Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Slice of Pi? Tau but no thanks!

I like reading this article. I am of the conviction that there is much in our foundations that sets us on awkward courses - no matter how intelligent or devoted we may be in all further application of those fundamentals.
I am not a mathematician, but can see the gist of this.
I feel that the most revolutionary discoveries to come will be in our awakening to the errors of thinking, perceiving and experiencing - which also carry conflicted payloads and distorting filters.
But rendering Pi as a mystery integer to simply abandon instead of calculate, could symbolize the release of an impossible and unnecessary activity and the opening of a fresh basis from which to live.
"How could we ever have operated under such a pervasively impractical and self defeating idea?"
The real change is not in reality - which remains as it ever is - but that our mappings and definitions limit or program our own capacity to see.

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