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Are wars what they seem? - ACIM - Hidden hate

Does this 'ruling power class' actually fight among its own - or does it enact a sacrificial blood-letting upon which to engorge and gratify a sense of power over life? The very idea of power - as we generally use it, corrupts.

Is it meaningful to regard corporate or national 'powers' or their apparent leaders as discrete entities?
Are they puppet masters or themselves puppet to ideas they know not of?

Do we in turn align in a similar posture of 'someone else must pay' so that not to lose our face.
Do we hate the hidden hate and fear that our masking, faces away from, so as to seem or pass off without exposure?
Is the human story of discovery, possession and control, a cover story over a great human evasion - the fact of which is the last thing we would notice?

To what degree is an autonomous sense of freedom and independence (from such exposure) an automaton or golem, driven by a willingness to sacrifice for power in blame, rejection and denial?
Does the acceptance and enacting of a false mind or usurping narrative identity, align us in support of the very thing we say we hate? As in the metaphor of the 'Matrix' where what seems a 'life' is part of a battery system of support for that which feeds illusions in return for life-energy?

I cannot go 'deeper' in anyone else's perspective. I can only look within and be listen or feel there. Intimacy is associated with the despoiling, loss and betrayal of love and life. But an actual intimacy is none of these things.
The generation of conflict keeps us 'safe' from knowing anything true. But 'someone must pay'.

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 Are wars what they seem - a struggle between powers? Or are they the mind's power to assert a conflicted state upon the power of life, so as to sow division and confusion by which to exploit and manipulate fragmented and polarised minds, unlike and other?
Is not much of the trouble abroad a means to divert from and persist in trouble at home?
And the trouble at home presented as provocation by which to be baited into intended and directed reaction?

The 'US' is being used - as most else is being used - by the purpose of deceit or self-illusion.
Deceit frames and suggests illusion as true. But our investment in the illusion of power demands sacrifice of true in allegiance to its god - as our 'self'. False-framed reality is increasing obvious as a narrative that 'controls' the setting and range of choices available. To react within the framing is to have taken the bait and chosen to play out the role accorded by unconscious urges through which manipulators work.

This next para from my daily reading of a work I find a greater sense of communication than words:
"How does one overcome illusions? Surely not by force or anger. Nor by OPPOSING them in ANY way. Merely by letting reason tell you that they CONTRADICT reality. They GO AGAINST what must be true. The opposition comes from THEM, and NOT reality. Reality opposes nothing. What merely is, NEEDS no defense, and offers none. Only illusions need defense, BECAUSE OF WEAKNESS. And how CAN it be difficult to walk the way of truth, when only WEAKNESS interferes? YOU are the strong ones in this seeming conflict. And you need NO defense. Everything that needs defense YOU DO NOT WANT. For anything that needs defense will WEAKEN you." (ACIM)

Sovereignty of will, (freedom in being) is usurped by the attempt to empower a separate mind as a body over other bodies and over its world. What is a separate mind? Secret or masked intent and agenda that SEEMS to relate and communicate while actually operating to obfuscate and disrupt communication so as to redefine reality in its own image and terms. If this program should pause even a moment - the true will rises as the recognition one does not want it, and this truth accepted, releases allegiance and resort to it for self.

Does a war-based mind seek war? Always and in all ways. Rule out division instead of the tempt to rule out from it. The war-minded cannot turn this around. Our mind-set has to be re-evaluated from a perspective beyond its own framing. This is the choice we do not know we are making... until such perspective finds our mind un-clothed - despite all presentations to the contrary.

The wish for war is the refusal to open to a true relational communication. The wish that overrides true desire is the father of the lie. What else but war can come of forcing against your own will as the wish for power over life - in place of living within the power of life? No one wants to lose this power - and so no one sees the true cost of pain and loss that its allegiance demands. For such exposure is denied by 'seeing' the fault in others and war must force them to comply or deny them life.

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David S asked me - in two separate posts on this page: what is ACIM?
# 1. A Course in Miracles. ACIM. A tool is not more or less than the purpose for which it is used. While the active purpose is a desire for true sanity of coherence and congruity, of being, then not only will everything in our mind and world be fitted to such purpose - but we attract into our life, things, relationships, events, thoughts and teachings that resonate with our desire. ACIM is an example of such for me - but there are as many forms of the Universal Course as there are individuals to recognize and accept truth because it is true.
Inspirations can serve as a tuning fork by which to recognize and release the dissonant - rather than persist in the struggle of seeking to make true as if to gain validation from struggle.
A Course in Miracles is released from copyright and can be freely accessed online or purchased in print. Resonance and relevance to who we truly feel ourselves to be is no necessarily the linear development of a set identity.

#2. I answered somewhat in another post reply to you. What it is intended to be and what it is used for may be at variance - that is the freedom to accept or delay. But in terms of the world A Course in Miracles is a Text, a Workbook and a Manual for teachers, by which to recognize and re-align the mind to teach and learn from an unconflicted source and nature - even amidst the results of having taught and learned conflict - and taken it to be  our world or reality. So among other things, a miracle in this context, is a shift of perspective when a false sense of causality is released... along with the symptoms that it embodied - in timing of willingness to accept.

