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From viral overwhelm to life and love restored



77 Brigade - Retired:

There are trillions of viruses surrounding us on planet earth – and scientists claim they number more than the stars in the universe … And the scientists also claim that only 200 of these viruses “could” be dangerous to mankind.

Are our scientists that clever at isolating and counting – or just guessing? Again.


 Reply to  77 Brigade - Retired

They’re just SPECULATING actually. Whatever particles they allegedly ‘isolate’ they certainly cannot prove they are actual viruses. Why? It’s because virus theory is incoherent and contradictory along with germ theory and therfore does not and cannot work out in scientific practice. Nobody to date has ever observed an alleged ‘pathogenic virus’ even using Electron Microscopy only artefacts are observed due to the method of preparation.

 Yes. Nanoparticulates of organic matter such as can be determined to contain various fragments of RNA and DNA that may serve some communicative function or may be organised by the field function of we recognise as life and living. Such as the breakdown to recycle at a level that can serve adaptive functional need.

So we are both the Field of the Biosphere (that is itself nested in a greater embrace) and its unique and specific expression. A sense of 'separation' from Field Awareness is an object model deemed 'self-existing' but Self-Existence belongs to the Field, of which all else is an expression of, rather than the artefacts of a reflective thought construct.

We 'see' what we are looking 'with'. (And become fitted or conditioned by our tools).

The conviction of a lockdown to a body, is a mind masked against Homelessness, that DOES dissociation. But as a vehicle of expression, the body is transparent to relational communication, that 'homes' or balances and aligns resonant coherence instead of masked and protected dissonance as managed conflict (sic).

To objectify life, (we) must presume to stand outside it. This is all in 'concept' or speculative. The revealing of 'modelling' as the magical mind of a private agenda set over and against the Public good - while masking as guide and protector, is the recognition of the model as a model and not the reality it has been mistaken for. Invested illusions become then a means by which to object to and deny our Life, that is the only truth and freedom to accept, or mask over as conflicted definitions and meanings given priority, and protected from communication of direct relationship (socially distanced).

An underlying Physic that Cowan has some awareness of, is the characteristic of water's structuring as the medium of translation of Field qualities to patterns of relational information. Our linear mind cannot approach this, and so to minds set in time as past-determined effects seeking to become cause, synchronicity is invisible.

Music of Life, unheard, yet we dance...

We recognise positive synchronicity if only as 'luck' or 'favour' but are rarely willing to recognise the no less lawful feedback to a negatively defined sense of self, because we pathologise our experience. Separation trauma presumes the act or denial of an 'other' or alien will' set outside and apart, from a now limited and conflicted or locked down 'life', contracted to a body as the physical 'field boundary', of the attempt to defend against what is ultimately our own projection - or mistaken identity. But not in the sense that the mind of fear, guilt, blame and pain of penalty would use to damn us with.

To project away as if to get rid of or seek externally, is the choice of mind given to lack and fear. But freedom to NOT use fear as a basis for choice, lets love of itself, extend. Radiance is the disposition of transparency to wholeness of being. The mind is a 'projector' but what goes forth to multiply is an alignment of focus, choices and accepted value.

'Fear porn' is a compulsive fascination within the seeming dynamic - but actual dissociation - of conflict. Breaking the spell, is noticing when looking AT fears allows their release, and accepting release, as freedom of an expansion and embrace now. The mind-addiction to indulge our own fearful imaginations is a collective result of a focus in lack, resulting from persisting in conflicted misery, grievance and fantasy substitution - acted out on the body.

To what degree is disease a true feedback to a misalignment of self in Life? Feedback being a scientific term by which to use and learn from mistakes rather than be damned by them - so as to seek to kill the messengers before such fear of a damning reprisal to hidden guilt is delivered to 'Retribution'?

But the practical point is not the complex of psyop defences set against truth, but simple and active willingness to align truly, now - as this and any circumstance or situation given release from a mindset of fear and grievance.

