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Fear invested in the narrative HAS a basis in each mind that gives it

Mike Yeadon in summary:

(On comments to that the 'virus' is a false narrative or unreal in terms of actual science).

But the fear invested in the narrative HAS a basis in each mind that gives it.

And the narrative serves as a form of threat of Disclosure, repackaged to a cover story by which to mask as control under sacrifice set as virtue and necessity.

Such is the 'self' we made in lockstep; the face we protect and the control we limit to, as lord and protector of a realm we think to rule alone, yet suffer to struggle in fear of loss seeking cover story to offset pain. make it go away, get rid of it and redefine life as pain so as to set the mind in fantasy of such diversion to make or take 'joy' in pain.

Engaging with the story, feeds the story. In some ways Mike Yeadon is coming to the primary fact of the weaponised lie as a Call to disinvest it - though he still wants to fight it at some level, which is understandable as reaction but it is by reaction we invest identity.

There is a story we can engage in, as a willingness for truth BECAUSE it is true.

The revealing and reintegrating to being, from invested identity in models serving unrecognised and unowned fear, that have become system capture and mind capture.

When we give meaning to external situations, we give power away.

But a true enquiry to externally shared experience of world, uncovers a lack of substance to an invested image, model or myth of existence, such as to make way for a Self-Revealing that realigns and reintegrates to wholeness of being.

Any attempt to fit the freedom and gift of wholeness of being to a world of division, limitation and struggle, becomes framed and fitted to such a mindset, agenda, or system of adaptation to such a persistent and defended habit.

I felt no call for rational or scientific involvement when the Media began its campaign of terror as the alt glove to a pretence of political process. Being lied to, threatened, coerced or bullied is not requiring a degree to recognise. Except we are raised and trained to expect and accept this as social conditioning that runs as invisible or normal for the most part, until raised to priority and visibility over all else - as a primary survival threat.

Regardless the facts, the psychic-emotional masking that is triggered, operates as a dissociated reality adjustment or displacement, for those who know not what they do under identification in fear, division, and conflicted dis-connection running as the attempt to repeat the problem as if THIS time it will solve.

Fear recognised is the Call to love. To truth, to sanity of alignment in integrity of being. That we may shit ourself is not just physicalised, but the releasing of what we made in fear. Because the old shit was our normal, does not mean we need it back. But nor is it our part to attack shit as if to remodel it into a tighter masking and control system.

The attempt to usurp the Spirit is a signature characteristic of mis-taken identity given power of energy, attention and intention. Recognising the pattern is key to nipping reaction in the bud, rather than some time later wondering what really happened or what was that really about.

To know what we do is to be unconflicted in purpose, and to watch the mind and emotion in the body is to own our experience, rather than cast out and suffer our own spell.


Rhys Jaggar Reply to  mgeo

How do you ‘spread the spike protein’ if it is not part of a virus?

You can’t. You can only spread infectious agents, you could give mass exposures of liposomes containing spike protein, I guess.

But you can’t spread spike protein between people if there isn’t an infectious agent doing the spreading.

Yes. Narrative investments as a train of thought given rails to run on, can spread endless variants of false assumptions or indeed false flag assignment.

The S-protein as spiked, looks to be a synthetic product for the genetic investment bubble that claims so much and delivers ... what exactly?

But as a leveraging narrative, offers gain of function in terms of a cover by which to engage war on life where it is - Bio-electromagnetically, rather than as virionic or genetic models of masking diversion, distance and denial of the Field in which and of which we are Experiencing Existence.

There is Communication a priori to the mind of rules and filters by which we imagine, model and set our 'world'. But it's closer than our face.

So it is not just possible we influence each other, but factual we are part of each other in ways that are under the radar of an object reality.

I recognised the logic to your point through a like quality.

Such qualities are not our personal claim but without them, all is hollow and mechanical or artificial and dead - even with Life all around and about us.


Rhys Jaggar reply to hotscot:

I’ve yet to come across a ‘deadly virus’ that doesn’t mutate into a more infectious-, less deadly one in the wild. The limitations of ‘deadly viruses’ made in labs is that they may be initially very deadly, but they become ever less so if you want the virus to spread through a population…..

I have never come across a virus in biological terms.

I have experienced periods of sickness that may serve positive function despite discomfort and fear - or because of such - which an elitist priesthood assigns to a 'virus' that is intrinsically associated with official dia-gnosis and treatment regimes™.

Shock also starts as an spike that then (if not re-triggered) calms down to a more practical relational response.

We largely don't realise that we package fear to narratives, myths and meanings that internally structure subsequent perception and response, such that a state of fear can be a 'normal' running.

I see nanotech being made in labs, that is combined with hydrogels and proteins.

There is a particular snip from latest Kaufman and Cowan that shows Defence imperatives for such tech overriding all else...

I don't promote fear, so much as recognising internal or hidden structures or devices that both feed fear and feed on it.


Any Identity of investment in establishment operates within its parameters UNLESS recanting or releasing of their training/conditioning.

I see Yeadon is open to questioning 'virus', nanotech, etc but focuses in simple basic human understanding of fraud, deceit and criminally destructive behaviours operating under corrupt institutional capture. He is glad that others are questioning and researching these other facets. I expect he feels his establishment credentials and loss of peer inclusion as a result of being outspoken, are worth something in the minds of many who are less certain of their own ability to navigate and integrate a mess of disinformation, and so feels useful where he is in that section of people. If he got involved in openly refuting some claims that are considered settled science but are dogma and mind-control, he would lose his place for many, even if bring a few within him. At least that is my sense. But he has to live with himself. Not with your or my opinions. I go a lot further in my reading of what is happening but I have a deep appreciation for his human witness or living from integrity - which is the only way to grow such awareness and integration.

Montagnier accepted a nobel.



He never did isolate an HIV virus or establish causality of such. (much less the Gov-puppet Gallo).

He did allow his research to be used to establish a billion-dollar narrative control operation that remains largely in place though modified as part of the ongoing global institutional capture.

He has done very interesting work on water memory.

There is wheat among the tares.

Bossche is inserted to the script as a heave promotion of virus fear as real - but assigned to the so called variants that he associates with genetic mutation rather than various results of 're-alignment' as practiced in software to determin a Humpty from millions of pieces of RNA fragments of indeterminate stuff that is 'CALLED" isolation, just as a cold and flu season is called 'pandemic' or meaningless test results are called 'cases'. Bossche is also heavily promoting the new Genetic world order/control system. So he represents perhaps a minor turf war in terms of who gets to eat the most oysters (Lewis Carrol ref). very heavily set within the system and from what I saw just another brick in the wall.

If you or anyone feel something missing or misrepresented, say so. I share my current sense as part of my own reintegration, not as an intent to impact or shape opinions.

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