Sunday, 22 November 2020

Many WANT viral-fear to frame their life and world


...with Sweden having 6000 cases in a day, plenty of hospitalizations. It’s not over. We have a lesson to learn. What are we to do next time? There will be a next time, and it will be different. 

While I don't care for being lured into the long grass of endless tactical diversion and obfuscation, the stats are framed and defined to deceive. PR is fed into newsfeeds to sow doubt and division against disclosure.

Hospital admissions for any reason that acquire covid test 'positives' (called cases without clinical basis) are shown, but are they including the discharges (or deaths) in the selected dataset?

For whatever reasons there is a very strong and prevalent desire in many, to WANT covid fear to be real and framing or defining and subordinating all else.

This is a psychological example of the generating of a false or inverted religion, in which meaning, authority and funding is acquired from that which denies life - in the 'name' of the drive to defeat, manage or control it.

This is what I mean by negatively polarised - and what I mean by the term 'ego' which is our bubbled masking persona - cast out in a world of personae. It doesn't judge the person as bad (cast out as evil or invalid), but looks beneath the mask.

Discerning the underlying Pattern is not 'yet another war for control' but a basis to reintegrate from a fragmented and frankly futile fight in the long grass of proxy props in which to war over the right to determine truth, rather than determine to align in a discernment of truth.

The discernment is within life and integrally so - with all that is currently active. The determination from a sense of denial and deprivation acts as IF set apart from life and is framed in the drive to regain a sense of lost possession and control - in terms that set personal and collective identity.

Crying 'wolf' can temporarily attract attention and a sense of personal power, when the community rallies to protect Its own. But on a false flag basis of manipulative 'incentivised programming', uses up the trust and cohesion of a true relationship, to a fragmenting factional masquerade over madness that has no basis on which to stand as a coherent consciousness or cultural expression. In the name of a manually controlled 'reset' it seeks solution in even further denial of culture and consciousness to limits that express monopoly of private will set over the whole of a 'life' it thinks to be set apart and over (while hating its underlying sense of subjection as if at the hands of another).

I have no doubt that a variety of pressures have been and are being applied to the Swedish (an all) authorities to conform in the purpose of the 'emergency' as the overt realignment of corporate controls to replace such governance as was aligned in some measure to a principle of wholeness, and humanity as a freedom from which to explore and experience idea and perspective for its shared fruits, rather than for exclusive private gain built on the abandonment and exploitation of others.

The opportunity of a true Reset in Life, is regaining a living and shared recognition of the freedom we traded in for compliance, appeasement and identity under false premises lured by false profits.  Health and wholeness is not our manual responsibility, but is given or integral to being at a level that manual interference has masked over and put out of bounds. For fear maps out the limits of allowable thought - as if the voice for integrity of worthiness, validity or virtue.

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