This is a living way of self-honouring that extends to our world. It cannot be rendered to a systemic ideology or religion of dogmatic 'truths'. Blessed are those who open to a Field beyond their mind's capacity to conceive, for they are truly moved to share a blessing by getting out of their own way.



The article is a 1984 sketch. Orwell painted the Crucifixion of life's degradation and denial under the stamp of fear given power, as a past made to substitute for presence. But looking at the problem without truly addressing it, is to push it outside under abnegation of responsibility to mindless systemic protection rackets, which then 'invade or violate' a caged mind as filthy and starving rats coming home to roost!

Orwell could set room 101 as the particular terror symbols to the personal profile of the mind that thought to step outside of fear's dictate.

The living symbol of Jesus holds the awareness of the release of the body as a limit or distance, to the Field of which life truly is. That this realigns, reintegrates and heals, is also the release of the idea of death, to the recognition as the Field that can only be known by yielding to an expansive embrace that of itself extends or communicates. If we do not practice in the 'evils' or irritations and challenges of the day thereof, will be have a pathway of heart response through which to abide and align in living expressions of resolving conflict so as to free creative endeavour - which is never more or less then being truly moved, each in our individual and common inspirations and themes of unfolding interest.

I don't invoke Jesus as an external authority, but as an example. Fear makes 'special' to distance and mask in narrative dictate, and so will always interpret its own self-reinforcement by masking in the virtues as a means to persist the sacrifice of love to the protection of fear-in-hiding.



Go on, write an 'Easter version' of your nightmare scenario! ;-)

What might that be and can it even be set in the archetypal conflicts of a narrative structure?

I ask because there is a sense in which the mind set in narrative definitions is 'entranced' or spellbound to its own telling.

I read that the original term 'nice' was an engineering term for a perfect fit. (?) But in current use often means niceties of social masking.

Nice stories can be anodyne or lacking depth, but the darkness or threat element serves not to make it 'real' but as the adversary or adversity by which a greater reality is touched - even if the protagonist dies or the 'cause is lost' - because its inspiration is in the human Spirit - of which one creative potential is our developing and unfolding of themes and stories.

A teacher once told me it is better to simply say 'simply do this' to one who is learning of life, than to expound on what must not be done or else - such as to weight the life-aligning in a context of negative conditioning.

Aligning in love of life is withdrawing energy and attention from fear and control.

I read of a sect in Asia (India?) who held vaccination to be against their religion or shared way of being. The state set mandatory vax and raided the community of 'refusal to comply' in the middle of the night using armed force. The people resisted but were overwhelmed and forcibly injected. The elders of the community immediately called for tea to be made for the 'guests'. On being questioned (by one of the enforcers) the elder replied, "just because we were unable to fulfil our religion in one regard does not mean we shall throw our traditions away! And our traditions call us to honour our guest!".

To live our No! in spirit, to the false usurping of authority, and hold our decision, is not about what the apparent form of outcome, but a true gift to ourselves. In this gift shared, is the freedom from shame and guilt, hate and grievance, that plays a significant role in all manner of 'disease' conditions.

Another way of seeing this is that we have to live with the consequences of our decisions, and the temptation to blame others for our choices, or hide our choices as 'they made me do it!' is not a freedom from consequences, but a lockdown into a narrative dictate enforced by shame, inadequacy or rejection, abandonment, denial and betrayal.

All the consequences are then played out in the narrative displacement that scapegoats or attacks it own projections as if whack a mole is the purpose or meaning of of living.

What can such a mind expect but to be whacked back? Life cant get a word in.

A story can unfold the conditions for the reflection and recognition of the Spirit.

Or it can use the wish and the hope of symbolic substitutions as a foil for the triumph of evil as the true power over what then must be an evil and insane delusion of a life set in cynicism as if to align existentially with destruction as the means and nature of existence. Or 'death cult'.

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