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Human - A Mind that Hides from Itself
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Seamus Padraig: Brilliant article! Just one minor cavil: Ockham’s Razor was originally intended (by William of Ockham, that is) only for the study of natural–not social–phenomena. The reason, of course, is because nature can (presumably) never consciously seek to deceive you, whereas human beings can and sometimes do. But other than that, totally on point!

 There are many deceits in nature - whether conscious or not ;-)

But we are talking of a mind that hides from itself!

Indeed a mind that can model its reality as an augmented mental overlay of represented symbols and concepts.

A mind that can dissociate from reality of a present awareness for compartmentalised or fragmented narrative conflicts that are centred on a 'self-usurpation' of self-awareness.

Self-awareness in truth is the 'awareness of ‘death’ or non being to all (self) illusion.

In full presence accepted is recognition of transience and timelessness. The freedom to focus within self-illusion, is the capacity to perceive within appearances given limited and limiting meanings rather than know being by extension. We have learned to experience through a matrix of rules and filters that give us the world we think to experience outside us.

‘That I am’ - That anything is - has no other quality than existence being Itself. But you will most likely have read it as the 'I' of your own self-differentiating judgements, which are within a mind of mutually reinforcing definitions of 'workability' relative to the underlying purpose or function. The mind of a self-image is predicated on the persistence of its invested identity, in recoil from Infinity - that simply and only is.

So the desire to open and be the unfolding of experience, is moving as our life in the world of our giving and receiving, that creates or extends the qualities of being, but through fear of pain of loss, locks down in distances, rules and mythic masking narratives protected from question or change - as a past that made such a 'self-reality', and a future to evade reliving such conflict, set as self-vindication in vengeance as fantasies of righteous victory to a cherished sense of being deeply wronged.

The solidity of the masking world is like a lid over a mind without borders or limits, set as a result of fear given power in a heart and mind set in chaos and control, as split or polarised indecision, reflecting as a world of conflict and threat that calls to war and defence, as a learned development and adaptation to conflict.

Self as relational equilibrium of giving and receiving as one, is the result of reintegrating an apparently split mind and world. But all that exists shares Existence, and all that does not, never has existed. That we deny or become blind to our own and other's existence is a result of investing in 'seeming' at expense of truly lived. For the capacity to extend a recognition of Self to Life is also the capacity to project a mis-identification onto 'others and world' such as to perceive, react and 'experience' our version of our reality without awareness of anything but the world we make of our own inner conflicts, running behind or beneath what we then suffer and die in as a dream of a life set outside and apart from love - no matter how intensely it may seek out and mask in substitutions. There are no substitutions for love - which is a word for Self - as distinct from what we made of love as the mind of the attempt to possess and control reality rather than give in alignment with a true receiving.

I did not find a bridge to the 'scientific' model of a physical reality from which all meanings are now determined or rendered 'invalid' by the myth of matter as self existing objecting reality. But the true physical is tangibility and visibility of Self - seen through the subjection of objects to loveless or meaningless 'relationships'. Perhaps to look on a world without love and recognise what we have made, is the bottoming out of an addiction to control set in fear and lack? How can we 'love' evil? Perhaps from recognising the secret love of an investment in using it for masking in the hope or wish of a love set in possession and control. For love is uncovered as already the Fact - in our own Existence, and not as a result of becoming something else or more or less than who we truly are.

The mind that leads sets many conflicting purposes and none.

The heart is the field of true desire.

As long as we give allegiance and support to false desires set as the protection of a dissociating mind, we run conflict as if there can be a victory in which mind can attack itself and succeed. That we can set our self in polarised identity is evident, but that we choose to reset this in ever more dense dissociation and futility is a protected ignorance.

Time out of Mind can waste as well as be wasted. True qualities of Life are never found apart from their sharing, for sharing is the creating of the conditions for Life to express and know its being. Discarding Existence because it does not meet terms and conditions of permission to freely be its Current expression as you, is so habituated as to make a world unseen while the mind seeks diversion - even amidst fulfilment!

Hope springs from Eternity as the precursor to faith in your own Word - so as to stand in your own life with the Living. Living consciously directed faith opens knowledge that is not acquired, packaged or leveraged, because you are That - and are the recognition of the unfolding and revealing of being - as a unique expression of an integral whole.

Faith set in self-illusion becomes an active faithlessness, and adversary rising from the exclusively protected 'selfish' clique set over and against its 'terrain' or living context. Those who 'love' to hate, must fear and hate to love. Learning Not to hear and heed the call to war, is the capacity to listen within (the situation as a whole) for a recognition of truth that frees from conflicted self, as the embrace of the situation at a perspective that expands who and what we thought ourselves to be. This is love. Not masking manipulations of fear seeking protection, and control. To recognise the difference is to choose one and let the other go.

The moment of the situation at hand is always an opportunity to choose in alignment with who you hope, have faith in, and know yourself being.

Despair works the self-conviction that you, your Brother, or your world are not worthy or are toxic to love's presence now. To challenge or question this, is to open a point of reference from outside its dictate, but never truly outside You. What we made in fear is not attacked by truth, so much as transformed and purified to a realigning and reintegration of being. Giving willingness to a source of guidance, inspiration and support that may be experienced as 'outside' but is always recognised within, opens stepping stones by which fear is released from its role of protector and guide to a separateness set in attack and grievance. Such a 'world' is released by truth, not death.


Why the concern with votes?

That also is a private mythic expression of frustration.

I see that where the physical operates on polarised charge separation and patterns of rebalancing, the psychic has its own entanglement of spin!

Assigning pos or neg charged value, generates patterns of reaction.

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