While the Course may seem abstract or otherworldly - one can see example in such things of our world as fake currency of narrative invested and believed from which outcomes follow as inevitable effect to the believed and accepted cause. One can point to this with the term 'ego' or 'WW3' - but one is the wish-belief from which the symptoms arise and witness to. Only in general we don't call or see such beliefs, while they operate as (accepted) reality.
I know I answered twice. I simply enjoyed doing so. But your joy is your own path of an unfolding discovery - if you will - and meets what serves you in who you are the being of. I say this because I don't see different sources of inspiration as being of conflicted purpose - regardless their form - if the embodiment of them in our lives is a receptivity to and honouring of the freedom of each other.

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Seraskier responded:

[[ Are wars what they seem – a struggle between powers? ]] 
Oh no, all that stuff about powers is long forgotten.
Wars are the means by which multinational weapons corporations keep their businesses running smoothly. No-one cares about countries or powers any longer.

My response:

You are somewhat saying what my ‘question’ implied, for the acting out of competing ‘powers’ is nurtured as the narrative for public consumption – by which indeed a population may be literally entrained and consumed.

The mind-capture beneath market share, asset stripping and power fed thereby, is subtler and more pervasively inhibiting of freedom to live and grow from within. Indeed such a technocracy of systemic imposition replaces the relational field with the ‘mind’ of the automaton. Life lived is out of bounds – save as a carrot by which to come under the stick.

The consolidation of power – as the world worships power – operates corporately across boundaries and beneath and behind the scenes such that in due turn – those means that were used to break the old patterns will themselves be broken – so that no threat or rival will exist or rise but to be cut off or shut down. This creeping paralysis holds a horror that turns a mind away to focus instead in the dynamics of conflict – as if it can be won, or in distraction – as if it can actually escape.

Perhaps it becomes clearer now, that the power of illusion, operates an illusion of power, that baited carrot by which to forget the true by eliciting investment in the false and the accepting of its framing as our thinking. Fear of loss of power to not suffer further hurt or loss, sets the mind into unquestioning compliance, while compensatory identities express rebellion along the various templates provided or subverted.

But the power of illusion is the embodiment of creative imagination – and does not have to be focused within and harnessed to the war-mind of a weaponised and marketized identity. Nothing has built in or fixed meaning – unless your mind says so and you choose to believe it and act as if true.
RT says ‘question more’. I suggest to ‘Question Everything! For the basis upon which we think and feel, provides the perception-experience to which we automatically react. Becoming self-aware of our conditioning is an expansion of creative possibility – but not when addicted to the fix of an old identity-investment. I see that running dry, cutting off its own supply and masking powerlessness with every kind of nonsense – to which sacrifice must be made so as not to allow exposure. Yet what is that but fear of pain and loss! Is this actually the god we seek to appease? Is this the thinking that is given priority beneath our scenes?

Running on a negative self-definition can only result in a negative result. Imposing and enforcing an overlay of apparently positive spin not only compounds the error, it fakes, dilutes and undermines the true positive. A demon-fear given protection, becomes the demonizing of our joy. It turns life inside out and back to front. Everything is backwards! (So take of the mind-adjuster).

What is the ‘self’ exactly? For we are in effect acting from what we accept to be true for us in each and every moment. …Is it true…? How much exposure to self-honesty can we access or allow?

- - -

Dead World Walking commented into this page:

The insatiable, avaricious psychopaths who rule the planet will not rest from their quest of complete economic domination. We, the people, must resist.
For the sake of our children and the Earth.
I empathise with your feeling - but I call to resist the temptation to align in hate. Feel it...? Yes; there is hurt within hate and a deep sense of violation of life being different than it 'should be' . So heartbreak is beneath the pain that set a heartlessness of unfeeling to anything that triggers the threat and pattern of the violation or betrayal of trust. The journey I sketch is what the 'psychopathic' mind embodies the denial and refusal of. You can recognize your own resonance with any energetic by its triggering your own sympathetic vibrations - for hating the hater is the propagation and reinforcement of a focus in hate.

Economic domination is a false economy. True economy balances and flows and works or not - and there is only limited capacity to argue with the truth of what fails to support life - for we kill ourself to do so.
So I call on 'King Midas' to remind us that if we make a symbol of wealth the context of our world - and sacrifice all else to its 'rules' - then we lose the Living of a relational dance in life - for the static and meaningless idol.

You can only free yourself from tyranny of fear (hate) or false thinking (idols instead of the Living) - by truly living this moment and this day. Yet you can't do that alone in isolating thought that rules out the felt quality of your relationship with others, with your world. So for the love of Life on Earth - resist the temptation to engage or persist in loveless thinking no matter how it presents itself. Love isn't as the deceit-mind says - it is the movement and presence of life - free of the deceits that sacrifice true to have to keep up a masking compliance.

Making a new name by which to deny others is seeded by the energetic of denial - but once established, expands its usage to include others who don't comply with imposed rules set to 'save us' and therefore are associated with the evil set against us.

But for sure, address criminal behaviour and call out deceits for what they are.
Beware becoming framed and set in terms that hack your own life to operate a hate agenda.
Pathology of psychic-emotional relationship and communication is basically the fracture of trauma that re-enacts itself through the millennia.

- - -

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