Sunday, 8 July 2012

Apple, closed systems, power, responsibility, integrity and trust

(Reflections on a server glitch affecting the Apple's app system.

The benefits of a centrally controlled system are many, but the risks are great, and the responsibility of the caretakers of that system is greater still. True power must embody responsibility to be legitimately used. It (apple's offering) isn't just a product - when it is inherently dependent to the system that comes with it. This glitch is a temporary thing quickly remedied - but it brings up wider issues - for me at least!

With the resources that Apple has, it can anticipate and correct many socio-political and technical issues that can and will undermine its integrity as a service.

Corporate power has to awaken from ego-land and actively serve the environment that sustains and feeds it - rather than exploit and manipulate everything to maximal self advantage (but toxic to the Whole).

I don't mean some idealistic presentation so much as grounded practical culture of starting out from the optimum perspective available.

The apple of the tree of knowledge of good and evil is symbolic of a separate self interest acted out in mutuality. (Private self interest hidden behind figmented presentations of self justification).

The apple of the tree of Life is not truly lost - excepting to a continued wish to have one's own thinking prevail over truth shared. Its a matter of where one lives out From.

Integrity and trust are fundamental to all else. When the illusion of self-power is revealed as such, the awakening is to true service.

If closed systems are revealed as just another attempt to prevail over life - then they have to be abandoned.

Life demands a process of trust and communication amidst what often feels chaotic and threatening. To extend trust and communicate with integrity - one has to have uncovered it in oneself. This is the fruit of the Tree of Life - and not a matter of PR presentation.

Do we believe our own hype when we are at the top of our game? We tend to. But the pace of change now is a steep upward slope on the graph - and while it is still possible to call for awakened responsibility, I feel to do so.

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