Wednesday, 15 January 2020

When Honesty is Damaging to Reality Control Until 'Reality' (sic) is Restored

in response to the themes in the above Off-Guardian article on Corbyn's popularity despite unparalleled MSM smear and framing to the contrary. The article is a reader comment that The Guardian deleted which gives a honest account of votes cast and comparisons of vote and share with past elections.

Corbyn  - as a human being who refused to sell out even though compromised by his party and certain internationally active lobbies, is damaging to the reality control until 'reality' (sic) is restored.
This shows up an MSM sock puppet for the controllers and reveals the bought, bound and gagged nature of the political class.
The MSM are 'mouths' of compliance and so they all become an echo chamber of 'virtue signalling' to their controllers in willingness to pre-emptively strike out anything incorrect - even if there is no crime or breach of plausibly assertable rules.
This kind of 'control' is by fear and deceit - or 'incentivised' mafia under technocratic 'globalised' stratagems - rolled out inexorably as idea, then guidance, then regulatory inclusion, then mandate of law or regulatory requirement.
Its a state of paralysis - and a fundamental driver of its operation is the abandonment of humanity for a polarised - and polarising identity.

As long as people are open to being phished, they are able to be manipulated by identity in reaction whenever a carrot or a stick is dangled or wielded.
Leveraging the human mind is something we all do all of the time - but there are those who are so adept at operating this as to be ingenious. How much of this is fear's self fulfilling prophecy as low hanging fruit to be taken and how much is in the realm of a 'principality' operating apart from its true inheritance?

What then is YOUR mind? - when it should be obvious it is so easily hacked in so many ways as to run a hidden enslavement under the belief you are operating freely. The reactive defence of one's identified thoughts is exactly the sign of capture.

Uncovering the true - as your core trust and discernment of your being, of your own curiosity, observation, testing and willingness to accept as a result of no longer desiring to align in fear, coercion and deceit, is the shitting out or evacuation of what doesn't truly belong to you or in you , but has either served a role in your past sense of who you were or what you believed you HAD to be to survive or find acceptance.

This is a 'harvest' in that it is a sorting out of the wheat from the tares - but that the mind of such a conflict and narrative overlay CANNOT reliably determine the true from the false, and so the only true test is the test of peace. When you bring your thought and feeling present rather than seeking to hide and manipulate a personal masking narrative of correctness to yourself or others - then you will rest in that which is in accord with who you truly are and can feel that quality of peace or recognition even amidst a storm or great temptation to drama and reactive identity reinforcement under triggering conditions.

No one else can tell you who you are and make it true but by your consent - but in accepting and aligning to the true presence of yourself, you can extend recognition to others as an automatic or unselfconscious invitation to respond in like kind. They do not have to consciously accept, nor need they immediately have to allow that they HAVE accepted to register with them. Everyone has their own timing and yet that timing is a synchrony through the whole.

Looking at everything through the frame of a fear defined sense of self and world is so invisibly structured that anything truly witnessing to love will seem to undermine the structure of 'reality' - which carries the invested identity of survival within a personal or private sense of 'possession and control' rather than alignment in relational honesty.

The ending or the winding up of 'possession and control' is to its revelation as fundamentally mistaken or indeed a mis-taken identification under a farming of thought in self-conflicting fear, fragmentation, guilt and cover story.

We are simply being brought to our starting place  perhaps in some recognition of cooperation and perhaps kicking and screaming - (or a bit of both!) - but ideas unfold and evolve their meanings from their underlying predicate as variations upon the theme. Ideas do NOT leave their 'father' and become something ELSE! But we can and do explore and experience the result of a 'principality' running under false premises, in mis-taken inheritance, defended against the messengers of the true.

If anyone thinks I am addressing the personality evaluation market for trading praise and blame - they are still focussing in a cover story called 'what's in it for me?' or what do I get out of this?'.
The parsing of data derived from a database-driven mind set as a past by which to forfend or avert great fear of  pain of loss, short circuits and overrides the listening in the heart - and becomes a habit of heartlessness, normalised, adapted to and protected as the 'lesser evil' by which a SEPERATED sense of self seeks power FOR itself.

How does aligning in the true of who we are, moment by moment or alway in our present responsibility, address or change the problems of the world we live in?
Well can we not see that a world of lies is alloyed amongst a truth we may dare not trust - because we are so often betrayed or deceived in our trust?
The Call to wake - (and notice the word is already pre-emptively 'devalued') is set against great fear - that shifts and changes when we reach through it as OUR Call for a true connectedness, in our living, and so opening our 'here and now' from its 'cover story' to a relational honesty AND appreciation.

Whatever we accept and align in as true automatically 'teaches' through us. Others are free to direct their learning and teaching, but only insofar as they are not sharing in the same error.
The mistake that is characteristic of the 'ego' or self imaged sense of self is of usurping what Life Is and Does through us. As I 'i' have to actively go out and teach, change, impact, coerce, manipulate an outcome that I accepted as a 'good idea' and then marketised and weaponised it to serve my own self-evasions and private gratifications acted out on others. The power given to this is the shared agreement to private or masked thinking as both self asserted grievance and self justified attack. Its a cycle of self-reinforcing 'split-minded' timeshare of a mind become 'legion' that can ingeniously shift and shapechange to resist and undermine any intrusion so as to turn the attempt to relate into a weapon against the willingness to heal. It doesn't want healing. It wants self vindication in vengeance. But DOES it speak for You? Is this the thought you recognise and accept as true of You?
Everyone here has a masking cover story over separation trauma - that are not necessarily recalled or outwardly dramatic. The love that comes into Experience meets denial, lack and conflict and learns 'defence' or adaptation under threat of lovelessness (ie hate, fear, guilt, rage, chaos etc).

I supported JC in his leadership bid because I recognised the quality of human being amidst a coterie of fear-in-denial and NOT as part of an 'anti-anything'. The nature of 'power' in the world is being given to fear-in-denial while this is our collective priority - to deny and evade our fears rather than honestly bring them to light and question them in a relational field of resonance - instead of a database of past form-associations (howbeit we are phished).

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