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Those who for their own reasons actively WANT the fear agenda to be justified



Perhaps the sense of being betrayed and lied to generates a hasty refusal of others beating the same drum or on the same sore points.

There are those who for their own reasons actively WANT the fear agenda to be justified.
There are others who do not WANT it - unless such alarm can be demonstrated genuine AND the  call to action be sane, proportionate and deeply and widely considered.

If you give priority to any potential threat and assign it funding and attention over all else, we can 'discover' ever more strands to its story. If doing so is a reinforcement of our own masking identity, social status, funding, career or sense of self-worth, then we have a conflict of interest that may be running beneath our own conscious attention yet clearly visible to others or to any study of our behaviours.

While a few get emotional in reaction here at times, I'd say this is a very tolerant comment forum.

The medical fact as to what is or is not going on may be in question, but no one denies clinical conditions are occurring, and that any incidence of disease can have ongoing effects or represent a chronic lack of health for a variety of reasons. But the reaction to the last - and this coming  season of respiratory disease under the umbrella of Covid-19, is far far more definitely threatening to life and liberty than any medical condition in living history outside world war. This point doesn't register with those who come across to me as covid fanatics. For they have found the purpose and the meaning of their life in its 'war'. But who exactly is being flattened and controlled?

I see a sense of certainty being given more priority that anything to do with truth. Such that if it feeds such a sense of certainty it is woven into 'officially asserted and enforced truth'.
How dangerous is covid-19? This depends on whether we see it as part of the way people die every year, or whether we see it as a leverage to gain and maintain control over the living, under pretext of 'making us safe'.

The urgent need I see is to withdraw support for the lockdowning 'virus controlling' reaction that runs like an inflammation in the body politic. Apologists may concede it could have been proportionate back at the beginning. I do not. But it is either a suicidal reaction now - or delivering those seeking protection to the 'Morlocks'.
(Referring the H.G Wells anticipation of a predator class).




Isn't it the case now that if something is censored / deleted on social media you can be sure that s because it s the truth!! Paradoxically  these  fact chuckers  are confirming truth in their own upside down way!!!

To Rosie:

Can you?
Associations with 5g are censored but is that because 5g is considered so vital to the next step in the control agenda that nothing   bar nothing can be allowed to impede it   regardless any possible effect that may or may not contribute to a degradation of health in some or many.

But if something is censored it may point to some sort of hidden bias or agenda, and operate a negative conditioning. However, this can also be used to generate and  opposition  that can be nurtured and brought out later as another narrative leverage.

Rachael Carson s book, Silent Spring came out of Rockefeller backed institution and avoided the direct effect of pesticides and herbicides on human beings (and there is such a history to this day), this was considered a seminal work in growing an environmental movement that nowadays (generally) considered Nature a weak and bankable victim, and humans a virus on the planet.

Those with the  most to lose  and the means to protect it look into the future and hedge all bets.
Everything has to be carefully considered in it context   and if that context is an emotionally invested or establishment protected narrative, then  truth  includes the use of story and emotional investment as leveraging by stealth and guile.

The ability to maintain control by force depends on community support. I don t support the narrative for lockdowns and biosecurity states, enslavement and retrogression of human beings as  stock , data or resources for genetic experimentation. Yet I see that under fear, these ends are being established by consent.

I don t engage in relationship with open and obvious deceits   such as fact checking sites, and other controlled assets or hapless proxies to deceit.



The victors of Wars and Crashes are the banking cartels, the military industrial complex, now extending to the medical industrial complex - or 'biosecurity state'. it is not about money - excepting as a means of control - ie debt.
Sell the control agenda as the means to end  war, colonialism, racism, gender discrimination or ANYTHING that can set a carrot and a stick in front of the resentful and aggrieved, and you have the funding, influence and favour from the top down, to sow whatever crop and harvest as you will.
I agree that there is a self-hating suicidal impulse in human psyche that is usually masked over except of course in those who are 'taken over' by its pain, but now is common as the idea of overpopulation, humans as viruses or as a cancer on the planet and etc.

