Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Beyond all reason, perfect sense

Another comment on Malcolm's blog to this comment: 

True, of course. However, the scientific method is all we’ve got really. It is imperfect, most humans twist and bend facts to suit themselves, and suchlike – doctors are probably the very worst at this. Actually, no probably about it. In the end, though, we have to cling to the scientific method – or else what is there to do? Throw it away. Then what?
Don't throw it away (devalue yourself). But stop using it as a weapon or market-capture. So called facts operate the basis of war, enslavement and oppression. What is the undeniable core fact of your existence? The answer is of course in the question as always. But thinking 'existence' is no substitute for feeling, being and knowing existence. There's the foundation or lack thereof.

The core issue is between desire for true and the wish something ELSE be true.
In the latter, the 'mind of a wish' operates a filtering distortion by which what is not true, is experienced.
This 'self' is not visible as an object, or as a set of ideas, while looking through the belief in it.
But these believed ideas are not hidden from the desire to know the truth, INSTEAD of, persisting the wish to MAKE it so. We are innately capable of noticing what in fact we are doing.

Desire aligns focus of intention and attention. True desire is not a struggle, but maintaining and defending a substitute desire is inherently a struggle by which the true is feared and suppressed.
Thus we have experience of the revealing of a world where 'everything is backwards' IF we are broken from the spell of a blind belief in it.

Our 'model' of reality is a multi-layered complex of definitions with core commonalities and yet many conflicting cultural and personal edges. One cannot enter this 'human experience' without the development of the ego or personality construct - which itself develops over time, along with its model of reality.

Our self development does not begin upon a scientific or rational basis, but rather tends to be arrested there. For the protection of a wished-for sense of self and reality, held against actuality is the basis of a defensive system of a 'self' protective survival. Rationalisations operate as psychological defences by asserting strategic 'truths' by which to justify oneself or invalidate a perceived threat - which can be anything that does NOT support the  'self' investment.

Of course rational also means reasoned, logical, congruent, unconflicted in itself. Reason is a term for sanity, of heart and mind, but the asserting of 'rational' supremacy or priority over life is neither reasonable or sane, but rather creating an 'elect priesthood' to oversee the determining and mandating of 'reality' in exclusive terms. Feelings of the heart's resonance or dissonance can be denied by a cold and loveless reason, that can justify and enact destructive acts under its sense of rational justification.

If true is what is, as it is, then it can hardly be withheld or denied you. But in insisting that stories are true, we can and do withhold and deny our acknowledgement and recognition of true. And are denied, unrecognised and unsupported in our experience of being. At some point our sense of belonging may be so lacking as to effectively collapse in the attempt to manually maintain our 'life'. Whether this is a breakthrough or a breakdown is according to the active desire. Some wake up through crisis, others call game over, or attempt to rally the old cause in a new set of clothes.

But rational is one polarity within a whole. Intuitive is an inner sight natural to wholeness.Because the rational thinks it runs the show, it doesn't recognize it is running upon inner support.

Note that the recognition we are not rational is part of the technocratic management of humans a robotic systems. The post-truth society in which we are basically told what to think via programming of pre-rational manipulations. Humanity is in need of waking up to the heart's communication. Not emotionalism or sentimentality. Not any of the nice correctnesses that hide hate by pretending it is in the hated.
Honesty is recognised in and of the heart. But the 'mind' may be unwilling or afraid to listen and so there is a process over time for the reintegration of that which seems to have split off and taken on responsibilities beyond its capacity.
We do not have to beat our heart or deliberately breathe - but we can put strain upon our heart, and we can lose the inspiration that regenerates the heart. Perhaps our 'part' is not to 'control reality' but rather to learn to get out of (our own) way.
Of course this applies to scientific endeavour just as it does to anything we do.
But the freedom to imagine and think in new ways is prior to the decision to then explore it. test the results and share in the finding.
Arrested development is protecting an old investment - running as a habitual default.

Whatever it takes to get our attention is exactly that. Once we see, we wonder why it took us so long. But it takes whatever it takes. We all have different talents, liabilities and sensitivities, and yet all have belonging in wholeness - even those who enact the roles of the perpetrator, false saviour or manipulative victim.

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