Friday, 5 October 2012

Identity, trust and communication in a digital age?

Underneath the 'shock horror' of reactions here (to an article about Government using social network and other logins as  proof of identity'), I wonder what the basis is, or can be, to ensure that identity is in fact what it pertains to be and that information is in fact trustworthy - in an increasing reliance upon digital communication.

The nature of scams, hacks and control is very complex, and without safeguarding, the desires of the moneyed and powerful  (along with opportunists who also find ways to exploit the system), will inevitably prevail.

What IS the basis for trust among us? The 'modern' answer offered was of competing and balancing self interest aka 'market forces'. Lets us all be selfish, but limit its expression with 'incentives'. This purports to be a 'balance' but is manipulated in secret by the most powerful - who control the very financial and legal frameworks within which we operate.

To my appreciation, the basis of our thinking is corrupt - that is - founded in error. This becomes evident in the collapse of functionality in confusion and a paralysis of fragmentation and conflict. We have to listen deeper than anything we think we know.

Who Are You? (or I or We?)
And what is our True Purpose or intent?

I don't feel it is for our tricksy thinking to provide or assert its own answers, but an experience of a greater integrity experienced and embodied. We have to surrender our thinking to know in our heart, and this is a way of life and not a trick to get back on the old track.

The program of human identity that is running, has been running for a very long time, and in an instant and interpenetrating global digital world, is culminating in crisis of awakening - because identity loss or confusion IS such opportunity.

To thinking it would seem that either we establish a system that grows trust and open declared identity, or we allow a system of coercion, manipulation in which to hide, defend against and play out our own part.

Clearly there is that which does not recognize trust or honour life and this needs to be contained whether it is an individual of a corporation - but the means to do that has to embody a culture that does honour life and does NOT war on life with a deceptive intent.

Honesty allows communication to be shared rather than used as a war of one-upmanship, assertion of 'identity' or propaganda and spin.

I don't feel to wait for the world but start now. It may be that a movement for honesty of being would meet persecution, because honesty costs too much for those who set their treasure in the world. But if the choice is to live in fear or truly live what is here to be shared, then what really will be the reward of mere survival in a machine?

Perhaps the time is not quite yet. But it is very near.

Give only as you would in your right mind receive!

Be discerning. Fear absolutely blocks discernment. Fear distorts and manipulates thought.
That which recognizes the extension of trust is worthy in all of us.
Systems or templates of the mind cannot substitute for this quality of relationship - but they can at least be aligned with it.

Cultural renewal comes from the breakdown of the basis of our thinking - which CANNOT control the complexity of life and need not. The attempt to control or coerce creates the dissonance that feeds the mind of control with a self-validation to persist.

Its 'answer' to the threat of exposure is war and death -  because it cares not for anything but its 'self'. This is not a true self but a madness that has a seed in all of us. That is what it doesn't want you to know. That you are hosting its payload not unlike a compromised computer in a spambot. (network of infected PCs that can at any time be activated to perform attacks on the integrity of the system).

Thanks for your attention. Nothing I say has truth in itself - but in a recognition of truth within - is a quality of true communication established within yourself. Well here's a last question: is this quality of felt truth really within your self - or is all that you truly are within and yet one with the truth revealed?

In Peace


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