Thursday, 11 June 2020

The Light is coming! Close your eyes everyone!

So you do call 'aliens' psychopaths?
Its a tricky thing to name the shadow that shape-shifts.
The names then operate a way of hiding it.
Mask it out - and lock it in.
Diagnosis can determine a basis for treatments that can then lose the patient while 'killing the disease'.

Dog eat dog is not a new 'philosophy' - but the fight flight or freeze response is the reptilian brain that can be triggered to operate without self-doubt - and without any higher conscious direction or guidance. Indeed 'psychopathically'.

An alien will operates an alienated and alienating mind and world - exactly as being put on the Big Stage as fear, hiding in control, masking as virtue, running as hate, lockstepping in structures that lockdown free movement, to release locked up charge into permitted new behaviour patterns.

The retreat into a virtue set over the ridiculed is the bubble of defence against its own disclosure in lack of love or substance.

Now I am not saying there are ETs involved in the hollowing out and denial of human consciousness while it cancels itself out. But if there are - would they be what we think in any case?

How much of our thinking is already a structure of old lockstepping agreements to see the world THIS way or NOT that way?

But what I feel is for a workability of shared resonance rather than a conformity to an identikit.

If there is Humankind - let it be revealed!
The 'othering' mind is already operating the pattern above as its normal.
Why take it to an even deeper dissociation?
Because a pattern replicates of its own inertial fulcrum?

I am not drawn to Icke, not least because "They are lying to you" is his claim to be your true guide. This is the same as with Flat earthers.
As if the truth that shows us we are free is 'they are lying to you' as an endless soap drama of rabbit holes in which to get 'meaningfully lost'. (sic)

So am I deceiving myself?
If we (each or any) set the mind against itself then we merely persist the deceit that what we truly are can split up as war and act out whatever conflicts find alignment and triggering in your relations and world. Or perhaps act them out vicariously from a bubble of private judgements.

If you have facebook friends who you deride behind their backs then you may be normal for facebook. But you are not your avatar and can be yourself instead of playing a mask. But if a facebook world coagulated in the mask - any true presence from outside it virtual representation might be feared and demonised as alien by the identity investment.
You send messengers and they are killed or denied, until the light starts to dawn on the masquerade.

'"The Light is coming! The Light is coming! Close your eyes everyone! Close your eyes! The Light is coming!"

However it is not that light comes to illuminate a sick parody of life - but that the feel of the light opens the capacity to see past the masking of fear to the heart. Perhaps to a heart set in confusion and hate and made stranger to itself. The capacity to recognise ourself in another may be to offer the release we cannot otherwise know in ourselves.

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