Another factor is that when when we get stuck and cannot move consciously through the blockage, we necessitate crisis that force the issue. Modern thinking seems willing to manufacture and engineer such 'crisis' under the belief that it can be controlled, or at least best survived from an insider perspective. If this is so then there are those among us who are extremely excited to be controlling human 'destiny' - even if the means to do so is acting out a false narrative for reasons they believe justified - OR - cannot go back on or escape now that they are committed?
Money is nothing in itself. The richest in money terms have the largest flowthrough. Actual wealth is in tangible assets. Money is set to be radically restructured any time soon. Cypriots woke one day to find their bank accounts had government 'bonds' in place of what they took to be their money.
A commenter above said - 'those who make the gold make the rules'. There is something in that when 'gold' is the supply of choking off of life support.
The rich are not all intent on seeking to use wealth to gain ever more control over those poorer, but they will seek to protect against losing what they have and can be manipulated and used in the same way - by cultivating fears, dangling 'carrots' and making 'deals'.
Organised crime is simply 'normal, and largely masked over. I think it is increasing unsupportable by the complex demands of its own lies - as a 'House of Cards' yet 'too big to fail' - and so everyone and everything ELSE has to fail - as a severe contraction or Economic activity and massive limitation and degradation of consciousness.
I can understand a need to change. I cannot accept and join in completely loveless and deceitful means. Those two characterise my sense of the 'old normal'. Masking in virtue is nothing new.


 JD said:

 “Sense of certainty” works both ways. Welcome to humanity.

I discern a difference between a fear driven reaction (or a fear masking action), and the peace of a calm and clear relational appreciation. A doctor may tell you that you are going to die, but what you then choose to do is your human decision and not a medical dictate. Now that 'Doctor WHO' tells us we are going to kill others - regardless our clinical condition, we are being guilted and bullied to effectively kill our Economy - or life support system.
So while I am certain that lockdowns are unhelpful and destructive (apart from as a means to condition new normals of surveillance, compliance and enforcement), I am by no means certain that those who WANT such a world will accept freedom or responsibility for themselves or extend it to others.

'Certainty' as I see it is a truly or wholly aligned decision - and not an imposition of one over another. Unified purpose is 'healing' for it releases the inflammatory cycle.
I am certain that the willing or conscious leveraging of fear, for the purpose of gaining or consolidating control, has brought up or exposed the nature OF fear and control.

This means I stand back from engaging in polarised 'certainties' or identities, and look at what is being revealed - which in my case is of course my life, experience and discernment. I use discernment because I hold it to mean the direct self-honesty of the heart as distinct from logical extensions of cherished identity.

I think I read you rightly as one much more aligned with the 'official' or government views than many others here who see a lot more than doctored data. One of the confusing limits of our thought is the presumption we see and share the same world or 'reality' outside us. But everyone is living the life their particular background and personality brings them and perceives according to underlying definitions and beliefs that govern perceptions - which are always selective - and yet are themselves generally invisible.

Part of what I see going on is a splitting of 'reality' (as lived) between those who fear this virus as propagated by media and politicians, and those who cannot understand why others would choose to do so - for while there are some new symptoms, they are preventable and treatable and generally only severe as an 'old person's friend' - that is a way to finally leave  a life that is come to term. I don't suggest that meeting our death at any age is pleasant or comfortable, but that the body is a temporary vehicle that no one would really want to be locked down into forever. (At least not without profound regenerative capacities of body, mind and spirit).
Mortal fear is something the mind seeks to mask over ASAP by the quickest means to hand. But to the certainty of love, the focus is given to relationship, and not to taking thought for our self.

Yet we can lose such awareness to self-doubt in division and struggle - into which others and world then play into.
Insofar as I received and pondered your response to me, I accept that we can hide as much in reaction to perceived evils as is hidden in those who blindly enact such evils. And I say blindly in terms of the heart of honest recognition. But the process of addressing ills can learn as it goes, so as to effectively calm and de-fuse the situation back to a capacity for communication, from which steps can be taken as some measure of agreement and practical resolution.
Without challenge, the mind that does evil masks in virtues that lock them into its frame and distance or dissociates them from virtues unmasked. So as to persist in the sacrifice of the living to hollow fantasies given priority and defence. 



As a tool unfit for the purpose it is being used for, and primed to definitions that owe more to computer modelling than empirical science, it is perfected fitted for the purpose of leveraging our mind from an empirical honesty and curiosity, into a computer modelled 'global system'.

I only added this after coming back in a commenting thread and looking for what 'conclusions' JDP might see in your response.

