Monday, 18 July 2016

Corporate Personhood

While specifically about Hillary Clinton and Corporate money influencing US politics - this article raises the idea of corporate personhood as a false notion - to be abolished.

I write into the underlying consciousness as I see it - around the ideas being enacted.

Corporate cartels and regulatory capture, usurp any idea of state, as serving the balancing of the whole, and operate the law and the defence and upholding of law - as a weapon of subjection.

The appeal to law for justice, for voices and interests to be heard and taken into account - and for the violation or overriding of such interests to be held to account - has within it a balancing of freedom with responsibility.

Corporations have such undue influence as to operate parasitically on their host nations or populations - and simply strip out wealth to turn it into debt. Debt that is outsourced as degradation and misery, and debt that is wielded as financial influence or power over debtors.

'Currency' is not just fiat money control - but also the core definitions of life and world that are foundational to the sense OF self and world that are in that way 'agreed' by the fact of operating out from them as defacto true.

An identity based or rooted in a sense of lack - feared or believed - can only bring forth and multiply lack in whatever forms it manifests at every level of our human experience.

I see the primary root of a sense of lack is associated with a wish to be more-than and a resultant fear of being less-than.... You Are - or have accepted and believed yourself to be.

Being 'right' or not wrong - not lacking in validity, is a fiercely defended 'assertion' of judgement. Forcing your 'right' upon others and your living world - along with invalidating their right - by coercion or by subtle deceits. Becomes split into the public or surface struggle of power and the private 'identity' that appeases or conforms to the outer whilst maintaining a hidden agenda.

“Someone convinced against their will is of the same opinion still.”

Thus there is what might be called an unconscious, subconscious or masked hatred of being coerced, violated, limited, forced, deceived and betrayed - etc etc - that piles up in Humanity like a toxic debt bubble - and which the surface mentality becomes no less fragmented into deceits of compartmentalised narratives in 'holding power' that is equated with holding order - and therefore calling on survival instincts.

However - when survival of the sense of power calls forth the degradation and destruction of the 'enemy' - which has effectively expanded to become the human race and our Planet - the insanity operates evil - "anti-Live".

Our most primal sense of coercive identity arises against the sense-feeling of 'evil' in order to attain a relative innocence over and against it - and the expression of denial and hate - as a sense of righteousness.

I see our denied conditioned imprinting coming up to an exposure that of course triggers off every kind of defensive reaction in attempt to maintain narrative continuity. But unlike when first such psychological 'deceits' are employed in forming 'personality' - there is now some free awareness within which to recognize the devices at work and to see that they in fact don't work for but against a current sense of self and Life - and so re-align in ways that do.

The struggle of powers has no free attention or awareness from which to open choice at a deeper level than the fear agenda dictates. Nor is it inclined to listen to anything that is not weaponizable or marketizable - and as such is a negative 'loop' running on the energy and attention of allegiance and support given it.

I am not talking only about 'Them' here - but of each of us as we have capacity to recognize and abide in seeds of sanity long enough to grow a perspective from which to live - and therefore establish as true currency within a moneylender's scam.

In seeking validation. Hillary Clinton has to find forms of popular appeal - and this can bring subjects into debate that otherwise are effectively denied. But once the votes are captured, the politics of power no longer need voter support - and can present all kinds of disinformation as to why they in fact do not keep voter promises - or distort them so as to use them to gain even more 'power' for an insanity to operate unchecked.

Reflections on Persona

You cannot find a person if you dissect a body - can it be proven to actually exist?
Personhood itself is definitional currency of communication. You give one to have one. But what you give may in fact deny the nature of the one you ‘accept’ - and they must then accomodate a split reality - that operates against our nature while pretending to be natural.

Persona is a mask - and yet also becomes an interface or matrix through which to experience and interact in the human experience - which is not merely physical survival within a set environment - but the creation of a model of its own existence projected upon - and becoming its environment.

The personality construct is the embodying template that brings forth experience in or through a body - and thus of the world of which the body participates.

A corporate identity seeks and finds validation in finding reinforcements with or at expense of others corporate or body-personae associates.

The Rule of asserted power makes law the dominant validating definition - and out-laws or limits and denies any other polarity within Consciousness. But such law is the law of sacrifice of true nature to the idea of power over nature - and within its terms nature is given ITS attributes of treachery and cruel or heart-less loss, suffering and death. All seemingly autonomous personae operate within the matrix of the law of sacrifice - as if validation or worth is only attained or regained through the denial of that which an otherness to Life defines ‘other’ - and indeed threat.

The reversal in consciousness of the order of cause and effect - operates as the idea of the independence of power over Life - as an ascendency of status and worth - but arising from experience of denial and rejection, and consequent sense of betrayal, violation and disconnection - that then operates as the HIDDEN basis for such a sense of power to operate out from. This is an expression of a lack of light of acceptance seeking its own substitution in forms of possession and consumption - as if ever such could deliver more than a fleeting sense of fulfilment in an unassuagable appetite-driven need.

Transpersonal or spiritual recognition, rises from looking on the HIDDEN foundation from which we had been set ony to look away from. For a fear of intimacy arises from unresolved relational pain - indeed trauma. Mind-control is a perversion of mind-focus.

The freedom and fluidity of focusing awareness as attention and desire is our creative inheritance - blocked and definedby trauma arising from extreme imbalance and conflict.

The notion of person needs to be re-evaluated - as do all of our founding beliefs - if they are not to bring us to utter ruin - both without as within. The result of identifying in a bad investment is to pour the good into the bad, while ‘interpreting’ the result as a self justification. Regardless what the world or anyone else says - the consequence is not escaped. Truth is no respecter of persons - and meaninglessness does not change as a result of consensual belief in its necessity as a foundation.

Intimacy embraces and transcends persons - but ‘getting’ or ‘taking’ can never have, hold or know and share themselves in love - and so getters are for-getters - and will seek to make a world ‘forgetting’ - in a transactional hatred hidden beneath the hollow forms of a mask of ‘love’.

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