Saturday, 5 March 2011

Business, true value and Governance

Sustainability is usually associated with finite resources and human survival, but in social terms I draw attention to the sustainability of our social order, if that order is usurped by principles that actively undermine trust, then it is not sustainable - and will draw forth the conditions that necessitate reevaluation at an appropriate level.

Fraudsters know that one can make a short term profit by abusing trust - but then they have to live outside the law of their heart, for they squander the capacity to grow trust within their own lives. The principles that are undermined or sacrificed in the reductionist and materialist 'perspective' of the modern market driven mind are principles that relate to the heart or soul of man. Soul-less existence is slavery to mechanism. And the attempt to mechanically manipulate life or living systems is to become both blind and insane relative to the actual living interrelatedness that is the embodiment of our living.

The church of the market-driven is effectively usurping governments - is it not?

This already has - and will continue to have - catastrophic results. In terms of the effect on our own life, on our social and cultural lives, on the world at large.

This is beginning to dawn on us; what we are doing doesn't work.

Breakdown of trust and erosion of structures of trust will accelerate a willingness to reevaluate on a far more radical basis than clever thinking can present.

We - all of us - who have the awareness of responsibility toward Life, need to grow a culture of responsibility to the Whole. To actively embody honesty, trust and relational responsibility - and disinvest in the masks and charades of a secretive and manipulative private self interest. The Law is not man made but humanly we are to discern from the nature of wholeness, that which serves to unify and hold us in Life - as part of Life.

Because our 'minds' are programmed to think along socially trained lines - does not mean that that the basis of such thought is either sound or sane. The need to bring forth shared values is all the greater as our human perceptions reflect a bankruptcy of spirit, thought and of our commonwealth of resources.

The evils of which humanity has always been in part aware, now have global reach and we may seem powerless. But that is because we ‘give’ our power to that which is defined powerful and suck on it for sustenance.

We may do so in blind trust or fearful hope that protecting our private self interest is our survival. But at a certain point such survival is too dispiriting to bear and the rationalisations and mythologies that support such a lifeless life wear thin and break down. If renewal is desired truly then it is already at work. It is simply a matter of aligning with a freshly revealed foundation instead of the fixity of thought based derivatives. As a way of being and not as some kind of fix. As a rediscovery of the true inheritance that remains Life - whether we share in it or not.

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