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Consciousness, space time, and reality

The Death of SpaceTime & Birth of Conscious Agents; Donald Hoffman

I didn't resonate to the push of the presentation linked above but offered a perspective to the theme:
(and joined some of the comments down the page).

The desire to blank out Creator - is the wish to spin your own. Creator and Creation are not two - but the wish to spin a different Theo-ry is the 'survival to propagate' urge - that Act-ively blanks truth by the play of apparently conflicting truths. The development of abilities of such a masked and masking 'reality' experience can be ascribed to an 'evolutionary narrative' or any other continuity narrative. But the obscuring of Creator is For-getting that loses the Soul of true Feeling Awareness for the mind of a sense of dissociated definition, prediction and control. This re-definition of a Living Inheritance as a private possession operates a focus within scarcity, struggle and loss. Time winds up to Now - when no more time can be interposed between Who you are and what a conditioned sense thinks to be. Creator is - and nothing Else is, but the capacity to know and appreciate Existence is given to that which is created to receive and share it.

So regardless the mapping of definitions of any local 'reality' the only Thing Going On is Always no more and no less than Infinity represented in finite terms. Look for the edges or boundaries to your experience and see there are none. Where are you not? The personality construct is a tool of instrumental focus of an 'Upstream' purpose that cannot be more than partially and therefore falsely defined in downstream terms - but can operate its true function through the synchronicity of such function - for wholeness of being is not a goal or a theory or a composite of fragmented and dissociated parts. It is simply Given to the quality of true receipt.

The sense of the lack-desire of the power to give (create) develops the mind (of) for Getting. As a usurping of power under another Name and Nature - that of the image and symbol of self. But this unfolding of experience in time - as continuity in time, for the split off (disociated) 'consciousness' of a surface waking focus, actually folds up to a recognition of the powerlessness (omega) that was and ever is its foundation AS a split-minded reality in which a partiality seems separate from its Whole - and active upon it as the idea of power - and the subjection no less to such power.

The recognition of error is is undoing in terms of passing off as true. Your self never was what thought took to be - no matter how many millennia of conditioned impressions generated its 'survival' AS You. The tools and abilities of developed consciousness may be associated with a fear -based and indeed gratification-based urge - but the re-Awakening (to) Creator as a quality of synchronous or timeless alignment, replaces the imaged thought-based purpose of 'me over and against the reality of Other' with the original Function revealed - rather than masked.

To ask what the meaning of life is is to demonstrate a dissociation from its unfolding fulfilment. That true meaning can be covered over with a shifting fragmentation of conflicted 'meanings' given identification and allegiance - and defended as one's self is evident - as is the transitory and hollow nature of such gratification. yet there is an alloy in our seeming love-hate world in that the false takes image or forms of true by which to pass off as if true. And so even in a life of struggle and suffering - intimations of the true of being rise and share as the function of Life fulfilled - regardless whether the egoic personality recognizes and appreciates this YET.

Timelessness is an inherent Quality of being and time and space are rendering of Now through a lens of a passed-mind made and held in secret - by which to act out its 'personae' as the drama of a sense of lack and loss - defended and presented in terms of power to persist and prevail over the 'other' that has been false-flagged as the cause of loss, of denial of deprivation. Reading the signs of the times as one's own reflection is not the persistence of a self invalidation seeking validation - but the feedback by which to re-integrate from a fragmented of split off sense of self to an integrative quality of being - that is already 'awaiting' recognition and acceptance, while the drama of a self at war with itself delays such re-Membering through the 'creation' of distance between - of space and of time.

I write this as a sketch from which resonance may stir. Truth is never the result of a contest - but narrative control is the assertion OF continuity in continuity in space and time. Continuity of Joy is of an Upstream discernment. The willingness to align in joy is not outer-defined but truly felt and truly embodying the unique signature vibration that is recognizably and intimately verifiably You. Simply being who you are is the unselfconsciously receiving and giving - of That You are. They are not two. The interjection of the mind does not come between - unless you want to believe it has and live that in place of true, as a temporary distortion. The capacity to NOT notice and indeed NOT know what Is, what You are, and all that is - is a highly developed tool. The purpose that set it up becomes redundant - but all tools and abilities can be re-purposed. Use time to re-waken awareness of the Eternal - instead of making 'processes' for a tomorrow that never comes. Different constructs and tools will arise as a result of true desire - but aligned to the resonance with joy-lived - rather than image-protected. The purpose of Communication makes Everything a language of being. Power is yielded to its true Source - from which it could never really leave or be taken - for there is no lack or loss in Creator/Creation. The acceptance of this is the willingness to give what you believed you lacked or were denied and deprived of. Feel the insult and the reversal of thought that this represents - and also the inability of the ego-sense to give anything BUT limitation - for it 'gives' but to get.

