Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Doctors should report child abuse suspicions 'on a hunch' ???

In a climate of fear the 'machinery' that is likely to be set into motion by reporting suspicion tends to be blind, disproportionate and inquisitional - with guilt presumed regardless of anything anyone says or can show.

In the name of 'protection', a blind self righteous mentality is allowed to violate a family's trust in hysterical over reaction fuelled by a fear of being themselves vilified if they fail to be seen to act.

What ends up being protected - even worshipped - is the very mentality of guilt and fear that expresses itself as lovelessness and violence in all kinds of symptoms at a societal level, at family level and within the mind of a personal level.

What is always called for is discernment and a capacity for listening and communicating, that can both assess and monitor anything that might be an alarm. This discernment must start within oneself to BE discernment. There is no way a programmed template response can relate, communicate or serve to correct or remedy a need - especially when the prevalent 'culture' is one of shame, blame and vilification to be in any way associated with NOT being seen to fulfil the template requirements and therefore FAIL to protect.

Far from making sure that action occurs, a blame culture ensures that action is disproportionate, over triggerred such as to feed an alarmist paranoia, and a direct attack on those qualities of trust and communication that ARE present.

The horror, and a resulting hatred, of violence that human beings enact upon each other of a loveless intent and taking many guises is very hard to bear. The initial impulse is often to react in like kind to the energetic itself. To hate the hatred, and fear the fear, and to excommunicate and stamp out the guilt. For exposure to such, becomes experience of OUR psychic, emotional and mental violation, and few of us are awake enough to the mind's mechanisms of denial, displacement and projection - that personalize guilt as a scapegoat on the other, dehumanizing them, and find justification in righteous superiority and comparative 'innocence'.

Love in action needs to discern when not acting is honouring the truth of the situation; When action expresses a maximal and whole appreciation of shared interest - which establishes and communicates an integrity and sanctity of being, that can express forcefully but not coercively; That is trusted and held in communication enough to be able to itself extend trust and communicate.

The mentality that promotes fear and justifies hate is a deception, a manipulative intent. To fear it is to give it power, but to speak truth to power is to reveal the deception as it is.

If we are really so concerned with innocent victims, then why is the concern so highly focussed on very specificly selected instances and disregarding of so many others? Feel the bullying intent that would force the mind to comply, but don't become a victim by reaction. But see it as an alarm by which to become fully present and live from that, instead of from a set of thinking that plays out without love ever being truly expressed and shared.

The mind of deception 'divides and rules'. That is, it fragments a wholeness into parts, selects some parts and rejects others. This is a 'violence' against truth and life - for it judges as one part over another and denies the whole in which the parts are recognizably one.
A discernment is of the heart and mind as one and is an expression of willingness for true relationship and in service to all. You wont learn this from the media, but in a world tipping into insanity, it is the learning that is called for.

The 'mindset' of blame and shame is sickness that undermines any culture of trust, and communication. Love is not action so much as the field of trust and communication in which actions naturally harmonize. In which fear and guilt naturally rise to be corrected, undone, healed - rather than used to justify and perpetuate private self interests.

May the fear of love and the shame of an unworthiness of love be undone of their power to deny you.
May a desire to heal begin with a willing acceptance of healing - which is where the mind listens in the heart's guidance.
When you are truly listened to and received and honoured, you absolutely know it in your whole being. We can be that for ourselves  - and for each other.

Thank you for your attention.

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