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Comments around 'Lucifer and Luciferism' arising within 'an odd terrorism'


If you can find older references than the Morning Star (Venus) please point me to them. Venus – as now named was in many cultures not realised to also be the Evening Star.
Note that Prometheus had two facets; the stealing of the light and a terrible (endless?) punishment. Answer: stop stealing the light and recognize you cant and haventdone this – but the belief you have is the guilt that attracts and demands punishment.
So it is a variation on the same theme as the stealing of knowledge by Adam and the punishment (this place of recycling sin, sickness, struggle and death!
Saturn was our ‘old Sun’ or the best Sun as recorded by many of antiquity. That order was offset and displaced by Jupiter. Saturn/Satan (Chronos) became associated with child sacrifice – or seeming to eat (occlude) its children (Neptune and Uranus). Its a long story – and various cults emulate(d) this sacrifice in magical appeals to Saturn to return – along with the Saturnalian golden age of beauty, abundance and order that Jupiter effected the end of, with the displacement/fall of Venus/Lucifer that passed through various phases of comet like appearance, and Solar disorder before a realignment around Sol with Venus our Sunward neighbour.
Oh I know its much easier to ascribe everything our forbears describe as imagination and superstition and assign a model to the Universe that maintains a very effective lid over psychic-emotional chaos that the thin crust of a surface rationality can claim to be the apex of evolution.
I associate Satan (our psychic archetype) with attachment to form and the refusal or opposition to the release of identity in form to align in Spirit. This oppositional mind is counter to the movement of life unfolding or an ‘evil’ operating as denied denials of hidden fears projected/accused in the Other. It may be that the Lucifer/Venus trauma elicited the Satanic (fear and deceit and war) psyche/era that we may be now the waking from.
Regarding the stealing light/life from God/Gods: to take ANY power unto oneself is to present the seeming of having it over the true of sharing in it – for all comes from and never leaves Source Nature. Except in narrative of mythologic mind-spin. This recognition undoes the wishful but false sense of temporary self in image/form and its attendant undercurrent shadow-self of guilted fear, defensive deceits and hatred of the world of form to meet its fantasy expectations.
The attempt to enact or invoke fantasy fulfilment (magic) is using the sacrifice (denial and exploitation) of the living to get and maintain private gratification. If you look, you see this is pervasive or systemic to the layer of psyche that we generally presume to be our mind but which operates against or as the blocking of true Mind – and in a sense no blame because it was born of a terrible sense of loss to a world its attempt to get, possess, control, dominate as if to regain – brought (Brings) only further conflict and pain, loss and degradation.
Its a prodigal wasteland and what we thought to have been our age of power is never coming back. But true power is not denied the willingness to share it – and there’s the rub – because that means the true willing extension of apresence restored from opening to receive life instead of the attempt to enslave it.


But that is beside the point.
Symbols can be used differently for different purposes and meanings. Do you infer the meanings assigned to Lucifer in the comment?
Its fine to be offended. I find a world of lies 'offensive' but I don't use it to cultivate hurt feelings. But that doesn't mean the cost of lies is not tragic for all who suffer them.
There is a general sense that Luciferism is a 'cultic' hidden facet of members of secret power seeking societies. This may have more to do with breaking any residual moral restraint in aligning obedience to 'power' in the world - but it may be a hate and death cult in any case because hate of moral integrity and of life seen worthless - apart from the power to self-gratify upon its subjection and self-prove by destruction and death.

I see a lot going on that looks like power play of global agenda over human subjection - but also a lot more that speaks of hatred for Humanity and for Life on Earth - seeking its/our destruction. This could be assigned to deeply held guilt - and guilt can be seen as the usurping of the true by a mind of self-invalidations that are then hidden or covered over with vengeance to attack the hateful in OTHERS that truly resides in the mind of the beholder as a deeply denied sense of self-hate. So for me 'Lucifer' symbols for SelfHate operating in denial and running a masked agenda

Why mask your true intentions - are you ashamed or afraid of what they may be exposed to be seen as - and hated or rejected for? Once you lose trust within your Self - you see everyone else as treacherous - and unworthy of true appreciation and communication.

Was Lucifer as the god of the Morning Star not Venus? Is not the reference to the fate of a mighty king brought to nothing compared to the fate of Venus/Lucifer in the Bible? I suggest to you that the Planets were associated with terror and awe in antiquity and that a collective amnesia operates as the steady state Universe where change occurs over billions of years or billions of light years away.