Creator is of an intimacy that none can come between - the generation of experience within the Infinite is not 'sin' but the persistence in a-tempt to prevail over true desire in false mind - generates the belief in 'sin' as it foundation in a 'justified' sense of power in opposition to a feared true.

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Adur Alkain wrote (to the main article):
Very interesting! But if spacetime is not fundamental, "fitness" can't be fundamental either. I think the new theory should get rid of utitilarian notions like fitness (which as Hoffman explains is a very complicated function of the state of the world and the organism, etc., which again shows it's not fundamental) and adopt some more abstract notion like creativity. All spiritual teachings I know say that creativity is a fundamental dimension of reality, probably as fundamental as consciousness itself. To explain that we all seem to have similar perceptions of the world we don't need to resort to evolutionary explanations (we are similar organisms, the product of  a long evolution, etc.), but realize that on some (mostly unconscious) level we all share one same awareness or consciousness.

Mr Reply to Adur Alkain:

Fit for purpose - allows a fitting in with a wholeness - even when expressing in appearances of conflicting or competing parts. The usurping of a true whole-part recognition is the idea of separate powers in a separate 'world'. The Creative can be 'sacrificed' to mythology - but only while the focus in such a role is fed or supported by a sense of purpose accepted meaningful.

The purpose in establishing such an experience is having the experience for what it yields. But when that purpose itself yields to true creative being - the definitions that frame an UN-fitting and un-fit reality rise to be re-evaluated in terms of resonance and relevance to the true of you. Nothing (no one) else can fit your part BUT you.

But I agree. taking parts of the new wine perspective and yet stuffing them into old paradigm bottles is a way to make more time - or delay recognition and appreciation for being - in sacrifice to some idea of a future becoming - set by a past conditioning. Creative is being. But patterns of conditioned response operate the same 'choice' as if a freedom to choose apart from and without the Creator-Nature of all being.

Love wists where it will - but it is not random - though of course our reality experience includes experience of what seems random within a limited framework. Unconsciousness is in fact the shadow of what is assigned and accepted to consciousness. Stuffing reality 'out of mind' is a clever way to seem to create a separate mind. Clever because it is not a true creation that extends shared Conscious Reality - but rather a derivative of a conflicted or contradictory idea.

The persistence and propagation of idea given focus is natural enough - and yet the compulsive dictate of fear and its derivatives is not the true movement of support for being. Until yielded to the Creative, mind usurps everything. That was its job description when we thought to climb into the movie frame.

Investment in (or suppression of) outcomes via force, rather than unfolding of being through communication (on all levels and dimensionalities of being). The latter remains true while the former seems to 'run the show' - but seeming requires force to pass off as true - and thus all that would not 'fit' is suppressed, inhibited, denied and blanked to 'unconsciousness'. Forced reality is a private protection racket - that seems to share by enforcing compliance.

In a sense everything experiencable is a 'reality' but not everything resonates relevant to who you are being the movement or focus of Now - and so accepting all of who you are will release some of what you thought true and accept the embrace of much that such a false sense denied (rendered unconscious). This is experienced as a shift of perspective from time to timeless and the conscious appreciation and gratitude for the sharing by which experience itself is beheld - or co-created.

The 'floor disappears out from under' and yet a deeper quality of balance is uncovered within the flow of the whole. So as the extension of a true recognition and appreciation of reality - we are not asserting and projecting the idea of conflict and then receiving its reflection AS our world.

R Littlefield wrote (to the main article):

I tried to listen with an open mind.  Sorry, this guy's god is evolution.  Little does he know that if there is no God then it does not mean evolution happened. In fact the evidence is against it. The evidence is for punctuated equilibrium.

