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Destructive Circular Reasoning Running False Assumptions



“The Chinese authorities identified a new type of coronavirus, which was isolated on 7 January 2020……On 12 January 2020, China shared the genetic sequence of the novel coronavirus for countries to use in developing specific diagnostic kits.”

If they didn’t isolate the virus, then what in the world did they “isolate”??

Read carefully. They did NOT isolate anything but probed matter taken from a few patients to identify tiny fragments of genetic code that they then applied computer modelling to 'reconstitute' to a 'definition' of the supposed whole virus.

The virus is thus a mental construct represented by a genetic definition.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men put WHO they decided Humpty Dumpty is, together. But never isolated or found Humpty, because Humpty is a false flag of a presumed attacker associated with crapped out lungs in a 'cluster' of Wuhan Smog victims.

Note clearly that the running of a false narrative over an actual event can assign feared agency or motive to imaginary forces such as to magnify the fear as the basis for reactions that are agency and do have effects, but which are likely to be interpreted through the shock or fear narrative as even further evidence of attack.

The article shows that what is tested for in PCR can be any number of shared genetic sequence and is not specific to one pathogenic virus. It also shows that there is no evidence of causation - ie this soup of genetic pathogen was not bale to 'infect' or be cultured in human cells. (The basis for such assertion of infection is in any case one of observing degradation or adverse change in a cell culture after first starving and poisoning it and then adding the 'viral soup' of some filtering but not pure isolate. healthy cells cannot be used to culture 'virus' they have to be 'conditioned ' first').

The basic trick is that of circular reasoning:

Circular reasoning is a logical fallacy in which the reasoner begins with what they are trying to end with. The components of a circular argument are often logically valid because if the premises are true, the conclusion must be true.

Circular reasoning is a form of fallacy or deceit in which the writer or speaker makes an argument based on a claim that is already believed.

IE: You must not question The Science because it is the truth.

However the basis of the original assumption must be demonstrably true - otherwise all that is based upon, built from and invested in it, is false. This is I think, the simple truth beneath insanely invested illusions that must war truth to seem to live while we sleep.

The virological field being one facet of a house of cards.

Not that biology is invalid, but that pathology is a weaponised and marketised bastard of biological science. 

(The next may be more complex to ponder).

The basis idea of terrain theory as it comes to me to summarise is that the total environment is expressing as the condition in every unique case. This includes both nutrient or support for life and toxin or block to function - including psychic-emotional chemistry. The whole is expressing through the part.

Fear is inherent to invested illusion, and can distort, fragment and render life (you) meaningless.

Fear contracts and shuts down many functions to a 'fight or flight mode' of solution set in the physical body, and is heightened in its sense of 'enemy and threat' to corresponding reaction. 

The transfer of our psychic conflict onto physical conditions, interjects a narrative framing to colour the experience of any actual or perceived threat in learned patterns of pain or loss, as a means of displacing or externalising unresolved inner conflict that is not recognised or given attention in its own terms. And so just 'happens' without conscious responsibility and is made real BY reaction.

This then operates a human world of assigned meanings that are not really there - excepting the invested need for them to be 'real' is charged and operated by the unreadiness and unwillingness to recognise and release the attempt to solve our own issues by imposing on a world made as defence from what fear made - and still runs as invested currency of a social order.

Pathogen theory is based on the belief that there is something 'Out there' that is intending to kill us. If you managed to follow the above, you may see that unresolved conflicts - we can also call denied self, has been 'externalised' to our world and attacked by the establishing of defences set against it masked in narratives of self-saving justification - and self-limitation or identity as narrative dictate (programmed mind).

The narrative dictate or 'judge' set over and apart from life, selects always to reject, and does not recognise its act of rejection as running a denial script or indeed alien-ating agenda that intends to stamp out and deny - and thus sets up the experience of being stamped out and denied.

Waking from the bubble of control to the underlying paranoia that it effectively masks and feeds upon, is disturbing.

But it is a stepping stone and not a true destination.

