelation; uncovering of its nature to Itself through its agencies - and this is Good - insofar as it is the moment of unalloyed appreciation free of conflicting self adulterations. The pride of man may take such inspiration as his own work and there you have the fuel for another game of war, under whatever names and forms.
In its curiosity, the mind is guided. This may be the filtering program of beliefs and conditioning - or it may be the discernment of an unfolding joy.
Following the mind that already thinks it knows, must limit and colour the result for what is sought is in effect already defined. To notice that one does not know, allows a shift from the existing definitions to an appreciation of a fresh perspective, in which one could say, one sees in a new light.
One may not have a capacity to communicate this conceptually, for there is an element of 'living God' that refers to the undefinable presence of Intelligence - of which one cannot separate out from in order to objectify or compare.
The attempt to make the unknown known is the attempt to define a reality Whose Nature is Self-Revealing

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