In Reply :

It really depends on where you are looking from. A mess of a fragmented mind 'sees' a mess of random stuff OUT THERE to maintain a semblance of inner equilibrium - as the assertion of its definition of 'reality'. But consider, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Consider that 'garbage in; garbage out, is also an example of equilibrium. What you give out is what you get back - as ye sow so shall ye reap. Of course anyone CAN experience reality in whatever way their model, beliefs and definitions dictate - which may be more or less coherent - but does incoherence change your mind? Perhaps - but not while projecting mind OUT THERE ad disowning it.

Messi The King wrote (to the main article):
space cant die. it isnt a thing to is pure vaccum. time cannot die either. time didnt born to die. time is real tho.

My reply to Messi:

It is the belief in space-time as fixed and fundamental that 'dies'. While something receives focus of acceptence as true for you - it 'lives' in you because You are Life - and give it to everything in your experience - (just as it gives you).

Gregory Baillie wrote (to the main article):
Unconvincing. It's brilliance is the avalanche of seemingly related but interesting conceptualizations in the delivery. Just more convoluted abstraction dressed up as brilliance. Another theory. If I don't duck the cricket ball in time I might sustain a fractured skull . If I duck the ball in time I will not sustain a fractured skull. For all intents and purposes in this part of the spectrum of reality, there is a ball to duck.The rest is just clever conversation.

In Reply to Gregory Baillie:

IF you duck and IF your don't - is another theory... ?

You are ducked out of what is NOT meeting your awareness now and you ARE meeting what is. Always. How you choose to interpret and relate to what is - is not a theory - in its results - so know by your fruits - that is check the feedback as feedback - rather than manipulate the feedback as if IT is the cause and not a symptom.

I was once hit by a cricket ball smack in the forehead - did a backward somersault - which I had never done before or since. I noticed a 'stage' to play in a microsecond - without any hesitation or thought of injury - is that weird - that's how I recall it (50 years back now - and no injury).

The word misalignment is just a term for the alignment of something unintended, unexpected or unwanted - but it arrives perfectly on time. But I don't argue with you - there is no need to be convinced by anyone's show.

I don't resonate with the vid overall. That's all I need to know - and move on to what does. Trying to THINK or define reality is an absurd arrogance - but a willingness to share - really - can join in ideas that reflect inner recognition.

Scot Turley Sayeth to the main article:

Conscious agents cannot be something separate from the external reality. They must be part of it in order for evolution to work. Evolution is a causal process, so how can evolution be real, while causality is not?

In Reply to Scot Turly:

Are 'conscious agents' that resonant facet of an apparently 'external reality' that is synchronous with Who/What you truly are - regardless the temporary limit of a focus associated with your 'internal reality'?

Another way of putting this in A Course In Miracles terms is "The Holy Spirit uses everything in your mind (experience of reality - and therefore your world) to teach you about your mind. For a mind operating its conditioned belief is unable to see or change its programming until something reflects THAT reality is NOT what you think - but that what you think MAKES your perception of it and sets the terms of your response.

If the programming was an attempt to GET free of a feared or hated reality - then EVERYTHING following on from this is operating a negatively defined sense of self, life and freedom.

Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality". (Michael Ellner).

Everyone can blame everyone else - but that heals nothing and only persists the same old same old.

What are 'unconscious agents' but your own projected denials - be they fear, rage or shame - that operate as 'black ops' in your name, with your energy under the ruse of power and protection.

Embracing your 'shadow' is owning what is yours - so as to let it align in who you NOW accept and choose yourself to be. For I am not who I once believed I was - and thus open choices my mind ruled out - or hid.

Scot Turley replied to me:
Seems that you are very sure of yourself. You've got the whole world pinned down. But how can anyone else know that any of what you said is true? They cannot. That is the difference between that type of thinking, and the scientific world view. The later can be independently verified. Many people use that phrase "what we really are." Yet, they cannot provide any explanation of what that is, and how it operates, or any way they we can test the hypothesis. Maybe we are all are exactly what we appear to be, an accidental chemical process, occurring on a tiny little rock, in a vast, empty, and meaningless universe. The only reason that this explanation is not completely accepted by the general public is because the majority of people are uncomfortable with the idea that their entire existence can be reduced to a couple pounds of fragile transitory gelatinous tissue.
 To Scot I replied:

If equating the true of your existence with "a couple pounds of fragile transitory gelatinous tissue." works for you - why not go for it and have your experience that-a-ways? If you limit your self to body - then mind is not creative and feeling is not felt - for everything is sacrificed to the model or idol - of your accepted belief - regardless how many measure your body and proclaim the truth.
When a model requires sacrifice of life to protect the model - it is no longer serving life-function - but an anti-life or destructive function.