The Exercise Myth by Dr Henry Solomon - is doubtless anathema to modern thinking but also has the recognisable pattern of belief's, biases, marketing, reputations and studies that don't fit the narrative and so they are ignored.

Anything used as a panacea will be applied and sought as answer for issues that are not really addressed 'there', and so the panacea will become the new framework for the (impossible) resolution of conflicts that don't belong there, but which everyone learns to 'see' by the belief they must be 'there'. If just because most everyone else seems to 'see' or react to as real.

This wishful thinking and invested identity, corrupts the patient and the therapist both in a mutual clique of 'patient-demand support' and a 'therapy funding support'. And becomes the capacity to reverse roles - as we are now experiencing. The therapy industry is demanding insane support like a cancer in the body politic. Not least through the capturing of regulators by which to redefine humanity as 'latent infectious threat' to 'others' and thus forfeit of any individual rights - to the trial and testing for treatments by which to maintain social credit status

Judgement makes rules by which to actively filter out the denied, and lock in the captive revenue stream. The notion of a just accounting, is the idea of lawful and true witness as the basis for a valid and life supported judgement.



This is indeed one claim among many that I count under malnutrition - regardless the look or the calories of food. IE: There are critical deficiencies across the spectrum of sustenance.

The other side of the same coin are toxins or imbalances to that effect.

The interplay of the living body in sustaining the conditions for life go perhaps infinitely beyond our modelling of it. So it doesn't follow that calcium supplements or more dairy will help bones. Or that taking in substances means that the body takes them up in the way we wanted.

The genetic field wanted to discover the secret of life along with patents and applications. Oh - and still does! - but epigenetic opens a closed code system to a living response. And along with all of this is the uncovering of the 'gut biome' - which includes what we call viral expression - that operates the life support for our digestion, immune functions and cognitive faculties - and which also operates a genetic information exchange at frequency rates that make a fruit fly seem to live to a venerable old age.

So while I also see nutrition as key to life beyond a mere survival, I see that we humans have reacted to our life and responded to our environment and each other in unique ways - resulting from our mind-modelling of reality as part of conscious choice or decision.

We can get in our own way - and then blame everyone and everything else.

I hold the body as being self-healing and adaptive - and some of our adaptations are mental or cultural, but supported by a largely invisible realm of biota operating symbiotically within the conditions of change and challenge. Biota that are in subtle but direct communication with the total environment - and not just the field of perception extended with instruments and aligned to models that can be wrong.


I would love to see biological human studies proving infection rather than tracing epidemiological tracks.
Not the possibility of believed infection but the kind of tests carried out in the USA in 1918.
That failed to infect any healthy volunteers with matters and proximity from the very sick.

I also note that this virus cant be cultured in human cells, but if you take some and starve and poison them, adding the covid-19 culture (?) shows marked degradation of the cells - ie 'call it infection'.
(I expect that current human thinking is misguided, and self-serving a limiting sense of self and life).

I read recently that for vax testing purposes a company needed volunteers to be infected with covid-19.
What they did not say was how that would be effected.
I very strongly suspect it would be injected.
Does anyone know?

Sperm cells can be said to hijack an egg to replicate, but while some people get pregnant at the drop of a hat or trousers or whatever, many don't seem to be susceptible. Males are immune - but generally highly infectious...
We of course know that pregnancy - for all its challenging symptoms and experience - is a procreative and positive process in support of life - even if not everyone survives it. I think we could know that a disease process can also be seen as a health condition in need of conditions of support. But everything comes down to assertive fear and control vs relational acceptance and responsibility at the level of trusting our being. My sense of 'spiritual' has nothing to do with 'added identity beliefs' but transparency of mind to our being or indeed the heart of honesty.

I choose to differ. And say that the corruption of our science by corporate-gov invested technologism, denies us our true significance, and masks over with banal and absurd teletubby cosmology. Science is being coerced FROM empirical research and incentivised into mathematical computer modelling.
The problems I see in medicine are also in Cosmology.
Our true significance is NOT  a nothingness of self-lack seeking to mask over in diversionary stories. Mainstreamed science is no less 'politicised' and 'settled'. Climatology is now vastly funded within the remit of AGW and specifically in the frame of CO2 driven GW or CC.
To the same end goal as the covid mind reset.

