Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Fake reality wars on the true

 My theme came through a string of events including this posting on the generation of fake news to promote and support war on Syria.

But as with most of my writing - I address what I feel to be beneath the specific events and perceptions.

What if awakening in truth is a state in which no one else can hear you?

The mind that is made for the purpose of hiding feared truth cannot altogether succeed in blanking or denying its own predicated sense of self - and so the lie and the father of the lie operate the substitution for truth - assigning the pain of dissonance to the 'enemy'.

What is at stake if the lack of validity for the beliefs we founded upon are revealed false?
If what seemed true becomes just a mask under which to fight or delay the revealing of hated or feared truth - then hollow shell shouts a narrative control that has only fear's leverage to maintain it.

The fear or belief that the 'enemy' is using every kind of treachery and deceit triggers the reaction in like kind.

The use of 'enemy' whether real or imagined - is the diversion of free awareness to polarised reaction - IF the enemy can be presented in a dangerous enough or outrageous enough framing.

Willingness to let truth in is key. Truth has no place in war or conflicting sides - but without it we are under the tyranny of lies - so whatever else is going on - look to whether your mind is captured in reaction - or free to see what is here to see - and not just as the mind (in reaction) frames it.

I posit this possibility: that the revealing of the world of lies is not really about the world - but about the mind that  predicates itself in definitions, beliefs and defences. And that the mind is never in fact a separated persona - but a complex of entangled personae - under a Script that is invisible - excepting the sense of exclusion thinks to see the enemy here! - now there! - now in that one!

As we do - so are we done by - so look to the persona-judgements of rejection, exclusion and invalidation - for this - as I see it - sets the framing or value set - for our perception and interpretation of others.

Insanity - is it a hateful evil to stamp out, eradicate and cast out all who are tainted? Or is it a mind-capture locked in reaction of its own attempt to 'stamp out, eradicate and cast out all who are tainted?'.

The insane run the world (in political terms) insanely - under some sense of exclusive polarized identity - set against others who do not meet specific criteria. While the idea of hating feeding the hateful with energy or fuel upon which to run has merit - the underlying beliefs are ideas that have been accepted, charged with (conflicted) meanings and are being lived out at cost or willing sacrifice of our reality.

The polarized identity is 'with us or against us' and so nothing gets through except and unless it registers as some service to the war.

The world often reminds me of a crazed gunman with hostages who is perceiving everything through the dissociated lens of their own core sense of suffering betrayal in extremity of pain and rage that runs both hot and cold. Except the only one (in political terms) - perhaps - talking 'down' the madman is Putin - insofar as a channel of communication can be established. Non-violent communication ought to be simply 'communication' and propaganda, spin, deceit and false framing could be called out and either corrected - or at least not responded to in its framing - and not adopted in retaliation. This does not rule out force - but it does rule out coercive deceits of coded threats.

If insanity is to replace us entirely - then there will be no consciousness by which to know the difference. While ultimately, I hold that we cannot change or edit our TRUE Cause - I see that we can cover over and act from the false as if it is true - and adapt to the pain of such a choice in ever more fragmented degradations of our capacity to feel and know and love and share the true.

Job had a hard time coming through, but the personification of a 'love of form' lost the wager. Are we in 'end times' or birth pains?

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