Saturday, 27 March 2021

Electromagnetic War and Mind Control or Heart Resonance?

Commenter: The mind has scalar nature and longitudinal waves allow sophisticated control. The collective unconscious mind can be measured, Scalar Interferometers manipulate psyche ? The mind is time-like ? Scalar waves are of the time-domain and multiverse ? Mind Wars ? With Scalar Psychoenergetics, you can achieve crowd control ? Betrayals of Khrushchev, Gorbachev, Yeltsin ? Russians and Army ? How Does Longitudinal EM Mind Control Work ? Psychoenergetics weapons can mentally maim and physically kill ? Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions ? The connection of mind, body, intention and induction of changes in the brain ? Time-polarized electrodynamics to influence the mind and body ? Western science is largely materialistic and therefor largely wrong ? Transverse waves alone do not allow sophisticated control

The mind control frequency can also be associated with the repackaging of toxic conflict under the mind of dissociation in denial. Truth cannot Be Denied, but our awareness of truth can effectively be filtered, limited and distorted by the use of conflicted self-definition or 'inner conflict of self contradiction'. Lets call that 'Noise' by which a Signal can be temporarily deferred. Give me a bit more time and I will generate a masking identity in 'noise' or the darkness of conflict, that runs in time and cannot really abide Presence as timeless - but must recoil to mask over in definitions of 'control'.

That we are electromagnetically interfacing with Total Communication (Terrain theory ;-) is where psychophysical (spiritual) responsibility actively operates (is). If we recognise the law of resonance as the basis of all communication, exchange, and experience, then we re-connect our result (world) to our giving (thought) as the active expression of a signature frequency of a more integrative and coherent resonance to our true nature, rather than adaptation within a mutually reinforcing 'noise'. Fear is a choice, experienced as if it is done to us by 'outside others or world'. 

The uncovering of our electro-biology has been filtered through fear driven marketising and weaponising mindsets for possession and control. The 'ego' drives narrative 'reality' the the Spirit of a true discernment heals to reveal the More of Who and What You are! Which invested self-illusion recoils from as fear of pain and loss - and thereby DOES its feared outcome as a limited reflection of fear taken or acted from as true. The defence encapsulates the fear as intent to persist in a chosen or mistaken self definition. None of this requires thinking to arrive at a result. For life is already the movement of extension of Self in All, and Heart knows this - but the Signal may be disregarded by 'conflict'.

Be aware that all communication teaches and learns or sends and receives the masking intent of fear seeking control or love seeking truth. That the fear masks in the forms of virtue sets truth as IF unlovely, fearful or destructive. 

WHY take joy in fear porn? Because we think we have to impact and leverage Others to change a world OUTSIDE our 'control'?

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