The megalomania of arrogance and ignorance properly belongs to those who having the means, are set in the goals of remaking Humanity in their own image.
The politicians are crisis actors and their handlers are never far away as trained operatives in perception management. Armies of legal clerks draft vast swathes of regulation, that are leveraged in via accompanying PR or using diversionary tricks - when no one is looking.
The narratives are selected. funded and propagated via many fronted activism that can seem to be a social movement. They are not about making sense, but targeted to our profile as effective strategies to engage emotional reactions (or any kind) while insiders ensure that guidances become regulatory and effectively conditions for doing business - right down to local level in nurseries, libraries, tradesmen, shopkeepers - everyone.

Pride comes before a fall, and self-inflation becomes invested in the spin of its own 'new robes'.
We see it much more readily in others - and yet we all learn to think in the reactive conditionings of our own survival - or self-protective identity - against being exposed as without validity, substance or legitimacy - and so we have the same 'disease' as the 'Emperor'.

BTW the intuition of Eternity as a truth beneath or outside time, restores a sense of underlying truth within even heavily denied and alloyed fears (or conflict within our own mind). Whereas the idea of death as turning off the tv, serves the idea of sacrificing everything for a sense of power set in control over life - which is fantasy given priority over truth - once called sin. By getting rid of God, we can sin without guilt. because without living truth all illusions are equal - and some are more equal than others to those who think nothing of sacrificing the lives and good of all to their own private agenda. In fact they cannot recognise the living God of all, for addiction to such agenda demands sacrifice of the truth of the heart of real relationships to follow the false profits set in false premises.

I don't teach hell nor invoke evil to leverage agreement or attention, for hell and evil are derivatives, resulting from identity in sin, set against feared and hated truth. When the fear and hate are being unmasked we are exposed or suffer hell. The terror I met in local shopping trips back in Springtime was visceral, palpable and shocking to meet. The hate operated the masking defence and distancing as a claim to mask in virtue. This is reversing the Natural Order in the minds of the fearful. I prefer resurrect, redeem or restore, to 'reset'. The belief we are a computer underlies all of the madness - not least the desire to open the Gates and hack the code. Which reveals the knowledge that at some level we are also the Programmer or Scriptwriter - but this is hidden from the screen persona.


You are not the average person and are acting from a recognition that you have to live with yourself - and this means educating yourself rather than perhaps sucking on fear-sickening propaganda as if it represents authority.
I am of one mind with my partner in life and yet part of our way of being is respect for another's freedom. So while it may be very challenging for both of you, this is a basis for extending trust and acceptance - if not agreement.
The capacity to fold or not even try to understand because its all outside your current sense of self and life may be unreadiness or active unwillingness to grow, learn or step up to meet your lives where they are. Fear of failure or loss of face can abort the movement of being and sharing in, who we are.
If you so chose, this could all be very unifying - from a rededication to life, to each other, your world and your self.
The primary deceit going on is the way everything is being framed or misrepresented.
An intelligent man or woman would not accept such treatment, and so intelligence has to play second fiddle to fitting in rather than see it for what it is. Intelligence can be applied to masking off what we don't want to meet in others or ourselves.


You make a point I can more easily join with.
Iatrogenic disease is the third leading cause of death officially in US and UK - and perhaps other developed countries. If I included death by chemo and radiation, it may top the charts.
For all that there are some who die for lack or fear of treatment, there are others saved thereby.

The core issue I see is responsibility for our own beliefs - that are revealed as beliefs by disillusion.

There must be many who see their 'healthcare service' as either denied them, dangerous to engage with, and morphing into a PPP that feeds the public to the private sector as a captured revenue stream or useful statistic.

This must either crush people or inspire them to re-educate as responsibility for health at a much more fundamental level than they knew existed until the floor disappeared.

I see the belief in crushing denial as something we can choose NOT to use to boost or bolster beliefs that do not stand in truth, and live the opening of perspectives that break the fear and isolation to share in life as practical of helpful steps, as the re-cognition of a love that was discarded, masked over, and lost or broken.