Running of false assumptions, as if they are built-in meanings, is an 'unquestioned life' - which some Greek philosopher once said 'was not worth living', but I would say has not as yet uncovered truly living worth by its extension to others.

'Amnesty' is an idea of a shared willingness to release debt. (Not to repackage toxic debt int new instruments of control). 

The true purpose of Law is to hold for and restore the conditions for Life - and human law is predicated in recognition and appreciation of life (Not its substitution).

Coming 'back' into our true and full presence is the desired outcome beneath whatever 'means' we may have adopted and aligned in - and that presence is already here for us to recognise and accept, indicates it is our conditions that set our agenda, and our lockdown and masking in such conditions as an inviolate 'identity' that life must fit to, or fail in abandonment, rejection and betrayal.

We all have conditions that set us up to fail. Perhaps from giving priority to old grievance that become cherished for what they seem to give us - or what we have thus become.

The linkage between conditions and conditioning - is a self reinforcing or circular reasoning that programs response according to meanings assigned.

You then are the assigner of meanings, but under fear, the extension of whole meaning is blocked to only select what we THINK will feed us or support our life, and unlike a living cell, we can learn to move toward the toxin and away from the nutrient, through the acquired construct of 'thinking' running on mis-taken or mis-guided assumption.

The virus - or any other posited agent of threat - may be said to not exist, but its belief has all the life given it, and yet cannot share in or extend and reflect life, and so works the sacrifice of life to an idol that seems to give power of protection, only to render blind, hollow and powerless under the mindset of 'control' raised to replace a God of love.


Commenter to the article:

Okay but SOMETHING is going around and making people sick (I just recovered myself). With wierd and unique symptoms such as loss of taste and smell, blood clots, etc. So what could be causing this?

Just look at records for death and disease cycles that peak every winter.

Where have you been this year?

The symptoms are not unique to 'covid' but are stamped in the charge of covid-reaction.

Fear driven to seek protection latches onto a narrative through which it then interprets. You've been framed.

If you owned your question you could grow in conscious ability by determining to follow the questioning and find out where it takes you as your own discovery.

Or you can look for a 'ready made answer' to serve the same masking function as the narrative it replaces.

Can you come up with other causes of respiratory clearance symptoms? (toxic pollutions?)

Or circulatory problems? (locked indoors?)

There are doubtless innumerable cofactors such as lack of vitamin D (no T-cells)

Or lack of vit B1 (beri beri symptoms)

One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them can be an apparently unifying narrative in terms of attracting priority of attention, funding and sacrifice to control set as 'protection' that you can entrance yourself to a loss of true will in giving preference to a false.

Now we have a the coronation of a biotech reich that intends replacing human genetics to serve its own image of 'security'. If you have no real question, you have no basis from which to notice the false as false, such as to release identity in it and uncover the true.

When I say a real question, I mean it rises from your core rather than posits in concept.

Desire is fundamental to alignment of purpose.

What could be causing this fixation in focus upon death and disaster but the desire to replace the responsibility for consciousness life with a newsfeed that feeds on its audience?


Commenter to a thread on exacting vengeance on the perpetrators:

Did 1 million Iraqis get a fair trial, before Operation Shock N Awe?

Course not.

So why on earth should you give this bunch one?

Perhaps because you are the power to choose not to replicate the thing you hate?

Hate can blindly seek its discharge without caring who or what consequence.

Establishing the truth is different from manufacturing on under vengeance.

One version of a 'reset' is to seed the Terror as a new cycle of blind righteous masking psychopathy.

I don't blame you for your feelings - I simply don't think feelings are the basis for determining reality.

Someone was scapegoated and sacked recently for stating that gender is more than feelings.

The worship of selected feelings works the golem.

But the capacity to feel is our true Inheritance.

Unless and until checked and disarmed, the engine of destruction feeds upon polarised emotional reactivity, while playing third party from the shadows of plausible deniability and layers of disposable 'assets' such as ideologies, politicians, corporations, industry sectors or at the bottom line - take everything down with them. What else could it be BUT a 'god' of vengeance?

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