Thursday, 6 January 2011

A daily dose of flu news that is fear pretending to be news

The fixation of the flu news as one ongoing drip drip drip source of anxiety among many feels to me to be part of 'selling fear'.
Now if there is to be even a pretense at a news service - let us have some indications of actual and proportionate new information - such as what are the usual statistics for flu during recent years and is this year any different. And the medical facts around the conditions and efficacies of the course of treatment for different sections of the population.
News services these days feel more like the mind control mechanisms of fiction such as Brave New World or 1984.
The study of health is not funded or promoted beyond a lip service to such as diet and exercise - without examining the psychic and emotional underpinnings that are also a vital part of the picture. To live in fear is to be sick-minded and amidst a constant low level anxiety where any and every kind of bogeyman or plague is about to befall us.
Now for anyone who gets sick and suffers - I have only the most heartfelt desire that they find not only returned health - but rude health - joyful health - a disposition of radiance!
Where might that come from?
From the heart's awakening to its true nature.
I'm not saying don't use medical assistance - but I am recommending to not act our of fear in whatever we choose to do - or at least, to take a direct look at the way we can so easily become deceived by our own fearful thoughts and emotions as well as becoming taken over or manipulated by pests that take advantage of a weak constitution.

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