Sunday, 13 March 2011

Philosophical, Cant.

The activity of definition proceeds from a deeper root than merely naming and thus asserting mastery (and then becoming defined by) a world external to the perceiver. It is the process in mind by which personal or private experience is generated in which world and perceiver arise. The experience itself arises within a unified Mind that has come to see itself partially - because its judgement became a basis for seeing parts in stead of the whole in all its parts. This is essentially a loveless perception because  unified and unifying Be- ing is denied in order that one's private meanings be explored.

The experience of defined and therefore partial or relative reality is necessarily conflicted because it is the embodiment of conflict with Reality.
What is not accessible to the thinking mind, is that in the absence of thinking or defining and the release of the asserted partiality of self-making experience - the Living Universe Speaks.

That which is Real is not definably Absolute - yet is absolutely always and already the case prior to any movement of thought, attention or intention that can be observed as giving rise to experience.
The indulgence of self-experience has become synonymous with life - and plays out or proceeds programatically as story of a prodigal ignorance from which seems to arise a world of possibility, only to become a mire of oppositional 'realities' that proceed to deliver a grim reality of suffering, loss and death or meaninglessness.

Yet the game is on for the mind that wants to engage in overcoming - and thus validating itself. On and on and on - until the momentum is spent and awareness arises as one - anew.

The unified experience of reality as it is -  is not polarized or defined in terms of time and space - though it uses the contents of the mind, to initiate acceptance at a level that is congruent with unified Purpose or Will.

There is a link from Reality to you even amidst the experience of a self-defining willfulness. Because it is not possible to not (always) be that which is being you - no matter what stories or complexities of thought, emotion, sensation and perception are in play.

The paradigm of a self becoming something, escaping something or getting to something is that of a separated will - and gives rise to experience of organism or created limited being. Yet this experience dissolves in truth simply because only truth is true.

Because truth is not a matter of taking thought or judgement or self determining authority, then the realm of such activity has no part or place in its appreciation. The appreciation of truth is to rest in unconflictedness of being even 'here' and 'now' in the appearances of difference and conflict.

Of course such a 'power' is not to be gained or acquired humanly - but only because it is already the nature and condition of the reality that lives you and all things one.

I have enjoyed essaying this writing. Enjoyment can seem to arise from exercising self-will successfully. Yet a true joy is a spontaneous rising of wholeness, innocent of any outcome and seeking nothing beyond its own expression.

In this way 'know thyself' becomes restored to the Universal - even as it is embraced in the specific.

If a process cannot be accountable, reproducible and accreditable - then it is rejected, disregarded, rendered invalid. Yet Life 'knows' its own and knows its way. Without such a True Intelligence working through all things - we could not even play out such a fancy as human vanity so seriously engages.

Thank you for your attention.

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