Without love we are nothing. I can use other qualities of Living - for the nature of 'living' is always beyond the words and cannot be patented or copyrighted. To those who mask in the form or wish of love, love's honesty will seen stark, brutal and terrible - hence the urge to protect the mask. Dis-illusion must mean unmasking or revealing. The mind is ingenious in replacing one illusion with another - without any fundamental change.  Conflict is inherent to invested illusion set against simple truth, and the persistence in such 'self and world' is the attempt to protect and mask it over by diversionary delay, so as to buy more time against the addressing of an underlying  defended misidentification.
It is apparent in our world that an error that could have been simply corrected in its moment can become a terrible burden of guilt by concealment in denials and lies.

The attempt to further deny and protect a system of conflict control under masking parody of life, is running as if to control the 'reset'. The arrogance is built into the ignorance.

Mr Chris:
I get all of that. What I don’t get is the current panic, new semi lockdowns etc.
Are they justified?

If maintaining a global control system across a spectrum of social, economic and legal frameworks is paramount, then clearly yes, or it would not be promoted, supported and executed by such interests. Ivor Cummings is very clear and has the capacity to remain calm under duress ... so far. The condition in play is emotional psychological and therefore social-political. In my view the lie is so big that most minds fold to unreason rather than see it for what it is.
IE- "They would never do that!". Billionaire's 'wealth' increased by almost 30% during this facade.
Insiders run scams that periodically are 'Crashed' as a consolidation of possession and control. (in the context of becoming such a 'house of cards' as to become uncontrollable). 
War and sickness are therefore a means to an end for those who ARE the networks of influence. 
WHO decides what or who is a viable business or person? No, WHO is used in concert with other fronts that represent global financial (and other) controls.
I don't not include the crisis actors groomed to influence us - such as buffoons and muppets barking their master's voice. People here think they have the capacity to read something sane and recognise sense, so as to steer us out of madness (they delivered us into).
Collateral damage or side effects are relative to the targeted priority.
"Well Doc, we lost the patient, but we got the cancer".
If you play that side of the mind, you HAVE to believe the war on cancer (insert whatever) is THE overriding priority and therefore source of virtue or moral necessity. Nothing and no one can be allowed to 'attack' such a 'mind set against its own evils' projected to the scapegoat, terrorist, or virus of the day.
I felt Tom Cowan's latest  interview with 'C A Fitts' spoke into the bigger picture - but immediately after I watched it, Youtube pulled it. I found it then on Odysee - where you can also download a copy. But the capacity to look on corruption and recognise it - is also to become aware of our part in it from a willingness to release it.
(She called that the red button moment). I don't give ultimate reality to the changing world and so I have perspectives that are not 'in the world' on the way our minds, culture and development unfold experience. I always seek to bring this into the way we see and relate to our world, each other and our being. Madness feeds itself until starved of support and replaced by Sanity. But the mad believe they are sane. It is a reversal that many here are unable NOT to see, though it is a disturbing experience to see otherwise ordinary people like us in total dissociation. Fear does that to the mind that buys into it.



I was writing to the feasibility of zinc being a factor in covid associated hypoxia to one who thought it illogical. (And then to JDP who somehow thought I was advocating mandatory euthanasia).
(Note these two comments are in the thread linked above but not on this page).

But in terms of politics by deceit, from the very outset I saw the Orwellian doublespeak and recognised a masked attack on civilisation such as we have/had, and a targeting of the vulnerable under cover of using them as leverage. The medical masking - like any masking - doesn't truly invalidate the virtue or truth of what is being masked in or as - but our social acceptance of fraud does undermine, devalue and corrupt trust in science, reason and life, so as to feed a false view of health, body and life, as sickness and weakness. It is the mask that is sick and weak and always in need of boosting, funding, and regular sacrificial rites. In this sense I am using 'mask' for a corrupted or mistaken model. If you step outside the mask, you may be  socially debited or excluded.

'Questions that cannot be asked' - (or criticisms that cannot be made) - provide cover (masking protection) for loveless, or hateful and coercive agenda. Fear of exposure of such agenda then armours the mask further. It's a death spiral masking as 'control' perceived as conspiracy to run masked or evasive agenda. Perhaps this is the natural course of a dying civilisation looked at in the large. However I also associate death with ripening to seed or harvest and an apparent death to pupation is not what it seems. While I am alive and have consciousness, I have and live perspective. The mind is 'locked down' by its own predicated self-definitions. As if a masking persona of wishful thinking can become stuck on, physically inescapable and locked in deadly fears as our human conditioning - not least by masking in distraction and diversion as a way to buy time for self-illusion set against reconciliation with truth.

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