Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A fresh perspective is called for

No more or less than any other health care service if it is found to be effective in practice.

A great deal of scientifically provable medical intervention is provably dangerous - often to society as a whole and not just the patient. It is also based on a model of invasive interventions to deal with the removal or suppression of symptoms and does not have a true or positive regard for health. Within such a culture the use of homeopathy is less effective because it is not the same order of intervention as a manually applied chemical force. It idealy promotes a response of the life energetic of the 'patient' such that the movement of health restores the psycho-physical organism to be aligned with life-expression rather than with siege of complex layers of psycho-emotional logjam.
It is my sense that the 'complex layers of psycho-emotional logjam' is of a wilful ignorance - an ego defence mechanism.
We (generally) do not accept responsibility for our thought and instead seek to indulge and exploit our self, world, each other - as if that were sane. This has a real cost as it undermines health of mind, body, culture and environment - and the ingenuity of man is set on finding ways to mask, mitigate and lubricate the continued suffering arising from living against the grain of our essential nature.
The NHS could be renamed the NSS - because it increasingly focuses on managing sickness. I write here to suggest that fresh approaches must begin with a discovery and appreciation of health - as a positive tangible spirit - with similarly tangible fruits. Perhaps one of the most beautiful of which is restored trust. You cant tell this to a thief and be believed. But breakdown of trust is the breakdown of the integrity of communication. This applies at all levels. The arrogance that would make of life a mechanism to require manual control by man - for his own selfish agendas - is delusional. How far this goes before the bubble bursts is anyone's guess.
Suppressing life force is not a long term proposition - no matter how well it is presented as protection and rationality. The NHS needs a framework of thought that allows a practical love - to be given its rightful authority.

Love is not a lab rat. Therefore it either doesn't exist or - is illusion. (sic)
Consumers are lab rats, and are just as manipulatable in terms of the 'industry' of sickness as of any other 'service'. We are in relationship - and need to live from and within relationship. This is not a contract or pre targeted - it is a dance in which life reveals itself whole.

Meanwhile, use whatever common sense works. until something better replaces it. The idiocy of 'new ideas' ignorantly applied is as wasteful as old ideas kept past their sell by date.