Monday, 1 October 2012

You Are Welcome

I came across one of many religious controversy blogs and its comments in searching out some information on the Archangel Michael - which I have not yet found externally - though perhaps this writing embodies the sword that cuts away the false.

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Arguments with yourself can be pictured in the world - as the world. As the experience of self over and against a world - over and against an other.
But you cannot argue with yourself - a fiction can only argue with a fiction.
What is it to awaken from the arguments of a two-ness that is not in fact true?
No longer identifying with point of view?

This invitation is not the invitation to construct or to assert or to think, though the mind will persist as the construct of a polarized experience for as long as it is given your attention.

That which Is you, Is That which Knows itself in All Things One.
The ways in which the fictional self gives way to the truth are innumerable. Enjoy your experience as experience, but do not confuse it with truth.

Truth is not defined or determined by a mind or minds in agreement. That is a kind of game in which and by which truth is temporarily forgotten amidst the engagement and distraction of an identification with one's own thinking.

The identification with one's own thinking is the 'self' that wars. What is it to release all such thinking and let truth be known in its own terms, as its own unadulterated 'knowing'?

It is what the mind will refuse to do as long as it can maintain a condition of unconsciousness or darkness in which to 'operate'. None of which is evil in its original curiosity, but which allows a dissonance of evil or 'anti-life' to express as the wilful sacrifice of truth in order that illusion prevail in its stead.

Ultimately, to do what we do not want, hurts. Waking to realize we are hurting ourself, releases the defences against knowing what it is that we do. Defences against love are of our own thinking.

Our own thinking creates a personal experience of a coercive or assertive nature. This seems to meet opposition, because for every such action, there is an opposite reaction. To focus upon the surfaces of forms and the meanings you give them, is to set attention away from the awareness of the choice you are making. But it is running as your choice, in your name and giving you your experience, whether you know it or not.

Thoughts that are accepted and believed without the consciousness of the heart's discernment do not know You; do not extend You, or share You.
Lonely is pain of an unshared heart.

Beneath the overlay of thought and its experience in time, You are all that You are - and have not become something 'else', separated or conflicted.
Our identification with guilt and fear makes a very tricky mind that cannot be beaten, but can be disregarded.

What we appreciate or give attention to, appreciates. By following the true desire of the heart, conflict is starved of support. It fades and its perspective fades as a condition of unconsciousness in which to dream endless re enactments of loss and vengeance.

You are welcome.

You have never been unwelcome to your true heart. Discern the nature of the thought that says you are unworthy of love's awareness now. Is it the freedom that it suggests it gives to you? Or is it the freedom to think alone and apart as a 'power' all by yourself.

There are more fulfilling expressions of your true nature!

In Peace


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