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Living in an unreal world

Living in an Unreal World A Film By Adam Curtis

Keeping an open mind is not as easy as it used to be.

Maybe its because what we used to believe open was unknowingly structured to believe itself so.
I feel the 'don't know mind' is the willingness to release everything to a fresh willingness to uncover. The range of difficulty - running to refusal and defiance - is the attachment of what we WANT to be true. Some illusions thus seem more true than others.
If 'truth' is made something to fight over, then we are fighting over a copy, substitution, image or idol.
I don't know anything about the 'vice' issues - but if this is a 'vice' edit - I'm curious to see the original.

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We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

Good quote but I feel to expand it.
The 'we' that can ignore, cover over or divert from true, is the joining in the focusing upon and in the framing of what is not true - such as our image or model of reality - AS if reality itself. (Our image of self in relation to everything is a narrative within symbols that point to territory prior to or more directly intimate than mapping forms).

The consequence of unreality asserted upon and within our mind is dissonance, as in the Soviet joke (below), there are different strategies to make a dead concept seem to live - that we could all recognize as the stick of terror, the carrot of 'protection' and the sacrifice of life to a living death.

We can be really or truly moved as an expression of our being and we can posit a sense of rules and control after the fact that we never had - as a narrative overlay to which reality then 'has to conform to' or be denied, subverted and redefined or re-framed to support a sense of personal power over life - with all the sense of fear, guilt and evil that is implicit in imposing a coercion of wish masking over denied will.

The term 'unconscious' can mean what you don't need to know to be the movement of being in expression. But it can also mean what you refuse and are afraid to know and push down or deny awareness. Denied awareness is denied reality and in old terms the 'wages of sin is death'.

A dead life walking is a loss of consciousness for what seems to be a power and protection - but reveals itself as the mask of guilt falls away to be a mistake calling for correction - ie: stop actively ignoring reality and let truth in - as the desire for true foundation in place of conflicted 'realities'.

Reminds me of that old Soviet joke: "Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev are riding on the great train of communism together when it suddenly grinds to a halt. Stalin pokes his head out of the window and shouts, "Take the engineers behind the tool sheds and have them shot, then get new engineers!" But the train still does not move. Khrushchev has a go at it next. "Pardon the engineers, retrain them, then put them back to work!" But still the train does not move. Finally, after hours at complete standstill, Brezhnev turns to his fuming compatriots and says, "Gentlemen, let us simply close the blinds and pretend that we are moving!"

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People on here seem more interested in who made the doc than the actual content! Weird!

It offers an example of how controversy ABOUT something diverts from what it is. The divide and rule operates as divide and rule out (the true of love's awareness).
The unreal world is 'made real' by conflict of identities or personae in a script that plays for keeps - and defends against exposure in truth - excepting only as filtered forms used to support its narrative.

While this 'self' runs - it operates a mutually reinforcing reality of polarised 'otherness' - for it is the 'othering' or disowning of the whole in partiality to this or that FORM of an experience idolized and accepted IN PLACE of the movement of being - that cannot be FELT and truly known from within the 'mind-in-spin' for that is the nature of a wishing ; to put aside what is, by attending to something else. But note - there is nothing outside Is - but that you give it such a framing - and are thereby framed.

Another comment to what gets posted; being stirred at a deeper level does not always react, so much as take in and integrate.
If we are living in an unreal world - then that discovery invalidates the experience. So where do you REALLY live and what is REALLY living?
Or who then are You?

If the reflection and recognition of truth awakens in place of the lie and the father of the lie - then is a witness shared to the real world - not that reality CAN be concretised or defined in the forms of its visibility and tangibility - but that the reality we give and receive aligns true with who we feel and know ourselves to be. But the assertion of identity in conflict operates to 'put together again' from a false flagged attack - or a false sense of self gotten from a sense of limitation and loss.

The normalisation of a lie seems sane - and the opening to true seems weird.
Abiding the true means passing through the 'defences' against knowing the feared truth. But truth framed in fear - is not the truth - but a reversal of true.

'everything is backwards...'

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After watching the video...

I don't see the shopping malls as more than the church where production slaves (in parts of the world where they have little worth and no voice) are sacrificed to feed consumption slaves (in parts of the world that peddle illusion of worth and an illusion of a voice). So I don't accept the real 'hard work' is in Malls but that we consent to be worked in allegiance to the thinking that splits, compartmentalizes and justifies 'getting' at another's expense.

Jesus said "Resist ye not evil".
Fear must misinterpret this as being a doormat for evil to stamp on.
Yet that boot stamping on a face (Orwell's image of the crucifiction) is the outcome of fear-driven identity or the struggle for power that winds up the action in chain reaction to wind up into a paralysis of the consciousness - a living death.
By their fruits you know them.

What you resist - persists. (As the definer of your identity set over and against)
The wish and belief that evil be given focus OUTSIDE you is the hiding of a correspondence in causality that becomes a back-door behind the front face.
True responsibility is your current recognition of your freedom to interpret and respond in alignment with who you are. you cannot change what you don't own. Terror and deceit seem to operate power over the mind - while it aligns in a like wish to operate power over being.

The way to open a place for creative change begins with pausing and desisting from the persistence in reactive change. Cognitive dissonance is not a blame tag but a simple correctable observation when we recognize it working in ourselves rather than point out the errors of others in terms of of intentions we also share in some form - or we would not be able to even perceive them.

Nothing (really) changes when we seek to blame (and change) the symptoms AS IF they are cause. For by ignoring cause - is the ONLY true creative principle excluded.
Nothing CAN change when a lock against change operates an illusion of change - and illusion that requires ongoing fragmentation of consciousness to pass off as believable - or keep its insane premise hidden.

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