Monday, 1 March 2021

What ELSE could possibly happen as a result of the controlled demolition of the global economy

Your intellectual honesty is commendable but also compartmentalised in my opinion.

The narratives for the defining of medical conditions vary around our globe according to 'development status'.

Toxic exposures, malnutrition and cultural subjugation work under virtue signalling against the development of anything but a monopolising control over 'human tools'.

But the main thrust of your article reveals the tip of the beginning of destructive outcomes so unthinkable as to run freely in the minds of those who intend them as the right to reset and restructure life on Earth to their own image and agenda.

But without any letters after my name, I can say that from the outset - what ELSE could possibly happen as a result of the controlled demolition of the global economy - as our infrastructured networks of life support?

Insider 'stakeholders' are positioned as the core for a 'new order' based on coercion and deceit.  This parasitic mindset may focus in such agencies or actors, but like a mushroom is a node of propagation for what lies beneath.

Dead cells are cleared by fungi and dead thinking attracts parasitic processes. While this can be seen as destructive, it must also operate within life as integral if we are willing to zoom out rather than compartmentalise to specialised reaction. Dead thinking is another term for dissociated and locked down 'mind' to a body of rules.

Bankers in 2008 found toxic debt in place of living assets - and were seen to repackage toxicity into complex financial instruments by which to present 'eating toxic conflict' as a source of financial protection or gain. The medical system is no different. All systems are sharing the pervasive corruption of 'dead thinking'. 

My sense is that renewal is inevitable but fear of pain of loss of invested identity has stored up such conflicts as to become 'too big to fail' and thus EVERYONE else must fail to bail out the 'dead system'. Of course structure and systems of thought can serve us, but as gods demanding sacrifice serve only the recognition of a most fundamental corruption, or to put it more bluntly a profound lack of substance to our most fundamental presumptions.

What is Living and what is 'dead'? Such is not just a logical consistency to accepted precepts, but a discernment of the heart's honesty. Institutional Science HATES the psychic-feeling or indeed spiritual dimension of our being as if the source of all magical distortions and evils, and yet this very 'hate' masks the same agenda for possession and control that corrupts science as it did the moral and religious expressions of our cultural development.

The basis for Human participation as Life on Earth is not just 'out there' nor can 'inherence' be engineered as the conditioned object of a dissociated mind control running as an alien will.

When coming to death, there is a compression of essence and energy to the seed from which, in its timing, new life emerges as an expansion. To 'be the change' we want to see is to bring focus to what is truly worthy of living and sharing. Sorting the true from the false is the re-cognition of priorities. That is the only 'reset' that makes sense as the realignment in the Living - which is the sacrifice and target of the globalised locally enforced 'biosecurity technocratic state'. 

Waking to the horror or disturbance is a step to waking within the true movement of our being. For life is not static and dead as an object model running 'As If' - and then reacted to as 'Is'.

The object of lockdown is the reversal of the Law, such as to predicate lack of worth, health, life or freedom as the normal, and grant conditional permissions to live and move for compliance to a rule set beyond any right of voice or consent.

Thanks - but no thanks!


The nature of cascading factors from shutting down the Economy is not quantifiable.

The wilful destruction of global economic infrastructure, brings degradation, scarcity, sickness and early death to those who are excluded or discarded - whether in the developing (sic) nations, or in the developing poverty within the 'developed' nations - will reap incalculable effects. 

I call it wilful, but I also sense that a corrupting and corrupted system is breaking down under its own self-contradictions, and that the attempt to persist the core of such 'possession and control' is pre-empting an inevitable as a shaped charge by which to seek to control and shape the post collapse world order, from the existing mindset of technologism harnessed to possession and control as private agenda seeking cartel monopoly. Marketisation and weaponisation of Science, Language, and all forms of communication and exchange operates a dissociative insanity, that kills its own host, perhaps to reset and recycle the same pattern as a 'new order' ?

Bringing insanity or indeed lawlessness into check and containment calls for waking from its framing - for there is no answer to the problem in its own frame. Law is both Reason and Love.

But the dissociation of rationalised substitutions run as legal fictions of contracted 'consent'.

Holding for love and reason as a unified and unifying and lawful basis from which to live is holding the conditions in which parasitic thinking does not find support. Insanity can seem to be a unified and oppressive enemy, but is a mess of contradiction sharing common purpose under fear as denial and the mask of control. It cannot stand, but by receiving sacrifice of love and reason to its idols, ideals, that predicate models and systems of dogmatic filters and rules that limit and deny life so as to seem to have possession and control over and apart from it.

True religion is not mind-control, so much as an integrative alignment of heart, mind and world, and science grown from reaction to the corruption of religion becomes the thing it hates in a new set of clothes. Integrity is not a mask but the integral connections and balancing of all parts of the whole. So I see the emergence of true science as a result of awareness and correction of corruption in its own template of self-definition or indeed Temple.

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