Monday, 13 August 2012

World over-using underground water reserves, scientists say

This issue or water depletion due to over mining may seem to be about resources and politics, but there is a pervasive issue of which it is but a symptom.

"The Prodigal Son", in its self-bound orientation, is a mentality that does not honour its Source - but acts out as if it is its own creation. Such self serving thinking implicitly brings a wasteland of hollowness, falsity and depletion in return for a brief dream of being 'master of its own local universe'. All that we share as our basis of life can be seen as up for grabs in a war of force and guile, or as the means of honouring and serving Life.

Until the lesson sinks home, the error is repeated over and over and yet dressed as some kind of progress or protection. Perhaps there is no choice but to undermine our own existence on Earth, while choice itself is associated with expressing a separative self-wilfulness.

Get now - let others pay, now and tomorrow", is a devil's pact - for we are seduced and then compelled by a thinking that looks only at a partial aspects of the whole and 'fits' them together as if to validate its own partiality.

Wholeness is not an assemblage of parts - but arises naturally as the heart's discernment, in willingness and trust, to serve rather than wield, to listen and receive rather than to dictate or assert, and to be guided or shifted beyond the thinking with which it had become habituated.

This is not going to be a plan that can be evaluated as a strategy, but an ongoing step by step willingness that lays the foundation for the restoration of our mind to its True Condition.

For we do not create our own awareness and are not as disconnected and separated from the Living Universe and its Source as we may like to think.

To release ourselves from a false tyranny is also to let go of deeply cherished personal sense in which we gain a sort of comfort and protection - but always with the cost of isolation and fear.

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