You can check out Velikovsky and note that the treatment he received is an indicator of the establishment closing ranks and not a scientific or even honest hearing. The Electric Universe idea is aligned in recognition of Planets and comets (everything) as operating in a charged Universe - where the capacitance between charged bodies can find a route of discharge through alignments such as operate through the fly-killing gadget that 'zaps' anything between the plates.

The interaction of charge is a basis for psychic emotional polarities. Note that when charge builds up (or is built up) it can be used as a power source. Hence the oppression of certain facets of society will generate a reaction that can be coopted to run a 'new set of clothes' for the Emperor or a proxy force to fund and aim at destabilising a rival or obstacle to power.

If I were Jesus by the way - I might be offended by 'Christians' - but on the other cheek, if I were Jesus I would pluck out the grievance and put it behind me. You cannot make other people's choices for them without losing your own - excepting when we accept a legitimate charge of responsibility for another who is not able to make their own choices - such as your child or certain kinds of handicap that never develop the mental ability to operate in society without support and advocacy. But even there we do so on behalf of the choices they do have and the growing of consciousness that can share in.

If religion works for you - live and share in the fruits thereof and not a pusher of one at expense of another's path. That's an identity assertion and not an alignment in being. Unified purpose is joy - and if you truly align in joy you won't need to steal it from others to then pretend that you have it.

# 3

You can opt for accepting usage a true 'light-bringer' or a false light.
Or a dissociated and removed mythic curiosity of only academic import.

Lucifer may be historically associated with various historical or mythic memory sources and equated with or assigned to power or to the corruption of power, Perhaps this is apt - because Lucifer is associated with deceits of seeming knowledge, power or ability that usurps true; as the projection of Power OUT from Heaven or God/Creation to a 'backwards' reversal in 'evil'.

What is hidden guilt but forceful denial of the hated and feared IN oneself - that then projects like a shaped explosive charge as the outpicturing of guilt upon the hated Other. Here is hatred of life that would remake it in its OWN image. Here is hatred of Man (humanity) but specifically of the feminine (receptive and creative desire) - indeed here is the root of all rage as the covering over of terror - that enacts the very thing its 'image' provides 'protection from' - the false self.

To the false identity pact - the 'devil we know' demands a necessary sacrifice to protect against the feared 'unknown' - yet not unknown - because we assign to this our greater fear of re-living the experience the 'mind' was made to deny and mask-from as defence against direct exposure. 'Someone must pay' - and thus the predator class uses the underclass as 'sin-eaters' so as to persist in illusion of freedom from consequence. But every thought, word and act has consequence according to its purpose regardless its stated or masking 'intent' - and we ARE the freedom to 'mind' or attend the thoughts and meanings however we may confine our thought to made-up meanings accepted 'true'.

Modern scientific research uncovers no basis for a 'separate' mind or self - apart from and acting upon life - but within an externalised model - that runs within whatever consciousness and the awareness that pervades such focus, Is. And so even in the 'exclusive' or 'objective' examination of the 'world' is the recognition that nothing really LEAVES the being of which its is integrally expressing. But in the mind-mapped matrix of a reversal-consciousness the 'mind' or 'self' not only leaves but is expelled, rejected - ATTACKED - and upon such a modelling - operates ATTACK as its 'self and survival' - but masking in forms that SEEM justified, forced upon it, unavoidable and the result of the actions of Others or externally imposed conditions.

War on Life - in the name of life as a fake life gratified and engaged in by the sacrifice of Life. Is this not the nature of self-hate defended against as true?
Is this not the logical result of identifying in a self-inflating image of illusion that then interprets true witness in being as lack of due recognition, support and an act of treachery or enmity - calling for vengeance!

Our past may hold extra dimensional experience of Sirius interventions and Cosmic realignments that set awe in terror as a fear flagged power over Life, but our present is the opportunity and freedom to awaken to the nature of our error by its fruit or consequence AS our current conception, perception and responsive 'experience' of the Only Thing Going On - which cannot be directly conceived, perceived but is 'made manifest' by the nature of  our acceptance and extension in thought, word and deed - as true.
"Through a glass darkly" - is a distorted, filtering and limiting focus of the wish to rule out Wholeness of being - as if the part itself the whole usurps.
A true part-whole relationship is the field AND its focus - as a unified and unifying expression of fulfilment - sowing and reaping in like kind.
The belief in loss of wholeness (being)- and subsequent threat of wholeness as  'death' of survival (self-power) within fragmentation (personae of conflicted or split purpose) runs the minding that 'knows not what it does" because the basis for interpretation of experience is in error.

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