The positing of existence upon any kind of thinking is an absence of the feeling of existence. Feeling Existence is not an emotional state - but a Quantum state. The mental programming associated with the physical personality runs as an overlay or virtual reality upon the Totality - and is completely divorced from awareness of its actual underpinnings unless and until a resonance of 'contact' occurs - in which the stirrings of being - (for which there is no basis on mind to understand or relate to) - grows a channel of communication through the reconfiguring of the personality. It doesn't matter what narrative form this takes so much as that it serves purpose of opening to the movement of one's being. This communication is not acceptable to those whose sense of self, security and identity lies in their being private, independent of autonomous - all of which are illusions - for in every thought or act the Whole Universe participates - at every level - because ONLY in thought is there a sense of separation - and that thought is 'safe' in the idea of frailty, littleness and death - for all these things 'prove' its temporary limited existence - as separated off from a Totality that is denied to a surface awareness BY the very nature of the personality structure - for that is the 'ticket' into the focus of an 'incarnation' or human lifetime.

Equilibrium is always the Nature of Existence - but the awareness and recognition of that is by definition excluded by a partiality accorded exclusivity. You don't appear to me to be an accidental chemical process - but a communication of an energetic in which I open and share in. Communication includes quantum entanglement - and our verbal-mental is no more determining of the quality of that communication than are genes to the instantaneous communications through the DNA of every part to every part within the whole - at once - billions of times per second...

The thing about looking at the mechanism - is that at first it reveals the Mind of Creator, then it reveals the mechanism running innately - with no external Creator, then it reveals the Creator has NOTHING external to it - in any instant - ever! The fear of Totality is a fragmented incoherence - like a jamming signal to fully open knowing. I don't ask or expect you or anyone to believe anything I say, but I invite you to consider expanding your definitions instead of locking down in them as if they save you from your worst fears. They embody those fears and persist them - until these become truly conscious - which cannot occur while the mind operates the attempt to separate or dissociate from them and overcome or resolve them 'externally' - which cannot work - because the cause is not external reflection, but the inner conception. As a man thinketh in his heart - so is he. The surface mind masks the heart and substitutes for it - until it runs out of ability to make more 'time'. Our true thought is hidden from us - in the main - by a cover story.

The 'public' are generally armoured and conditioned to a conformity whereby not to attract pain asociated with rage and terror. So a world of mutually reinforcing 'forms' masks as reality and is sacrificed to as true. Research where society (corporate cartel monopoly) supports you and don't go in the directions that expose or challenge the model they are invested in (and too big to fail) - or you will be persecuted or blanked off and denied for the truth - as always.

I have the whole world opened up - not pinned down - but only join in this as a free willingness - and never by coercion, deceit or persuasive manipulation. You can recognize 'who you really are' by the total absence of coercion, deceit or persuasive manipulation. Everyone has the capacity to feel this. But the 'world' we learned and adapted to, is not one of unconditional recognition and acceptance - but of blind masked presentation - to survive and to bear surviving. Who wants to re-view 'separation trauma' that society operates to conceal? Yet the underlying script operates regardless the forms of evasion. Fears operate humanity - even through the very attempts to make sure it wont happen again. It's in our template as a conflicted sense of self and existence. Hiding from this does not resolve anything - but hiding so well as to forget - and defending the forgetting as survival - is the belief we are alone and the exchange of an intimately relational Creation for stuff and others to exploit, use up and gratify a passing sense of self-inflation upon.

Open-minded Skeptic sayeth to the main article:

Space-time, it's been good to know ya. But you are no longer fundamental. Get used to it.

In reply to Open-minded Skeptic:

Welcome to Time-space. NOW opens to Joy Synchronicity instead of sausage-moments joined together by fear-narrative. The fundamental nature of reality is that you can never get used to it - because it is Always New. Clearly Ideas unfold their own inner quality to experience - and hold all the time they need.

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