Tuesday, 14 August 2012

10 ways to fill the Olympics void

As I haven't hyped anything up, or joined in the hype, I haven't got the corresponding 'void' that inevitably replaces an artificial high.
When I have great pleasure or joy in anything, I abide in the gratitude and the blessing, rather than cultivate a compulsive-addictive sense of self.

Life is at essence Gloriously beautiful already, but we forget how to allow this into our hearts and minds - and even push it away with attempts to hype or manipulate life to fit our own, largely unconscious, ideas.

Abide through the temptations of withdrawal and listen in trust for the prompts and opportunities of life as they naturally call you in your day - and cultivate a conscious relationship with your life - that wakes and walks out from the prison of the thoughts of limitation - or of its overcoming. You may find this has you running for joy and one day breaking time records - but all as a result of something awakening within you, rather than any kind of 'should' or 'ought to'.
When anyone or anything suggests there is a lack or wrongness in you that you need or have to do something about - make sure to get calm and honest with yourself - so as not to let your own thinking or anyone else's thinking, deprive you of the wisdom of your own heart's knowing.

Drama, is the stuff of a surface life. If you like the rollercoaster then that's for you, but it is always restless and only momentarily content. Peace is a dynamic inclusive capacity to bring wholeness into focus where the heart directs.

As I said to someone recently, "the Olympics aren't my thing - I'm already Gold", and I see that despite my outer quirks, I'm just like everyone else.

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