Monday, 17 January 2011

Pondering the Infinity of no thing

Creation: Something out of nothing

Our human concept of space as ‘nothing’ is inside out and upside down.
Space is of the nature of Universal Mind or Awareness - not as a mere lack of materiality - but as the nature of uncreated light. There isn't really any ‘nothing’ anywhere - but such is the predicate of there being exclusively ‘something’. But such a 'Creation' is of the mortal sense as it is a limited expression of Infinity, which as a concept is a self defeating idea - but as an extension of Infinity to Itself consitutes no interruption or real difference.
And so an appearance of limitation amidst infinite indivisible singularity constitutes the reflection of the eternal as self - awareness.

I had a go at writing this in the calm assurance that it is also self defeating or futile in concept yet may afford a glimpse through form to the formless; The Living Cause that abides unchanging as the Foundation and true Nature of All That Is; beginingless, endless - yet One in Spirit, Indivisible.

I also notice this recent news story:

Science uncovers more of the subtler aspects of a Universe that it yet regards as mechanism that produced mind - rather than Mind working at the level of mechanism.

That the Causation of apparent manifestation is not in fact in time or in a past.

These things I can sketch in intuitive ways - and offer no proofs beyond this exact instance of experience. That manifest creation is fundamentally an act or expression in Consciousness and yet that Consciousness is itself a Movement in which Awareness Knows Itself.

I have long had the glimmering that consciousness is part of a larger equation that - if resolved - cancels out to what the conceptual mind must conceive of as nothing - though it could be just as well called everything. I don't know that I can or want to get my head around trying to formulate this. I find it easier to sense it in terms of Mind and thought because I am experiencing my own awareness as mind through thought. (Not through thinking).
But thought as an instrument of understanding by a presumed thinker - is a dream of no substance - except as it serves to wake the Mind to its true Nature.

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