Thursday, 18 January 2018

What comes first - the light?

(Chickens lay more eggs through the winter when lighting is used. I enquired what kind of lighting and the answer was fluorescent tubes).

So only 'blue end' fluorescent lighting. Not daylight matching.
I wonder if the latter would have a better outcome but while 'eggs is eggs' and fluorescent tubes are much cheaper their light diet will likely stay the same. I hope they get out as well.

Excuse me if I weave some of the forum threads as they present themselves. (IE to the general attention such as it moves).

I have a strong sense that as we treat life, so are we in receipt of life. That many humans are lining up to suffer being factory pharmed, and used for human experimentation without the wits or the will to escape is a horrible prospect. A race to the bottom? Whence a 'regenerate society?'.

Let there be light...
I don't know about chickens, but Alexander Wunsch's work indicates that fluorescent lighting is not health supporting for us - the infra red spectra balances the blue stressor. (Some 'eco' lighting may be the equivalent of low fat margarine). Where there is the balancing of red and blue spectra, the stressor operates FOR health.  There is also something of the communication of mercury in the spectra. But there is a lot more to light than seeing where things are.

Trypt over the truth...?
We likely are aware of the benefits to the yolk, but tryptophan in egg white is a precursor for serotonin. Which may induce more agreeable, less anxious moods and less compulsion to shout at other motorists. Too much and you may die peacefully in your sleep while you passengers scream. Relaxing can kill.

But nutrition - as I see it - is incredibly complex as a manual management of balancing systems that likely include linkages of which we are not even aware. So I see the supplementing exploration as one of those attempts to understand that leads to the recognition that we cannot possible understand. A natural humility then finds a natural balance because life was never designed to be lived scientifically.

In all cellular or embodied life the movement to pleasure and away from pain is the primary motivation. You could substitute nutrient and toxin for the same meaning at cellular leval. But human minds are a complex of definitions by association that operate a filtering system of meanings to the extent we can - and often do - choose pain and deny pleasure. Operate self-destructively, foul our own nest.

While all sorts of physical causes of sickness seem to apply to varying degrees, the underlying context is the world-construct that we co-create and suffer. Largely unconsciously as a result of conditionings arrived at from action and reaction. A lot of symptoms turn up somewhere downstream. A sense of self-betrayal, suppressed as 'chaos' doesn't seem to be involved in the
cascading retreat into surviving relationships instead of living them. Which is trying to assert or impose a sense of balance from a sense of separation in life and thus generating the need to control that shuts out the relaxation and flow.

What life has made us for and what we make of such a life. I chose not to say 'what life makes of us' - because in truth I see no truly separate doer and done by. That aspect of religion I gladly release. But science does presume a separation in its own rational disassociation and intent to define, predict and control. And persists the 'jealous god syndrome even while reformulating everything as if there is no self but its directive. And does so my manipulating the mythic and symbolic of the subconscious in PR, advertising, propaganda and doublespeak.

With Big Data and the means of control, society is being reformulated as if it is only systems to define, capture and control. But it is also an 'operating system' that is energised by running from it. Define, predict and control.

But what if the true of  life (from which we cannot be separate and yet know existence) is not a chaos but rather a misperceived imbalance as a result of trying to order it around - that becomes the basis of a tantrum - or self-organizing persistence?

And thus abiding in the 'chaos' - as a movement of willingness to heal or be healed - suddenly understands what it had hitherto been unaware of or blocked from seeing. It may be only a moment and a glimpse - but the quality of such a shift becomes the basis of fresh perspectives of exploration because our structure of thinking changed as a result of knowing life in a quality we cannot explain or articulate so much as live what it brings.

In this sense 'chaos' is the symptom of rejected or denied self - and not wrongly so - because as children, we have to protect ourself from what we are not able to face or resolve - and by whatever works in the moment. We are not a tabla rasa (blank slate) and nor is our world. But the attempt to blank the unwanted, operates as the avoidance of fear or pain, framing and directing
the relative 'pleasure' of temporary release from pain, and driving a negative agenda under a sense of a positive intent.

Pharma is one part of the attempt to put a lid on 'chaos' that in short term sense may serve purpose, but it generates further fragmentations or progeny that come up like 'whack a mole!' and war on 'chaos' becomes a righteous 'identity' in heroic intervention - for a while. The motivation away from 'chaos' and toward 'magic answer' is the reversal of a natural consciousness.

Realigning in life is on purpose as a sense of being alive - which is very different in its qualities from an identity gained in opposition to feared or hated or shamed sense of life. Accepted purpose is not coercive upon us, but rather a sense of being truly moved. Here I find a natural order - more of the nature of music and dance.

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