Friday, 12 June 2020

Aliens, Reptilians and Psychopaths

I response to

I meant the terms 'aliens', 'reptilians' and 'psychopaths' are all serving a very similar function. I see now that I did not make that clear.

Perhaps 'facebook friends' means pretend friends and so are not worthy of respect? If you came across me talking about your opinions in a derogatory way on another forum, you would rightly not feel respected.

But insofar as I see that narrative identity is being ‘controlled’ by manipulative deceit as part of a ‘destroy to remake new’ strategy, I agree with you in principle, but see a much larger time frame for the emergence of this than neo-liberalism or any other political masking over a broad spectrum subjection to systemic technologism.

The development of responses to such social controls are not so obvious to judge because we judge through our own filters, and we do not live their lives. But insofar as this merely develops the mask, it represents no direct consciousness, but more the logical but reactive unfolding of accepted framing or founding ideas. Mad premises logically result in mad outcomes.

The very nature of manipulation is the leveraging of guilt, fear, sympathies and antipathies to operate an incentivised surface reality, or front end while regarding the back end as the code base to profile and call on as controls.

On some level we all know what is going on, not as an articulation of the mind, but as a recognition of NOT being met in the heart and therefore NOT being the conditions for releasing of masking defences or social camouflage that has un underlay masking of our self to our self - without which we could not maintain the basis from which to meet our daily requirements. If our life as we can accept living it depends on NOT seeing or feeling something, then we learn to ‘see’ something else by which to map out what we are not ready or willing to face.

No one can live another's life. But this in truth is a basis for respect for the being of another and compassion for their own place within a wholeness of being - rather than a sympathy for our personal projections and identifications. Part of our modern thinking is the wish to eradicate hate or the hateful. this means that the means for doing this become special moral dispensations and unchallengeably operate as a consolidation of monopolising hate - under the aegis of saving the world or remaking a world without war, racism, and every other form of identified grievance that is subverted or weaponised to a control mentality of the mask rather than addressed in the heart.

- -

The mask is not who or what we are - but is who we are subconsciously habituated to identify by reaction. The belief that the mask protects from fear is the belief that locks fear in, to operate as censoring interjection between you and yourself, you and your relations, you and your source and nature of existence.

This ability to deny, limit, and cover over our own being is the capacity to effectively render ourselves unconscious or oblivious - relative to mapped out 'no go areas' that expand as our sense of awareness of freedom to be contracts. In this sense what we give to fear we take from love - but while love is read or taken as a manipulative or contractual outcome, it operates as the masking over fear - such as a disarming smile.

Covering a conflict can seem a loving protection and attending conflicted thought and feeling in love’s honesty can seem like giving hate a voice. These seemings operate a reversal by our reacting to them as true.

So  waking to the mask is the capacity to recognise that the narrative self is not who we are - but is something we have made - with our world and drawn from our past. The idea that ‘me’ as the residual investment in the mask, can remake my own mask from a higher place of insight as leverage is where insight is prostituted to the old wine bottle mind. But we learn by practice, not as a requirement for perfection.

The mind of masking is ‘divide and rule’. It is never going to unify and heal a split allegiance of conflicted purpose - but will seek to do so as possession and control - for that is the grasping at life that must then fears to lose what it thinks to have caught, or the mind of casting out of fears, that is forever on guard and defended against their coming back in.

In this sketch I offer a way of looking at consciousness without investing in narratives of guilt and manipulation of fear,. Fear that is the conflict rising from not knowing who we are - and from trying to be what on some level we know we are not - or we would rest in being and not be at war with our self - which must then express as mistimed and mistaken relational experience.

i cannot make another's choices for them - and in all sanity - nor would I want to. But if I attempt to, I will offer a role for others to use me to play out for their own script or masking, so as to generate patterns of resonant entanglement in what is not true.

That we can set up a pattern of dissonance with its own inertial fulcrum is an individual and collective counterpoint of opposition to transparency and accountability by which to persist an experience of separation from the direct movement or flow of our felt being.

Not unlike an eddy in a river.

While we are identified in knots that set us as a problem to untangle or cut off from - we forget that which set us in the polarised sense of opposition, and the more we seek to oppose it, the more lockdown and hollow we become until the patterning itself disintegrates as a structure.

My sense of these times is of an exponential acceleration in which the rate of change becomes the incapacity to maintain personal or social cohesion as a control mask. Fitting humanity into a smart-coffin is the dream of control at any price, but the question 'what for?' belongs to the heart of living, not to a checked box of incentivised conflict-avoiding 'correctness'.

Perhaps we need to recognise the hatred in our heart from a capacity to move or evolve it without hurting others or ourselves. It dos not mean we have no capacity, recognition or deserving of recognition in love. It means hurt and betrayed love set in denial of acceptance or expression. Often by affecting sympathies masking as concern.

But the nature of the experience of acceptance is of releasing and being released - even if one step or moment at a time. Coming back into a quality of felt being from which to live, from a conflicted and self-reinforcing sense of pain in struggle and isolation.

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